Picnics and Other Special Occasions


June is a grand time for anything fancy.  It is a time to take the china outside and to fill pretty glasses with apricot tea.  It does not matter if it’s a roof top, a back porch or a sprawling rabbit patch-a garden party or a picnic, June is a  time for a special occasion.

I do such things at the rabbit patch and without fail, they become treasured memories. Thank goodness, for clean white sheets-they make any old table look elegant, no matter the condition.  We usually eat in the shade of some old sycamores at an old table with mismatched wooden chairs.  I painted them all white, so they have that in common and it is enough to make a charming picture.  The china does it’s part, as it has always done for generations, to make the meal anything but ordinary. 

 Queen Anne’s lace is blooming all around the rabbit patch, and when paired with the roses from the “Quiet Garden”, it  will make a pretty arrangement and will live up to its’ elegant name.  I have paired them with day lilies and they were  lovely, as well. Whether Sunday dinner is outside under some old trees or in the rabbit patch kitchen, Queen Anne’s Lace will be on the table tomorrow.

 The last days of spring are here. Rain has fallen at the rabbit patch every other day. The yard here is about five acres and it has been difficult to just keep it mowed.  The garden is muddy and if the sun doesn’t shine soon, and for a long while-I may be at the farmer’s market more than usual.   

The school year is almost over and my thoughts turn to such things as picnics and garden parties.  I plan to drink iced tea on the front porch and read books that will take me to far off places.  When I was growing up , mama would take my sister and I to the library when school was out.  There were huge magnolia trees all around it.  We would get our books and sit under the trees and read til mama got back from her errands.  A magnolia is the coolest shade I know of and the flowers have a smell you will not forget. I do not smell a magnolia today, without remembering those mornings.

Thank goodness mama planned picnics too, in the last days of spring. She would pack the basket and we would walk just a short distance to the edge of the woods. It seemed like a holiday every time though to everyone else, it was just a Tuesday.

I look back on the springs of my childhood with a grateful heart.  I think that reading under an old magnolia and having picnics at the edge of the woods are the best kind of occasions a child can have.  It gave me time to notice my world and take in to account things like Queen Anne’s Lace on growing on a ditch bank.

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June in the Rabbit Patch


June is the grand finale of spring and nothing less.  All of the birds born in May, will sing in June. May’s young blossoms keep their promises, turning the rabbit patch in to a garden.  The trees that flaunted tender leaf in May, now casts shade in June.


I spent the last few days of May in good company and doing things that I love. I took Lyla on a few strolls to feel the last of May’s gentle breezes.  When a light shower fell on us we neither one minded.  On Sunday, we had the Sunday dinner. Lyla and her grandmother, Claudia were dressed in red, white and blue and we took pictures of them with an arrangement of roses, hydrangeas and white, fragrant blossoms.  Lyla held a small flag.  It was a sweet picture of time well-spent.

On Monday, we went to a neighboring small town for a traditional memorial day meal at the Donahue home.  The Donahues live on  a tree lined street that could be “main street USA”.  The historical homes have well manicured yards and most displayed the flag. A young boy was riding a bike proudly, without training wheels, but he stopped at every flag to salute it.  It touched my heart to see his dedication to this effort.

The good neighbors from across the street came over to join us and I am glad they did. They are good company -and they brought a salad that was just perfect.  We settled in on the porch and I admired their yard full of gardenias.   The kids ended up playing in the rain on some sort of huge and slippery  surface intended for such play.  There must have been a dozen  children of all ages.  When children laugh in the rain, it does sound like June.  It was a wonderful time and I felt grateful to have been their guest. 

June at the rabbit patch, is a lovely time. Honeysuckle vines are hanging full of tiny flowers that sweeten the country air and make me remember my own time as a child.  The birth flower for June is the rose, and mine in the “Quiet Garden” are bragging about it.  Today I saw a mimosa tree full of feathery pink flowers.  Mimosa trees have a bad reputation for a short life-and seedlings come up everywhere you don’t want them to.  If you don’t act quickly to remove them, you are likely to be in a bind as they grow so quickly.  Still, I love them as my grandmother did.  My daughter, Jenny loves them too.  Lyla has napped under a mimosa tree, because Jenny will make sure that Lyla loves the uncommonly graceful tree.  It will be a good place to tell Lyla her great-great grandmother’s story.

It is no wonder, that people get married, often in June. It may be one of the grandest events of the calendar with it’s roses and fireflies .  The pearl itself is the birthstone.  June is full of love-I think it would be especially hard to quarrel  at a time when the earth is in such a state as June. June gives in abundance-things like the song of young birds, children playing in rain and everything blooming at once.  It is May’s encore and the prelude to summer. June is here-and it is a time to love.


                     Live well and happily ever after, love the rabbit patch.

Peach Cobbler


It’s hard to beat a peach cobbler.  This is a simple recipe and suitable for a variety of fruits. I have made it with apples and blueberries.  If I don’t grow them, then I buy at the farmer’s market or a roadside stand.  This is an easy dessert to fix, but fitting for a Sunday dinner.


 Preheat oven to 425 degrees.    Wash and prepare fruit.  Peel if needed, and cut up large fruits.  Put in a bowl with just enough water to cover well and use sugar to sweeten as needed.  I usually use about half of a cup, but this step depends on the sweetness of the particular fruit. *If you are using canned fruit, then do not add sugar.

Let this sit at room temperature, while you mix the following:       4ad1f4e8ab3d17165a80de6a5bd10977

   1 cup sugar                                                                                                                                                       1 cup milk  ( I use whole or almond)                                                                                                      1 cup bread flour or all purpose-you can use self-rising, just increase the water in the                                                                    fruit mixture.                                                                                 

Mix well with a fork and pour into a greased baking dish.  Pour fruit mixture on top of the batter-no need to mix.  It will bake as it ought to-Bake at 425 degrees til the top  begins to brown-usually about 30 minutes.

I like to put a little butter on top after removing from the oven.

It’s better when you share it with others.  *Please note that the size of the pan you use, may alter the cooking time.  I use an 11 x 13.




  • From-“Somewhere North of the Moon”-June 2016