While it was Raining


The rain fell most of the night on the rabbit patch.  It was falling this morning, when I awakened.  It has fallen all day and is doing so now, as well. Very few days have passed in this manner in the decade I have lived here.  The rains’ song has been as gentle as the doves’ in the evenings -and with only a  few, brief interludes .   

I found out  this morning, that schools were closed.   The early hours were cool and dark.  I heard the rain and listened to it for a long while.  The entire rabbit patch seemed in a state of total serenity.  I sat by the morning table and thought of writing.  I considered starting  to read a new book-and later  making a cinnamon cake-but I did none of those things.  I sat in silence, instead.   I hardly moved.  I was sure if I did, I would break the spell that seemed cast, by rain falling at dawn.

There was not any sign of rushing, this morning.  The country road, I live on was void of traffic.  Kyle went back to bed as soon as he found out that he had the day off.  Cash and Christopher Robin slept close to one another, by the morning table.  I was curious about the weather update, but not enough to turn the television on just yet and disturb the sense of peace, I was feeling. 

While it was raining,  I said a prayer.  

The world offers a lot to respond to.  It can make you weary. On this day , for a while, I did not want to hear politicians arguing or see pictures of starving animals.  I did not have to imagine the heartbreaking results of crimes committed the night before. I do not take these things lightly, but am deeply saddened by them.  Sometimes, I wonder if the children of today  will grow so accustomed to hearing these things, that their hearts will  fail to stir at tragedy.  That would be a shame as the world needs compassion.

  I don’t care how you go about it  and I think Heaven cares less, but the world needs prayer.  I often hear it said “all you can do is pray” as if prayer is a last resort and only when all else fails.  Whether one lights a candle, holds a strand of beads , looks at a field or goes to an altar. . .  it is a beautiful thing to pray.


25 thoughts on “While it was Raining

  1. Fist off…..I am so glad to hear you are okay. You have been on my mind with the news reports on the weather on the east coast.
    You are so right on prayer. And yes I do think prayer should be at all times…..times of joy, times of sorrow, times of strife, times of getting along. Pray when you praise and pray when you petition…..just pray.


  2. I think sometimes we do just need some time off from dealing with all of the world’s problems, not because we don’t care, but because we care so much. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying the peace every now and then. I’m glad you had that time! Personally, I always believe that prayer is a good thing….

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  3. I have found that listening to the rain and sitting near water creates such an inner calm. It is indeed a great atmosphere for meditation and prayer. I concur that the world can use much of it right now. Thank you for this post and for your pleasant spirit!

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  4. I’m with you 100%, in heart and Spirit.
    Thanks for sharing the serene dawn with me.
    I, too, savor the morning table and its tranquility.
    O, that the whole world could know such peace.
    There would be no sorrow or calamity.



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  5. I had two wonderful parents who taught me, and modeled for me, the wonder of prayer — not because of what I might be granted as a result, but because of what I give of myself when sincerely praying. I wish they could have read this post.

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