Snow, Wind and a “Drop of Irish Blood”


Last night, it snowed at the rabbit patch.  It was merely a dusting, but schools had a two hour delay on account of it.  A cold wind blew producing cracking and rattling noises, making me curious .  Peering out, did little good as it was pitch dark.  Today, what blossoms are left on the peach and pear trees are dingy and the sycamores dropped a few more branches.  Even so, the day faired off with bright sunshine, but the wind remained steady and gusted all day,  as is proper March weather.  The next two nights are expected to be below freezing, and so I will tend a small fire each night.  Soon enough, the luxury of gazing at a cheerful fire and thinking of nothing in particular will not be afforded, for country dwellers. 

Some day, the fierce wind will be tamed into a gentle breeze and we will all face the aftermath of winter.  Small fires will be lit in barren gardens to burn the many gathered branches. . .and we will all pray that the mower starts back up.  We will disturb young rabbits and find wild violets as we tidy up . . . and take notice where the songbirds are building their nests.  Such things await . . .but today the wind blows wildly and without a bit of mercy. . .and  so, to sit by a small fire is of great comfort.

This is also ideal circumstances to bake bread.  Having a great, great grandfather named Henderson McDuffy O’Leary, and “St. Patricks’ Day but a few days away, I made Irish soda bread tonight.  The bread paired well with the chili we had for supper, and it was good practice- as Jenny and I are to bake bread for the gathering on Saturday.  

I started dabbling in genealogy, while my  paternal grandmother was still alive. She was a tremendous help and filled in stories that official records could not.  She remembered her grandfather as  ” kind and jolly “.  It must have run in the family for the same could have been said about her.  Grandmama showed me where her grandfather was buried at a little church in the “Hollyneck” community just an hour from the rabbit patch.  I still remember that day.  There was an ancient oak tree that shaded his grave. Grandmama and I stood there a good while.  Years later, I found Hendersons’ brothers’ grave in a family cemetery , at the edge of a field just a few miles away.  I cried at the sight of it.  I had looked for it for so long.  Kyle and Christian were quite young and were tired of traipsing through the country that day.  When we located Uncle Enochs’ grave, they ran to collect wild flowers from the ditch to place on it.

Though, both brothers had settled in the south, they fought with the Union in the civil war.  Uncle Enoch was a captain, and his grave was marked with a Union stone, as proof.  Both brothers survived the war, and lived many years afterwards.

  Many of my ancestors were writers and musicians.  No one ever earned a living by these things, but one did publish songs she had written.   We embrace our Irish heritage on any given day.  Just a “drop of Irish blood”  and yet, we are especially apt to brag about it on the holiday.   I do not know why we think we can lord  the facts over anyone . . .for we all know that  . . . “Everyone is Irish, on St. Patricks, Day!” 

23 thoughts on “Snow, Wind and a “Drop of Irish Blood”

  1. Michele – Monday’s pouring rain became pounding snow here with some of the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen. Our poor daffodils around Williamsburg are drooping now – but the sun has come back out, so maybe they will perk up again.💨🌼❄️☀️🌷☀️


  2. May the road rise up to meet you my friend.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields
    and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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  3. How wonderful to be able to know your genealogy…we have much Irish in us as well, my dad likes to say his family was kicked out of Ireland, but I’d like to think that was not true, lol! I will miss the fire as well when winter is finally over…I was just saying last night that it is what makes me long for winter, just something peaceful about sitting by a fire. Enjoy your family get together and fresh baked bread! 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed your post. You always have such a interesting way of telling stories. I always love hearing about your baked goods. That bread sounds fantastic. LOL I think everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day! Least we all like to think we are!. I always wear green on St. Patricks day!

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  5. Oh, you do have a way with words, Michele! “…to sit by a small fire is of great comfort” — is so perfect, and is right up there with those wonderful quotes you see from well-known authors! And you’ve made me think of my Irish grandmother, who, tragically, died giving birth to my father’s younger sister. He never really knew her, and of course neither did I. But that does give me Irish blood, so I do wear the green proudly! Thank you for this post.

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  6. I always get hung up, lingering in your natural descriptions…I’ll come back to finish…I’m still resting in this…”Some day, the fierce wind will be tamed into a gentle breeze and we will all face the aftermath of winter.” ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. I can claim no Irish hidden within me, but I do have a Scottish river which flows and for no apparent reason I will just come out with a sentence entirely said in a Scottish accent. Makes me laugh when I do it for I don’t plan it. I joke that I’ve swallowed the ghost of a Scottish ancestor and he/she’s just popped out of my mouth. lol.

    A truly lovely post, as always, Rabbit. I settled down beside you and felt the warmth of the fire and the companionship of a wonderful friend.
    I trust your St.Patrick day was a good one from morn till night.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. We had a lovely and very busy time-hence I a, so tardy in my reply. My friend declare that I speak a bit Irish! Thank you so much -I love the idea of sitting by a fire with you. You are as precious to me as ever-even if I am a poor pen pal! love Michele

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  8. Happy belated s.paddy s day.☘️I am still catching up on posts.What a wonderful read,well as usual,but here I really felt all your family and your memories and your green heart😉😍

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