When All Was Said and Done


It is said that ” March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”.  The same could be said of this October.  It seemed to me that October made up for the awful disposition of its’ first days, by rendering a long succession of beautiful days, til its’ conclusion. When all was said and done,  October was a lovely time.

Usually, the first frost falls on the rabbit patch just after mid October-not so this year.  The trees are barely changed in appearance as of now.  The dogwood has  just started to boast and the woodlands chime in with the some golden hues, if the sunlight falls just right.

I am old enough now to marvel at how time proceeds.  October stayed as long as it always does, yet somehow, seemed to slip away secretly and without warning.  Whatever manner in which October passed, for me it was time well-spent.

This was Lylas’ first real Halloween experience.  We visited a pumpkin patch one day and carved pumpkins, on another one.  On Halloween night, Lyla was a fairy and wore her wings quite naturally.  Jenny put together an ensemble from things she had, as I used to do when she was little.  The effect was charming, to say the least.  We banded together with several of Will and Jennys’ young friends and walked the same sidewalk that Lyla and I know so well.  The other children were older and experienced little cowboys and witches.  Lyla watched how things worked and caught on quickly.  She knew nothing about candy, but would dash as quickly as a little fairy can go, to catch up.  Her ribbons flew behind her and several times she dropped her wand.   She was always last by several feet and it took a while for her to actually accept candy.  Often, she would scramble up the steps and shout out “thank you! and leave empty-handed.  It has been a while since I enjoyed Halloween that much.

I am thankful for October.  I am glad for the time of pumpkins and nights that make the morning air crisp.  I like the bluest time of sky and the most golden light of the year.  When all is said and done. . .   October really was a lovely time.


15 thoughts on “When All Was Said and Done

  1. Lyla is the cutest fairy I have seen in a long time and a delightful trick-or-treater to boot. The bit of writing that thrilled me by accurately capturing my experience: “October stayed as long as it always does, yet somehow, seemed to slip away secretly and without warning.” Oh, yes.

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