When Petals Fill the Air


Today, outside the window,  just floating in the air.

I saw a “flock of  dainty wings” , and went to see them there.

I thought to write a poem about pink butterflies-

but when I went to take a look, I got a sweet surprise.

For it was a “flock of petals” flying in the breeze,

that surely came unfastened, from a grove of cherry trees!

The air got still and all the petals rained upon the grass.

Where they fell, I saw some violets, I may otherwise, have passed.

I will not rush in springtime, when the days are mild and fair-

For violets bloom in springtime, and “petals fill the air”.

When March Comes to the Rabbit Patch


When  March comes to the rabbit patch, and wakes up all the earth,

somehow it makes the homestead seem to have a bit more worth.

For hyacinths and daffodils bloom across the land,

and the peach and pear have blossoms, when touched by Heavens’ Hand.

The woodlands, on the west side, where  wild rabbits like to run,

become somewhat enchanted, when lit by Marchs’ sun.

The songbirds sing a prelude, and fill the air with mirth,

When March comes to the rabbit patch, and wakes up all the earth.