Bright and Shining Moments


Sometimes, there are bright and shining moments.  Today , the rabbit patch has been full of them.  One thing happened, and then another-and it was all good.  

Late last night, in the midst of the storm, I found out that Tres and Kelsey were coming for a visit.  Jenny, Will and Lyla decided they would too.  This makes it a holiday at the rabbit patch-and nothing less.  I love the eve of any holiday and went to work planning out the details.  I went to sleep knowing I would use pumpkin somehow in the Sunday dinner, as Kelsey loves it.  Mama and Jenny should have fresh baked bread and the farmhouse needed to be cleaned thoroughly.  The rain fell all night long on the rabbit patch and the wind blew steadily.  I slept as good as I ever have.

The morning dawned gray and cool, and woke me as gently -as a grandmother would.    I started washing sheets and then decided the curtains too, while I was at it.  I was able to raise the windows for the first time in a long while.  A September breeze filled the house while I had coffee at the morning table.  I read the comments on my last post.  The sentiments were lovely and kind so that I cried at their beauty.  It was like receiving a gift and the generosity washed over me, like the rain had done so,over the rabbit patch, in the hours before.

The day unfolded and tasks presented themselves, as they did- I made a firm decision  to work at a sensible pace.  I received good news today and so I found the energy to wash the windowsills, in addition to the rest of the chores.  Will and Jenny  surprised me with a quick ,early visit. Lyla was more interested in Cash and Christopher Robin but she managed some hugs and kisses for me.  She said “Honeybee” with her mom’s coaxing and that was another bright moment.  

Jenny handed me a bouquet of flowers sent by her friend that started her own business a short while back.  She named it Pansy & Ivy and has already made a fine reputation for herself. I remember the first days of her venture.  She was so full of excitement.  I saw her passion and it made me glad.  Here, I thought is one that has found her purpose-that is a lovely thing to behold.  Her arrangements feature whatever is blooming at that particular time, which I find a unique idea.  My bouquet was full of zinnias and they are just so cheerful.   They will add a beautiful touch to our Sunday Dinner. 

I still have a floor to scrub and I have not figured out what I will make with pumpkin, but I did get the porch decorated.  Tonight I will go out to say goodnight-I will  stand in the mud  and proclaim my gratitude for a day full of bright and shining moments -for a holiday that came about all on its’ own-and for the sweetest  bouquet of zinnias to ever grace a table.


17 thoughts on “Bright and Shining Moments

  1. You drew me right into the goodness of the day! It sounds like your prep for loved ones coming is exactly like mine :). I want everything to be ready so I can sit and enjoy the visit while they are here!
    And isn’t it the best when you can clean and the windows are letting in a wonderful fresh, clean breeze?

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