While Gathering Lilies

13654179_290069538007222_5120785084256495408_n The heat of July is not showing the least bit of mercy on the rabbit patch.  It takes all the fun out of gardening and hanging sheets on the line, too.  I will not be planning a picnic any time soon.  

A storm passed through here, the other night.  I spent some of my day picking up branches.  I am convinced there is not a pine cone left on any pine in my yard or the neighbors’ pines either.  I used them to start a burn pile, as they are good for that.  The air was  still,  so it was an easy fire to tend.  I usually burn debris when the sun goes down, but July is full of mosquitoes, in the evenings.

 Pine cones are prickly  and they hurt like barbed wire to pick up .   I stepped in fire ants while carrying scratchy sticks to the fire.  It is hard to be cheerful under such conditions.  Even the song birds were quiet- and I missed them.  

People that know me, often comment on my positive disposition.  On this day, no one would have recognized me.  The magic of the shooting star  seen the other night, had worn off completely in that heat.  I had finally made it to the front yard where it is shady .   I saw a lone blossom on the gardenia bush. The fragrance hung heavily in the humid air, and I was encouraged by it.  As I made my way around the big porch,  I saw another pretty sight.  The bed of tiger lilies were in full bloom.  There were more of them this year, than in any year past and they reminded me of little tangerines.  They came from my mom.  She had gotten them from her mom and my heart softened remembering that.  My grandmother died suddenly in July many years ago.  I was just ten years old .  She was another mother to me and her death remains one of the most hurtful things in my life.  Christian asked me a while back, if I still missed her.  When he did, I cried.  Now, today and over forty years later,  a corner of my yard remembers her too.   

I decided to cut a few to add to the vase of day lilies on the kitchen table.  While I was gathering lilies,  I remembered some words, that have been showing up a lot  in some sort of fashion, for a few weeks now.  That happens to me frequently. They are from  the “Sermon on the Mount”-“Consider the lilies”.  I have always taken great comfort from those verses.   This day was no different.

I have been thinking way too hard lately about some things .  I have not come up with any solutions.  I don’t think I have too. The lilies reminded me of that.  They came in abundance and set the yard a-flame, to say so.  A false sense of power is every bit as intoxicating as if it was real- and I had been under the influence.  

Then and there, in the hateful heat of July, I commenced to seeing a beautiful future for myself. I walked back to the burn pile, by the barren peach tree and told it, better times are coming,  for I have seen them. 

When I went out that evening, to say good night to the rabbit patch, there was a thick haze hiding the stars.  I knew they were there, but couldn’t have proved it at that moment.  It made no difference to me, that I couldn’t.

Today, I plan to mow.  Daddy fixed my lawn mower again as I lost some important part last time.  He fixed the neighbor’s too, as I had borrowed it to finish up and managed to tear that one up , as well.  It is supposed to be hot again.  July is like that. I plan to make some mint tea.  If I drink it in front of a window fan, it will act like a tonic and defend me against July.  

I will not attempt great thoughts today, but instead will remember  that we are closer to Christmas, than we were and I plan to memorize the passage that begins, “Consider the Lilies. . . ” as well.



16 thoughts on “While Gathering Lilies

  1. Just as you couldn’t prove the stars were behind the haze, and the fact that your Tiger Lilies were abundant abundant this year ~ perhaps a gentle reminder that loved ones are still close and watching over you, the heat of July could be a prompt to rest and take the path of least resistance, the answers will find you …when the time is right and you are quietly going about doing what you love

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  2. I have had a bit of a trying day too but then I went into my inbox and saw you had posted and it made me smile. I came straight here.

    My Nanna (who is also in my heart my mother) died in 2005, I lost my grandfather 10 years before that. I have a drawing of them smiling down at me from the wall which reminds me they are still here…because I am still here and they are a part of me x

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  3. We are having a rather cool July here in the PNW and I am glad for that! I mowed the lawn today too and now my hands are green but the task is done. Thank you for the reminder that Christmas is closer! Yay! 🌲

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  4. My yard is just filled with Daylilies right now. What a show1 I love that yours were from your grandmother. I have my great grandmother’s lilac bush. It’s been moved 4 times and still blooms in the spring – and my mom’s forsythia from our back yard. Her favorite flowers were gardenias because she had a gardenia corsage for her wedding day. Thank you for bringing some beautiful memories back to me today with your lovely rabbit patch post. Clare

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      1. You’re welcome. And thanks for returning the visit. Isn’t it wonderful that we see our loved ones once again whenever the spring sends out its new growth? I have baby bunnies running in and out my garden being chased by a herd of chipmunks each evening. It’s quite entertaining for the cats to watch from the windows.


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