Songs After Supper


School started back today for me.  Soon bells will be ringing and children will be singing.  There will be schedules and clocks for me-and Friday will not seem as ordinary as it was last week. The days have  even cooled a bit as if nature itself is propelling me in to a higher gear.

As I was driving home today, I saw butterflies in shades of yellow, all along the drive .  The sky was a very bright blue and provided a lovely contrast to the golden wings fluttering about.  When I got home, there were all sorts of butterflies at the rabbit patch.  I checked the ginger lilies again, but they show no sign of participating in August.  I will hope that by September, they will have changed their mind. 

I got in a mid-week visit with Jenny and Lyla.  Mama cooked supper for all of us, the night before school started.  It came about at the last minute, but you couldn’t tell as it was a wonderful meal that ended with “an apple roll” like my great-grandmother made.  Recipes defy time, I realised.  They are big pieces of a familys’ history-passed down like precious relics.  Most often, they are served with a story.  It has been about a hundred years ago, that Carrie Hodges, the belle of three counties, made her first apple roll, I bet.  Six generations later, we are still talking about it around the supper table. That is something to consider.

After supper, Lyla wanted to go outside.  She  prefers birds and sticks over toys.  She loves a swing, too.  She and I sat together on the front porch and were quite content.  Of course, I know a song about swings and I always sing it at such times.  Lyla would clap her hands at the finale and give me the smile that melts my heart.  It was her way of saying “thank you”, I thought.  It sure was a pleasant way to spend  a Wednesday evening and I imagine that grandmothers have been doing this same thing for as long as they have been making apple rolls.

We are surely in the twilight of the summer season.  Colors are changing in the rabbit patch.  The fireflies left a while ago and the “autumn joy” flowers that Miss Susie gave me a few years back are full of blossoms.  The apples are gone from my trees, and the grapes are turning dark purple by the moment.  It will be just a little while, before a ripe garden tomato is hard to find.  The rabbit patch does not consult a calendar on when to herald in a new season and I am not inclined to do so either.  Summer may meander , for all I know. . .and the ginger lilies may bloom after all.


20 thoughts on “Songs After Supper

  1. I cried a little over your thoughts on food and stories passed through the generations. I cried because of the way food connects me still to my grandmother. I’d tell you about her and apple sauce, but I can’t right now. There is something so powerful about what you said.

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  2. I loved the story about the apple roll and how it connects the generations of your family. We have similar experiences in that area. There are things I make, like Rice Stuffing, at thanksgiving that my husband’s family has been eating for a few generations.
    I love coming to visit the Rabbit Patch and when I leave I am already looking forward to the next visit.

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    1. You are so sweet and I hope you know that you make the rabbit patch a brighter spot when you do visit.! I wonder if your rice stuffing is like one I have had-and loved it! It is known around these parts but I loved it. We ought to compare. Recipes are so sentimental aren’t they? Thank you always!

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  3. So agree with the above comments. recipes along with the stories and memories are passed down. and it is so beautiful. there is a food called “hoppers”, a sri lankan classique. My mum makes the best. My son always tells me, that I should learn it as he wants his kids to have it too and the tradition kept alive by a food for futures to come. again written so well, you took me to rabbit patch.

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  4. What sweet memories you have. 🙂 PS I think I figured out why I’m drawn to your writing. It’s how you notice things. You embrace. You have a way with self expression, your words just seem to paint a picture every time. It feels like what home feels like- solid, genuine. 🙂

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  5. Another wonderful read! do defy time…times around the supper table when that was a family tradition. I am grateful the Lord gave us the ability to remember special times with family and recipes are truly one of many special times spent with family. I stopped for a moment to reminisce of my granny’s and my mama’s cookin. Mama cooked the best chicken and dumplings and I could see her rolling that dough out and cutting those strips. One of my favorite memories indeed. Thank you love for sharing your beautiful memories that inspire us to recall our beautiful memories.

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