From the Rabbitpatch Diary

In less than a fortnight, many things have happened.
  As soon as baby Banks came home from the hospital . . Ryan developed a temperature and a cough.  With an infant in the house, Ryan was quickly taken to the doctor.  As it turned out, he had RSV.  We have probably all had it at some point, for it is a common ailment       . . .but dangerous for infants.    Therefore Brant and Ryan have been living downstairs and Sydney and little Banks dwelling upstairs.  What a predicament-and right off the bat! Ryan could not understand that he saw the baby he had waited for at last and then the baby whisked away-and with his mama!  Thankfully, Brant and Sydney are as capable as can be and handled it like champions. They should  be able to have their own little family reunion this weekend.  . .and soon, those of us waiting in the wings, will have our turn to see our beloved baby-and our precious Ryan. 
An autumn wind blew  for a few days.  Every jewel the trees owned was cast on the earth beneath them.  What a colorful carpet was created in this little rabbitpatch!  The temperatures have remained warm, up until this very morning.  When I went out, before the crack of dawn, I was greeted with a coolness, that warranted a jacket.  I like all kinds of weather, (though the sultry days of mid summer are my least favorite) and so, I welcomed the crisp morning, with open arms.  It is almost Thanksgiving, after all! 
Memories are being made at the rosewood cottage.  Tres and Sarah have visited several times.  Mama comes and  we all enjoy a good meal.  Sister Delores and niece Dana have visited, too. The place feels more and more like “home”, on account of this.
Conversations around a table, are my kind of occasions. Such times lend my life a valuable substance and remembering  them later, is heartwarming.
What I remember about my childhood are those ordinary kinds of things-like conversations around a table.  I remember our way of life.   . .and it was a beautiful and uncomplicated way.  We went to see “Mama Hodges” on a weekday morning, we went to town to get groceries, and we went to church on Sundays- other than that we were at home.  There were few things to rush about.  If rain came and there were clothes on the line-or if the ponies got out . . then a commotion ensued.  Other than that, we were an orderly lot enjoying a peaceful life. 
Organized sports were created within the family.  Daddy made a top notch basketball goal and we all enjoyed that.   Cousins Chuck  and Chris would join us, as they lived just beyond the pasture-and many nights we played til it became too dark to see the ball. Sometimes Daddy hit flyballs in the evenings for us to catch. (I was awful at that)   We played badminton and volleyball- and cousins would gather for kickball, races, high jump, long jump and the pasture was full of ponies for rides back in the field, along the edge of the woods.  Likewise, tutoring and music-and “therapy” took place at home.   . .often in the garden-sometimes, while  hanging clothes. Mama was good at therapy.  
 If I could hand a “silver platter” to my grandchildren, it would be laden with such things.  The business of childhood is short but mighty powerful, after all. 
“The government changed the clocks again.”  I laugh every time I remember  saying this.  My grandmother Warren, in her later years could not understand why we had to change the clocks. She asked me a lot of questions about the why and what for of it.  She was convinced that the school, I still work at, was trying to get me to work more hours.  Finally after a long while, I whipped out-that “The government changed the clocks.”  She was satisfied at last. 
 Regular readers know, that I am not a fan of this practice.  I do not like “Daylight saving time” which has never made a bit of sense to me.  The sun sets and rises as it pleases so no one can claim any sort of say about that.  Man can not save up daylight. . .or create a minute more of it.   . . besides, I like for it to be dark when I have supper!  It is no wonder, that my dear grandmother was confused about it. 
Part II
The weekend is here now-and full of pleasant prospects.  Sister Delores and her family are coming on Sunday for an early Thanksgiving celebration.  We will gather at Mamas’.  I have been up for a while with “visions of pies and pumpkin bread dancing in my head” .  I am cooking what I can in the rosewood cottage kitchen and then heading to Mamas’ to spend the night.  Mama and I will finish up more details tomorrow morning.   Sister Connie may be able to come for the Sunday meal and Christian too, if he can get off work in time. 
On Monday, Mama and I head to Raleigh to meet baby Banks!  That is a “red letter day” for me!  I am so excited about seeing my dearest little boys.  I can’t wait to see Brant and Sydney either.  I just enjoy seeing how lovingly they raise their children-now at last together, since that awful episode with RSV!    
The eve of all this is a happy time for me. 
Yesterday, we had our first frost of the season.  This was a bit of a “late” frost, for this area. 
How beautiful the world was that morning, I noticed as I drove to work.  The first light of the day cast its’ shine and transformed even the dullest spots.  I smiled remembering that Daddy always woke us with the same  morning greeting on  frosty days . . . . “Jack Frost came last night!”  When we were quite young, he would tell us that Jack Frost had a bucket of ice and would paint the world, while we we slept.  We would spring out of our dreams, sure one morning that we would catch him in the act. I still like to imagine that and will abandon science altogether, . . in the event of frost.

10 thoughts on “From the Rabbitpatch Diary

  1. So glad all is well with Ryan and Baby Banks! As for gathering around the table…it is one of the simple pleasures I love best. It doesn’t even have to be for a meal. Tea or coffee and muffins will do very nicely. Enjoy your gatherings around the table!

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  2. A wonderful post – with memories and a new baby in the family. Glad to hear the children are well. Caution is always needed with newborns. Cool weather and frost has been appearing here in Arkansas as well as in your area. Have a wonderful upcoming Holiday Season.


  3. Congratulations on the new baby in your family! And I’m glad that Ryan is okay. RSV is no fun, and can land young children in the hospital. It sounds as if you’re going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I’m so glad!!


  4. Congratulations on the new baby, Michele. I am so glad the RSV resolved and they are all well and together again. They sound like an amazing couple.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations with your family.


  5. Greetings Michele – What a beautiful little nest you’ve created at the new rabbit patch. May prayers are with you for the speedy recovery of the little one and for blessing multiplied to abundance for the whole family. Thank you for the time you’ve shared. May all our “Flint days” in the future be strokes of Divine Genius shared by the Highest One. love always, in lak’ech, Debra


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