They Grew and They Flew


Tonight is my last night in Wilmington.  We have a nice dinner out planned and maybe a breakfast in the morning.  I have said good bye to the ancient oak and to the splashing fountain that sings to me while I write.  They have become familiar and I will miss them, but leaving my boys,  that grew and flew-now that’s another story.

The truth is they are but a few hours away and we will visit more this summer.  Some more truth is I got used to being with them again on a daily basis and it felt wonderful.  I love having a good meal ready when they get home.  I love when we sleep under the same roof.  I love waiting for them to get home, even!  

I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  I am not in the habit of  going out much-but I have done so this week.  I can not convince my children that I am “pleased as punch” just staying at home.  I wear comfortable clothing and watch old black and white movies.  I love reading and writing.  I have taken a lot of walks about the village.  I have met some nice folks and some friendly dogs.  I am older now, and I am quite content with such things.

You would think, that by this age, a person would know something-but as it turns out, a lot of what I have learned has changed up.  The tools are different.  From washing machines to coffee makers- I need a manual to know what all those flashing lights are about. Car keys are odd looking and using a phone can be a nightmare.  The televisions have three remotes and that’s a nightmare too.  My generation grew up without microwaves, without cable and cell phones-so a lot has changed. It is no wonder, I am content at home peeling potatoes-the same way my grandmama did, because I know how. It is often said that the older generation is “set in their ways” and that they don’t like change.  The truth is, we are the experts at change.  We have done it all of our lives- and honestly, it is tiring.  I miss those days when the kids were little and I really did know how to make coffee.  Well, I just miss those days in general.

I have missed the rabbit patch too with its’ country air and song birds flying.  I am sure that my younger boys missed me like I missed them.  Cash and Christopher Robin have probably been pining away-and I bet Christopher Robin broke something while I was gone. The tomatoes will be ripe and the grass will need mowing.  The rabbit patch is very “set in it’s ways”  and demands a fair amount of attention on any given day.  I will take a walk  around when I get back to see what is blooming.  I will go the “Quiet Garden”and I will be glad for  my time by the sea, with my  children who “grew and flew” in a most delightful way.  . . and the world is a better place because of it.



16 thoughts on “They Grew and They Flew

  1. You do a wonderful job with the computer and that can be a challenge! and most of us would not know you & your wonderful thoughts if you had not adapted to change. It is tiring for sure to try to keep up with everything but for one I am glad you did.

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    1. Thank you-the computer remains a challenge and I did go kicking and screaming in to writing on a computer instead of a journal-but now I am fond of my computer-so things change and we adapt as best we can. Thank you for your very sweet comment!


  2. Thank you – I enjoyed this a lot. Maybe enjoying the simple things is the way we started, so that’s what we want to return to. I can get a great deal of pleasure from just watching the birds on my balcony. It’s an easier kind of happy.

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  3. The thing I love about your posts is how they resonate with us ladies of a ‘certain age’ Our children may have grown & flown but how they have made the modern world their own is inspiring

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      1. Your comment has touched my heart, although my boys have left home and it’s just myself, Beloved, K9 & Neurotic Cat at home, it’s through my work that I realise that each moment is important, the memories we make, the contact with each soul we touch, each needs to be held tight and cherished 🙂

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  4. A beautiful post, as always! Our needs change as we mature, and we can find pleasure in the most simple things in life. Technology has changed indeed, and a new fast paced world has taken over. We are lucky to find peace and solace in nature, and a simple home cooked meal.

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