Peach Cobbler


It’s hard to beat a peach cobbler.  This is a simple recipe and suitable for a variety of fruits. I have made it with apples and blueberries.  If I don’t grow them, then I buy at the farmer’s market or a roadside stand.  This is an easy dessert to fix, but fitting for a Sunday dinner.


 Preheat oven to 425 degrees.    Wash and prepare fruit.  Peel if needed, and cut up large fruits.  Put in a bowl with just enough water to cover well and use sugar to sweeten as needed.  I usually use about half of a cup, but this step depends on the sweetness of the particular fruit. *If you are using canned fruit, then do not add sugar.

Let this sit at room temperature, while you mix the following:       4ad1f4e8ab3d17165a80de6a5bd10977

   1 cup sugar                                                                                                                                                       1 cup milk  ( I use whole or almond)                                                                                                      1 cup bread flour or all purpose-you can use self-rising, just increase the water in the                                                                    fruit mixture.                                                                                 

Mix well with a fork and pour into a greased baking dish.  Pour fruit mixture on top of the batter-no need to mix.  It will bake as it ought to-Bake at 425 degrees til the top  begins to brown-usually about 30 minutes.

I like to put a little butter on top after removing from the oven.

It’s better when you share it with others.  *Please note that the size of the pan you use, may alter the cooking time.  I use an 11 x 13.




  • From-“Somewhere North of the Moon”-June 2016


16 thoughts on “Peach Cobbler

  1. The peaches have just arrived here in SC. We had some Georgia Belles just the other day for the first time this season. So good…nothing beats a cobbler with a little vanilla ice cream!


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