March Gladness


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March brings us many things to be glad about. It is a time of hyacinths and daffodils-a time of blackbirds flying and wind songs.This year, it brings us Eastertime too.  In March sleeping things wake up and begin celebrating. The peach tree will bloom with its pale pink blossoms and violets will soon follow. I do not find violets lowly as some do. They spring up all over the rabbit patch and I consider it a good thing to find bunches in odd places. The daffodils are a hardy lot. Cold winds blow,but still they grow! They are the birth flower for March and rightly so.  The March winds are useful as they send seeds flying and they will also prune the apple trees. The wind gusts in Farm Life are quite extraordinary. The faint of heart need not venture out. I am as housebound in March as I am in January many days. It makes me weary to think of the branches and pine cones that will litter the yard here-but small fires on spring evenings are nice events to look forward to. Winter wheat is more beautiful to me than most things. It is a constant pleasure from the time its planted til it goldens up in June. In March the fields are emerald green and I suppose that is my favorite moment of the crops’ cycle. Once, I had the good fortune to be in a wheat field-in March-when a flock of blackbirds passed overhead. For a long while, the sky was filled up with birds and sunlight. I have not forgotten the magic of that-so many things I loved at once!  The farmers almanac predicts a “cold snap” in mid-March-maybe with snow! I set great store by the almanac as my “Pop” did. He wore them out with his consulting of when to plant and when not to. Spring snows are usually insignificant though. Pop loved the forsythia in March. He called them “goldenrods”. I corrected him many times when I grew up and thought I knew something. It had no impact on him. He called them goldenrods so much that it started to sound right and so I call them goldenrods too. I never see one that I don’t remember him.  The woodpile is low at the rabbit patch and so is the pantry. There are enough stringbeans and bell peppers in the freezer for alittle while. It must be March . The grand finale of winter and the prelude to spring is March ! March is a time of gladness.

9 thoughts on “March Gladness

  1. I love reading your words. I see myself in those wheat fields …I can even feel the March wind blow as I read. I saw some yellow daffodils yesterday as i was driving up here from Charleston. As always, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

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  2. Love this entry… I just found my hyacinths that popped up in the front bed. I completely forgot about putting them there last fall- wonderful surprise! All the Robins are making me so happy! You know Spring is around the corner when you hear chicks peeping at the USPS office. Yeah!

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  3. Signs of spring accompany March here as well, as Crocuses sprout and bloom the Alder and Salmon berry bud. Soon it will be the Herring spawning, the Skunk Cabbage springing forth and the great call of the many flocks Sandhill Cranes passing overhead. But a good writer takes you places and you took me back to my youth. I could smell the pines and see the flowers, picture the wood pile and taste the spoils of a dwindling pantry. Wonderful !

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    1. And you took me to Alaska with your account of spring there! There is a writer in you too! Thank you for reading the post and comments are so appreciated-yours gave some much needed confidence as I am so new to this form of writing-so much easier in my journal.Please know my heart is grateful.


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