Greetings from a rabbit patch

A rabbit patch is a happy place-and its a good thing as I have lived in one for most of my life. I currently live on the remnants of a farm in eastern North Carolina. The 100 year old house is stationed on a 4 acre yard and adorned by some large oak trees. The “rabbit patch” is a young bit of woods full of birds,honey-suckle, jasmine vines-and a lot of rabbits. It all makes for a pretty picture and a pleasant place to call our own “Sweet Home.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Though the winter has been of little consequence thus far-the woods are quiet for all but some noisy birds-and even the birds have hushed today as we await an unfriendly line of storms. I don’t mind storms,if they are harmless,even if they are full of thunder-but those that spawn tornadoes” are a different lot. I watch the sky full of odd colors and I listen. On such occasions,I send wishes of courage to the trees-I love them so.                                                                                        

  In good faith that we will not lose power,I have supper simmering now.There is an old black and white movie on while I try to make peace with this computer. I have had it about six months now and only know alittle more than I did at first. I am convinced I am a “slow learner” but that has not hindered my determination to succeed in my quest. . .                                                                                                                                                               

Life at the rabbit patch is slow most of the time and I prefer it that way.  I do not like rushing and think it a most unhealthy  lifestyle. I can not attribute this to old age as I came to this conclusion in my youth-and I am glad of it. February is a as good a time as any to adopt such a habit. Though it is short on days,  the climate is conducive to rest. It is a time to consider spring plantings . It is a time to daydream. It is a wonderful season to imagine. February seems like the  perfect month for wishful thinking-and there is a full moon over the rabbit patch tonight. 

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