One Summer Morning

Many summer mornings at the rabbit patch pass in an ordinary fashion.  This past Friday morning did not-and I am  noticing a trend. Another lovely thing happened that I had nothing to do with.

A dear friend was coming to spend some time with me-and that was planned. Jo Dee is the kind of friend that I can visit with under any circumstances.  I can have coffee with her and be wearing pajamas or washing dishes, as we talk.  We do not put on airs with one another as there is no need for that.  Our hearts are open books, so secrets do not hinder us.  

Jo Dee and I have several mutual friends that we share the same kind of open heart policy with.  Rae, that feeds the birds, is one of them.  On this Friday, Rae wanted company, so I grabbed some left overs and packed them up to take along as Rae feeds the birds, but her cupboards are bare-Rae is alive because of ice-cream.  

Rae was still in pajamas when we got there.  I like that about her.  We commenced to visiting in the comfortable way that old friends do.  We had been there just a short while when another “bird of a feather” called .  Janet was coming through town and would stop by shortly- and she was bringing chicken. This morning had turned in to an occasion!. . . and I realised, it happens every year.  

There is no rhyme or reason to it-but it happens like clockwork every summer on some ordinary morning without devising a plan.  I have pictures from several years back when it seemed a “fluke”.  I named the first one, “One Summer Morning”.

Janet arrived and it was the “icing on our cake”. . . and she had  the chicken!    We considered a picnic, and then remembered it was July.  We ate inside, instead.  There was enough left for Rae to have supper though I knew she would eat ice cream anyway.

After lunch, we sat in Rae’s den and talked a while.  It is hard to explain the beauty of friendships that have spanned decades and of the kinds of conversations that can be shared because of it . Our children grew up. Rae and I have buried husbands.  Janet and Jo Dee have buried parents.  Jobs have changed and houses have come and gone-well, a lot has happened, and it still does.  We have stood the test of time and it makes all the difference.  It is good to say-we have never argued either.  I think it may be that” honesty is the best policy” after all .  

Jo Dee and I stepped out on the porch.  July was still hot- I noticed the phlox that was blooming in spite of it.  Phlox is one steadfast warrior in the garden.  It is dependable and manages to show up happily, whether you tend it or not.  I have some at the rabbit patch. I intend to plant phlox wherever I go from here-because it reminded me of my deep affection for all things constant-such things as friendships that are never fair-weather and show up in July, dependably.


18 thoughts on “One Summer Morning

  1. nothing like dependable friends. Love Rae, I might be turning into her. Love anything sweet. Started training today for a fun run (6k) coming up in September. My son is doing the 12k and a few of us are training together. Coming back in the car, I can smell everything sweet, every conversation is reminding me of something sweet, my son said his friend just returned from Germany, I drove straight to the bakery and got an Apple strudel. Well, not sure how many calories i lost running but I sure gained a few with the strudel.

    Loved your post as always. I didnt realise that you had to say good bye to your husband so early. Really sorry for your loss. Like you say, there has lot happened in our lives and will continue to happen, we just have to keep on going. Live well and love another is a great way to do that.

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  2. Such a beautiful illustration of the joy of peace and friendship. There’s an image you’ve painted of the rabbit patch that I hold in my memory – an open field of beauty and nature with the fragrance of flowers in the air. I visit for coffee in Spirit. love, in lak’ech, Debra


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