When Time is Just Ribbons of Sunlight


The days in Wilmington pass in the same fashion as they do at the rabbit patch-without the help of a clock.  I watch the way shadows fall at the rabbit patch . I  see shade claiming the corner of the garden-and I know it’s time to start supper. In Wilmington, time is just ribbons of sunlight on the Atlantic that dance with a cheerful shine  and when they slow to a waltz, it’s time to go home.

My son, Tres came in last night from Charleston.  He lives in Wilmington, but his job sent him to Charleston for a while this summer.    Tres coming home, was the icing on my cake! We had “Sunday dinner” on Saturday at four o’clock.  It didn’t seem to be the least bit odd.   I am as happy as a lark  when I am in a kitchen ,on any given day .

I watched the boys walking back and forth to the pool  while I was cooking and saw once again, that they weren’t  boys   and hadn’t been for a long while.  It has been many years ago, that Tres pushed bright yellow trucks filled with rocks and sticks-and longer still since Brant combed every inch of the woods behind the house , naming the trees as he went.  He would bring back leaves in his pockets for me and we would press them in heavy books .  Mothers  set great store by such memories and  will think about them while they peel potatoes .

 took my own sweet time cooking dinner- I have done everything all week in the same manner.   The boys ate and declared it was just perfect, so all was right in my world-and it felt good.  We planned on a breakfast for Sunday morning-that is also the day Tres goes back to Charleston and I go back to the rabbit patch. I have missed my two youngest sons. I have missed Cash and Christopher Robin, too. I have even missed the smell of dirt and the way  the wind smells that has blown through the woods.

I will not leave Wilmington empty-handed but instead with a pocket full of sweet memories . I will remember the blue heron that visits the pond every morning and walks stealthily  around the banks  .  There is also a pair of geese, I have spent a fair amount of time watching glide around the water.  It was a sight full of such peace, that it made me drowsy on several occasions .  I got to know some cardinals that live in the wisteria vines at the edge of the woods.  It took them a while to realize there was no harm in me, but when they did, they were quite friendly.   I read some poetry-Longfellow, Frost and Yeats-always Yeats. I didn’t write as much as I had expected, but instead stared “through the looking glass” on the pond for somewhere between twenty minutes and twenty years,  watching the clouds pass by.  I will remember that my boys cast the shadow of young men-and that they walk with confidence-those were golden moments.  There was so much to do with my liberty and I was determined to use it wisely.  

 My account of the last five days may sound “sleepy”.  There are no crimes or politics to read about nor any heartbreaking going on, the diary of the rabbit patch is not intended for such purposes-but I know some of the secrets of the pond and woods out back and I have seen diamonds without measure.  Ones without price ,that shimmer with a shine not found in any store.  You do not need fame or fortune to bear witness to their dazzle. These diamonds give no honor to worldly ranking . No man can bury them and no one can steal them, yet they are there for the taking.   They abide on lazy rivers, lowly ponds and on the vast Atlantic ocean.  I have seen them . . .in little ribbons of sunlight that fall on the waters in a generous manner-and I am better because of it. 




11 thoughts on “When Time is Just Ribbons of Sunlight

  1. Loved it as always. I miss my eldest, who now lives in Sydney. To the world he is a grown man of 23 but for me he is still my baby. But, that is where he could follow his dream of becoming a Robotic Engineer. So, as a mother although it was painful to let go at age 18, I had to. And had to treasure every time he came home for a short break or when I visited him.

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  2. This one’s a favorite, Michele!! I, too, who do not even own a diamond. have seen those that cannot be stolen. The gifts our Creator presents to us each day are far more spectacular than anything money can buy. Thanks for remnding all of us!!

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