“Time Will Tell”


The first thing I did this morning, was to put the windows down.  I heard the wind rev up before day break.  The wind nearly howled and a hail storm of acorns made an awful racket, on the old farmhouse.  Still, I did not stir, for I had a very soft blanket -and a cat and a dog at the foot of the bed.  There was nothing to make me rush, one iota.  The dust and spider webs would wait-and Kyles’ bedroom would remain “torn apart” from my project, yesterday.  

As, I laid there , trying not to, I thought about a good many things.  At last, I wanted coffee.  If I were going to be sorting out “the state of the union”, I needed coffee and besides, I can only linger in bed, briefly, after I wake.  That is when I put the windows down.

A bright sun, rose over the cotton field with  a blinding light, proclaiming a new day, while I had my coffee.  Apparently, the joyful sun, was “blissfully ignorant” of any thing amiss anywhere.  I decided to do my best to follow suit and to live this day cheerfully and with good will.   . .and also to tackle the spider webs.


There is no way, to “sugar coat” this . . .a “hitch” has arisen in the sale of the rabbit patch.  I found out yesterday.  I looked at the boxes in every corner.  The beloved, little cottage,  just a short walk from Jenny and my grandchildren, flashed in my mind, –   telling my children, the money I would lose by having already invested in the necessary fees to purchase a new home . . .well it was a shocking and disappointing moment.  Maybe it is not as dire as it seems, but the threat is real and to process this, I had to entertain such notions.

I had been all set to pack, yesterday, besides cleaning the dust and cobwebs, but I halted everything, and took a walk around the rabbitpatch.   I gathered branches as I went along.  I was deeply disappointed, so that I could not speak, even to utter a prayer.  I just walked.  I knew I could trust the outcome.  I knew things work out as they ought to.  I knew , in some way, that this was truly “not my business”, for the whole affair had been given to God, a long time ago.  This did not keep me from feeling  a deep sense of confusion . . .and sorrow.  I also know, “time will tell” as it always does.

Eventually, I was able to shift my perspective, slightly, but enough to muster the former ambition, I had, to clean.  There is a huge old trunk in Kyles’  bedroom full of things, like tea sets and baby shoes.  I took to sorting the keepsakes into boxes with each childs’ name on it, that they belonged to.  After all, I wanted to get rid of the trunk anyway, so there was no harm in this mission. 

I wanted so badly, at times , to pour the whole thing out to a friend.  I did not want to tell any of my children, or my parents -until I could assure them that all was truly well, either way –  and I can not fool Mama, especially .  I just had not gotten to that place yet, myself, so I kept working.  . . and eventually, the old trunk was empty.

I decided to move the bed and commenced to scrubbing, where I usually don’t. One thing led to another, and I finally stopped at dusk, because I wanted to.  Tomorrow is another day, I thought. 

Christian came home, and like Mama, I can not fool him either.  I told him the circumstances and  he said “Mama, don’t worry, things will work out.”  He said it with such confidence, that I believed him.


I went back to Kyles’ room early this morning and hung clean curtains in the clean windows.  As it turned out, I spent most of the day there.  The wind was relentless all day – and so was I.   I covered every inch of space.  I was quite satisfied, when all was said and done.  

Of course, meanwhile, the kitchen had become a disaster , as whatever was being discarded, whatever was being stored, whatever had been washed . . .well, it was all there.  This would never do especially, with tomorrow being Monday, for that changes everything.  I set about restoring order and made good time.

By the time, I was carrying the coffee grounds and some egg shells to the compost, the sky was a pale pink.  The wind had given up, right about the time I did, and there was a stillness over the territory.  The moon was a white globe glowing softly. A cotton field is especially beautiful in moonshine.   It was a lovely moment and so very peaceful. 



42 thoughts on ““Time Will Tell”

  1. I am so very sorry my friend. It happened to us three times with the Park house. Two of the three were actually given their deposits back which really pissed us of seeing they were non refundable. The house passed all the inspectors but they just changed their minds. We will never work with those realtors again. Thankfully it sold as your special place will too. I know that hardly helps but love is there from us. Take care. You absolutely will rebound. God has this. Love you.

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    1. i am totally shocked, as this deal has been in the process for five months and I have been so patient-now I have invested in another house, packed and found employment! And to learn of this now has just been hard and scary. God has got this and i know it but -ugh!! You are so kind as always my dear friend, Thank you love Michele D.


  2. Ma’am,
    I am emboldened by your way of handling a hitch in the proceedings. Perhaps it is only a turn on the road and the road is not completely blocked. As it is all in God’s hands, perhaps he wants you to enjoy this rabbit patch a little longer and perhaps the rabbits want you around a little longer, perhaps the white moon over the cotton field does too? You are my inspiration ma’am.

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    1. you dear dear friend-Thank you- rest assured that I have cried, and am sooo disappointed. I am still unsure of this hitch, but feel it is quite risky now. I love your sweet words. They are very comforting. love Michele


  3. Oh dear Michele! So sorry to hear this! But don’t lose hope dear friend, this may just be a hitch, and things will get resolved soon. Your lovely little cottage will be there waiting for you, something is working out behind the scenes for the best outcome, trust that, and leave it in God’s hands. Keeping you in my heart and prayers,
    Sending light and love your way and a big hug! ❤

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  4. Oh, I know things will work out for you – and you know we are all behind you 100%. In the meantime, keep on enjoying those Rabbit Patch moments!

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  5. Do you know, the last 2 houses I have had on the market have been shown furnished, sold, sale fell through, shown empty and then sold a final time. As you and I know, we can trust the outcome to the Lord, who always has every situation under control and is completely trustworthy, as He has proved time and again. But it sure can be stressful! I will keep the situation in prayer and believe with you as we wait on the One who can bring good out of every thing.

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  6. Oh Rabbit….my heart is breaking knowing how hard you have worked. God has the strangest ways of putting us off balance in order to balance us His way, His way just isn’t our way and His is always right. It’s not over. Something grand will come of this. Just you wait and see. Love you…Keep the faith.
    ps. We all may be going home soon.

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  7. “I just walked. I knew I could trust the outcome.” – Oh have I been there… at different times and for different reasons, but ugh (!) being a die-hard “non-athletic” I really dislike hurdles! 🙂 If it’s any consolation, our house deal fell through just a couple of weeks before leaving for France… (*major UGH!*) then, the final sale went through the night before we were leaving town & staying in a hotel. Definitely not our ideal timing… but we knew we could trust the outcome. 🙂
    “Bon Courage” friend!

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  8. I will be praying your glitch smooths itself out. Sometimes I think our silence is a prayer to God when feelings are too deep for words. The sighs are words in themselves.
    I know you know that…sometimes it just helps to hear someone tell you again that God has it. Affirmation is a wonderful thing!
    Blessings to you Michele!

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  9. I am so glad to find you again after all this time, but I am truly sorry to hear you’re selling the rabbit hutch…..through your writing it has become a place to relax and thank God for all our blessings. I can picture it in my mind as though I had actually visited you there. Turning the next page of our adventures is always so hard……………….but you will emerge from all this turmoil to live, laugh and love again.

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    1. I am glad to hear from you and loved your “coin flip” post. I am simply wanting a smaller rabbit patch. This is a big place with a big house-I can no longer afford it really-and now am a grandmother! I want to be with them . There is a current hitch in the deal . . .so who knows? But there is a sweet little cottage awaiting . . . thank you love Michele


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