For the Love of April


The time of April is upon us. “The time of the singing of birds has come.” The colors of April are  soft and the color of Aprils’ light is silver, I think. The smell of April is sweet and green-and the trees are shades of jade. April is a good time for wishful thinking.

It is a good time to look for “silver linings” as clouds “do not wander lonely” this month. I will begin planting at the rabbit patch in a few weeks-surely Jack Frost has” run out of shine” by then.  It is quite ordinary for me to plant in an April shower if it is falling in a friendly way.  It is a big mess to do so, but the plants seem to like it.  

Dandelions will show up to many people’s dismay. It can be disheartening to spend a day mowing, and then to see little stalks like soldiers lit up by moonlight just a short while later, in the yard.  For a while, I was not on friendly terms with them either, but the older I get, the less quarrel I have in me-so now, I make dandelion wishes and hope for the best.  Little hands use them for bouquets-and that endears them to me as well. In fancy restaurants, the greens are used for salads and I may try that this year. Dandelions, like everything else, is all about how you see it.

April will answer many of my winter dreams. I have big plans to fill this yard with the sweet dianthus. I find them delightful flowers with their humbleness of little delicate blossoms and sweet fragrance. I add more of them every year, along with roses-another favorite. This year I want a “Sweet Betty” bush. They are not so lovely, but their fragrance makes up for it.  My grandmother had one and I still remember the spicy scent it lent to evening air. I also want to try my hand at Aprils’ own flower, the sweet pea, though I think they are short lived. Usually i will only plant perennials , but geraniums are the exception. Farmhouse porches ought to have geraniums on them. The scented ones are especially nice. 

I will finance this endeavor, by borrowing from the grocery money. The boys are on to it and have been for a long while. They will not enter a garden center or a book store with me. They say I go in to a trance, and that may be so.

For the  love of April is a mighty thing. . .It’s when “white moths are on the wing-a shower shows up with a song to sing  . . . all for the love of April!

















































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