On Any Given Sunday


Sunday does not pass in the same fashion as the other days-at least it doesn’t at the rabbit patch. All other days have their schedules and obligations of how I spend my life and Saturdays are often unpredictable occasions.  Chores around the rabbit patch can vary greatly on a Saturday-but on any given Sunday, I celebrate.  

A celebration does not have to be an “all out affair”.   I begin my celebrating at my “morning table” with Cash and Christopher Robin dreaming close by and totally unaware that I am singing their praises at the sight of them.  I am glad for them and make it known.  I do my best to remember all of the beautiful things that happened the past week. Conversations with my children are remembered and tucked in my heart for safe keeping.  I am glad for my parents and feel privileged that they are my own.

I keep a close eye on “Sunday Dinner” lest I get too caught up celebrating.  This past week I was especially happy because my daughter, Jenny was coming with “the baby” and my newest son,-her husband, Will.  This Sunday, the table would be full.  I was cooking and celebrating like my life depended on it-because in some way it does.  I put the biscuits in the oven just before twelve and sent Kyle out to gather roses.  

There was plenty of food-all slow cooked as it ought to be on Sundays.  The table was pretty too and fit for a Sunday dinner.  I made an upside down apple cake for dessert and was proud of that-but Lyla stole the show anyway.  I know everybody thinks their grandchildren are just perfect-but mine really is!  She is beautiful and very bright.  Lyla is a loving child and I am convinced was kissed by fairies before I became her “Honeybee”- well that would explain the magic she brings.

When everybody left and the kitchen was quiet, I began sorting out the aftermath of the event.  I washed the dishes and sang while I did it.  I thought about redbirds – I had seen a lot of them this past week.  I was glad I had roses to give mama and extra cake for daddy.  A friend dear to my heart for a long while, Janet had given me pillows with rabbits on them!  Another dear friend, Rae would be returning from a week long trip- I had missed her!  Friends ought to be celebrated.  The next thing you know, the kitchen was clean and I was eating my own piece of the cake made with fresh apples and caramel.

I went out and saw that the foxglove  was celebrating too.  Lilies were joining in like a chorus to an old song.  I heard some blackbirds arguing in a pine and wondered  what they had to quarrel about.  

It does me good to turn my thoughts to the rabbit patch often .  It does me good to celebrate often too.  How i spend my time, is how I spend my life and it makes me live deliberately when I think of that perspective of things.  I have found it a pleasant task to ” consider  the lilies” and to “look at the birds of the air”.  It makes no sense to me  to give so much attention to the complications of  the world and  ignore the genuine and authentic beauty in an ordinary life.  The answer to the worlds’ commotion might just be to remember the goodness of the week on any given Sunday.


9 thoughts on “On Any Given Sunday

  1. AMEN. Our Sunday starts with 6:30 Mass…and gently winds its way through hot rolls or fresh donuts. It turns slightly towards the lane with a walk in the woods, followed by dinner with all the family. Charades, card games, chess or just hearty conversation sees us through to evening. It is peaceful and busy, loving and laughing, and my mini-vacation from “life” every week. It affords us time to enjoy our blessings, reinvigorate our minds and souls for next week’s realities, and just plain enjoy life and each other.
    How old id Lyla? She sounds like a delight. Enjoy every second with your family and make some forever memories.

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  2. Another beautiful post that calls me to slow down and live deliberately. I tried to put a rabbit in every bag so you wouldn’t be frustrated by all the STUFF! Glad you like the rabbit pillow! 🙂

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