The Morning Table


The “Morning Table” in my home appears to be ordinary furniture.  It is a small round table that sits on a lyre pedestal. The morning table is positioned by a window and holds things I need to write, books I am reading , a lamp and a coffee cup.  I watch the light change at the morning table, while Cash and Christopher Robin sleep close by.  I write what is laid on my heart at this little second-hand table. The morning table is like an old friend that knows your dreams and keeps your secrets.

I have had the habit of writing for a very long time.  I have journals of letters written to each of my children as they were growing up-and with five children, that is a lot of writing.  I can only write truth, I have learned-and I can only write what I find ” good”. In this way, I have ended up with a collection of little celebrations and records of things that I love.  I find myself looking, at any given moment for things to add to my accounts-and I have found this a good practice.  It seems we often find what we are looking for, I think, so it may as well be something pleasant.

I have learned to find great delight in kind words, sometimes spoken by strangers as well as the cheerful boasting of a mockingbird singing in June.  I love the hushed sound of children playing in the snow-well, I just love snow altogether, it  falls so seldom at the rabbit patch.  I love the smell of woodsmoke in October.  I love rain and Thanksgiving.  I really love the Christmas season-even wrapping the presents. I love the sky at all times and I love poetry.  I love a lot of things and I am always realising more beautiful things to love –out of habit.

The night was foggy when I went out tonight.  I could see but a few stars.  The night choir did not offer a song and the air had not the slightest motion.  Now, I know there is a beauty in silent stillness. There was more life in those moments than I had expected and I will remember that too, as part of my collection.

Living on the rabbit patch has humbled me with its’ extraordinary simplicity.  I do not have to live in a frantic state for I have seen the Hand of the artist, and It never rests or ceases in generosity.  The “morning table” is the place I remember these things .  It is from the “morning  table” that I send my love letters out for the world-my account of things I find “good.”


25 thoughts on “The Morning Table

    1. that is the sweetest thing! Thank you! I am glad you read my blog, too! It wa so good seeing you-you have always been so dear to me-it is a shame we ever lost contact , but am so thankful that’s over! Thank you!! I look forward to catching up! Thank you! so much


  1. You definitely so a dandy job of it. Your posts are always so sensory, with or without pictures. They make me want to jump on a plane and come see for myself. Not because I’d be checking up, but rather, checking out the Rabbit Patch. Compelling reads for sure!!!

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  2. How can I not love your ever-nostalgic dreamy ramblings about life? They are so nice. And what a great piece of china you have. I would love to have a corner like that..maybe to write down in an old fashioned-way my thoughts.
    Thank you for the inspiration beautiful soul!

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  3. Hey there Michele… you inspired a post on my blog today where I talk about your morning table. The teacup on this pic looks like my grandmother’s Royal Albert pattern – not exactly the same but very close – I think hers were “Old Country Roses”. Cheers to you!

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