While the Wild Geese Were Swimming

July was a bit kinder yesterday morning.  Lyla and I got an early start and set out on our familiar route by the river. We walked under old trees that shade the yards of old houses.  The houses boast of the charm that belongs to yesterday. They are numerous and seem to unite to paint a lovely portrait .

There is a long stretch of the walk that affords a grand view of the Pasquotank River, thanks to the forethought of the residents decades before.  There is a little bridge in a curve and yesterday wild geese were swimming by it.  We stopped to watch them for a good long while.  I was careful not to speak as her gaze was steadfast, and she was content.  The geese seemed in on it, as they glided around without any chatter either.  For a while, the world and its’ chaos  had no bearing on us.  I think such moments could help heal a lot of what ails us.  It is hard to feel harshly, while you are watching wild geese swim by.

On the way back,  I kept smelling something faintly sweet in the slight breeze.  I kept looking around and eventually noticed that every time I took account,  I was in the midst of crepe myrtles.  I have known about these trees all of my life, and never considered them fragrant-I have been wrong.  Of course we took to smelling the flowers on the low branches.  The white variety has the most scent.  It smells like clean cotton with a bit of sweetness.  The lavender is a close second and then the darker pinks are very faint.   It was a good thing to know, I thought-a beautiful thing to learn, really.

The sun grew bolder, so we headed home thinking about things like   wild geese swimming  and the way the crepe myrtles sweeten the breeze.

Today my youngest sister, Connie, has a birthday!  I am eleven years older, so Connie was like a living doll to me when she was born.  She was an especially pretty child, too.  I loved her dearly though she told secrets about boys, I thought were cute and took bubble baths with my expensive shampoos that promised to change my life. I think, that I quit playing  with dolls when Connie was born. Though they behaved in a nicer manner-the dolls could not compare to my little sister, whom I was sure for at least a  short while , was heaven sent. Now, I know for sure she is.

My friend, Rae is a very new grandmother!  As it turns out,  her little grandson will share my sisters’ special day.  It is nice to think that Rae and I may take strolls together in the near future, with our grandchildren.

It is half past the summer anyway you look at it.  The bunnies born in  the spring move swiftly now.  Young squirrels  leap with ease in trees-quite fearlessly and young birds are learning to use their wings.  Tomatoes are turning red and black-eyed susans are blooming.  The summer is at its’ peak so the mockingbirds sing  songs of glory for it.. and a baby was born- while the wild geese were swimming.  The beauty of summer is endless.


22 thoughts on “While the Wild Geese Were Swimming

  1. Oh Michele! This is Nancy. I use Gray’s facebook….tried calling u! Please call me!! After reading this post I am crying as you spoke to my sole! I guess anything about babies gets to me!!! Clementine is coming Sunday!! Yea for Rae!!! Love and miss you❤️🎈🍼


  2. “It is half past the summer anyway you look at it. The bunnies born in the spring move swiftly now. Young squirrels leap with ease in trees-quite fearlessly and young birds are learning to use their wings. Tomatoes are turning red and black-eyed susans are blooming. The summer is at its’ peak and the mockingbirds sing songs of glory for it.. and a baby was born- while the wild geese were swimming. The beauty of summer is endless.” – Such a beautiful illustration of the beauty of Summer. in lak’ech, Debra

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      1. And yours comes through loud and clear as well. I know you are over there tending to all the blessed creatures and walking in One with the Mother – why your place feels like Home. 🙂 Debra

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  3. You and I are kindred spirits. I love to quietly take in the wonders of creation just like you and your Lyla. I also smelled a crepe myrtle in bloom yesterday, fuschia colored, and it smelled delightful. I would have picked it off the tree and brought it home had Rip not stopped me! Keep writing and delighting my cousin!

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  4. Rae told me about your beautiful writing. I didn’t think I had time to read in the summer. I have LOVED your descriptions and writing.. Thank you so much. I shouldn’t think of summer as all work, but now will focus on you looking at it..

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