The Joy of Light


I sure was happy when the lamp on the morning table came on yesterday.  Within moments, I had a load of laundry going and I started washing dishes, soon after.   Kyle cooked on the grill as we had planned, but I made the vegetables on the stove.    I cleared the kitchen table of batteries candles and oil lamps.  It felt good to turn the water on and there it was! When the sun set, there was the joy of light.

Everyone was so happy in the community and the phone was ringing steadily. It was a happy time and we were all in good spirits.  It felt like a holiday . At night when the darkness fell, I looked out just to see the lights shining  from the neighbors windows and  it was beautiful.  

Christopher Robin brought his little friend for dinner again. I fed him and sat quietly while he ate.  I did not stir, but spoke gently.  It is a talkative kitten.  He was almost persuaded by Christopher Robin to come in, but changed his mind after a peek.

Wednesday Morning

Since school was out, I left early this morning for  Elizabeth City. Jenny had been asking me to come for several days, but I just couldn’t leave the boys stranded without electricity.  I am very limited in my abilities, but I am resourceful and it takes that when things change up.  The drive north was beautiful though if I say, I have spent the last month “in a fog”, I wouldn’t be far off from the truth.  When the fog lifted, the sky was as blue as it  has ever been.  Flat, thin clouds , way above the horizon made for a pretty sky to drive beneath.  

The morning was so especially nice, that I took Lyla for a stroll within an hour of my arrival.  Elizabeth City is full of rabbits as I have mentioned before.  There are also a lot of magnolia trees. The woods and yards are full of them, I noticed, as we walked.  There are also songbirds and friendly people.  A lot of the streets have standing water from the beautiful Pasquotank river.

Wednesday Evening

 Jenny said there was limited food in the grocery store.  I had not thought of that, being I stock pile at the rabbit patch.  We managed a good meal anyway and afterwards, I called my parents and then the boys.  I reminded Christian to put food out for the kitten.

The moon was almost full, when I went out later.  It was the color of butter and the sky was black.  What a peculiar week, I thought.  On Friday, we all just knew we would have a rainy weekend.  










13 thoughts on “The Joy of Light

  1. So good to hear from you again, Michelle. So sweet that Christopher has adopted a friend and brings it home. I love your descriptions. Michelle. Let me know the next weekend you come to E. City to watch Lyla so I can walk and enjoy the rabbits and magnolias with you both!


  2. I am glad you have your power back! It is kind of exciting without it but if it lingers too long then not so exciting anymore.
    I don’t think I would be good in a city without power. I am so used to the country when that type of thing happens. We hook up the camp stove to the propane tank, haul out the lanterns and journey to the pantry for food.

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