When Morning Comes Gently


I spend a good part of a day finding beauty.  The more I look for it, the more I find it.  Often, it jumps right out at me, from a place I didn’t know to look.  Other times, it shows up in familiar places.  I always love when morning comes gently-a morning like this one.

Light comes in the window by the “morning table” without causing a sense of hurry.  I have coffee when I want, and as much as I want.  I think my thoughts like I have all the time in the world and then I take to writing them down.  Maybe in January, I will need to remember that a mockingbird was here in June or that the star spangled sky in August is still overhead, just hidden in winters’ shadows.

I do have lofty plans today.  The yard needs mowing-after the debris has been cleared.  It will take the afternoon to do so-but there’s no telling what treasures I will find in those hours.  I am wondering what stage the french mulberry is in.  The young rabbits living in the patch of loosestrife will be disturbed, as they always are, when I mow-and I will see how much they have grown when they abandon their ship!  The “autumn joy” flowers from Miss Susie are blooming-right on time, this year-I will tell them they are beautiful and thank them-without a bit of shame.  I will check to see if the grapes are turning when I mow back behind the barn, and if they are, I will thank them too.

I may buy chrysanthemums for the porch, if all goes well.   They should get along nicely with the geraniums .  This depends heavily on the lawn mower, of course.  I will plan Sunday dinner today, no matter if  the mower behaves poorly. 

I see the loose tin on the barn through the window by the morning table-as I make plans to buy flowers.  There is a door waiting to be hung, too.  Sometimes the rabbit patch shows no mercy on my predicament.  I declare I will downsize one day.  Somewhere there is a little rabbit patch waiting, and it has my name on it.  I used to be so fearful just thinking about it-but somehow the fear left me.  I don’t care which rabbit patch, I end up in-it will be every bit as magical and every bit as peaceful as the one I have now.  I have found beauty on the ditchbanks and in the back yard.  It does not hide from a seeker.  I have not had to visit the four corners corners of the earth nor be of royal descent to know that this world is not short on beauty.  When the morning comes gently, I think of such things.

I will be glad for today with the autumn joy blooming and the smell of grapes ripening.  I will look for the kitten that Christian has seen this week-a tiny little guy that it seems Christopher Robin has taking a shine to-and I will  hear what the french mulberry is saying about September. . . and,  I will thank them,  too

19 thoughts on “When Morning Comes Gently

  1. HI Michele, Lovely as always! I just posted pictures of the garden it continues on this year despite the dry weather and terrible humid days we have had. I see the beauty in it every time I go to it. Today a beautiful butterfly! I see it because of all your beautiful thoughts and writings about your rabbit patch. Being retired has helped too!

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  2. Writing down the thoughts of today to reread in the cold of winter…..what a great idea. On those cold white days it might be a good thing to be able to look back and feel the warmth of the summer sun, the smell of autumn leaves laying at the base of the tree and relive the sight of chickens pecking in the lawn for bugs. I may have to start journaling :). Thank you for the excellent idea!

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    your things are so very nice. you need to make a book. I have saved all your posts & sent some to my daughter. she enjoys them also. I have a space on my computer where I keep them all. Thanks for being such a nice writer. I have not done mine for ages. too stressed over moving. altho’ it has not happened as yet. Maybe Oct 15. LOve to you.. Desert Granny

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    1. you have made my day-I have been checking your blog regularly. I know that moving is a horrific task and I sure wished I could help you. I will send you sweet wishes and say a prayer for you. And know, I will look forward to your writing, as long as it takes. I think the odd way that I found your blog-and the way I love your posts-that somehow it was meant to be and I am glad. love, Michele


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