When Light Fell on the Rabbit Patch


When light fell on the rabbit patch this morning, it was bright and beautiful.  The air is colder than it has been- and it ought to be in November.  Contrary to my belief, the cold bright air did not shatter when I opened the back door to call the wild kitten for breakfast.

 “Jack Frost” has still not made his presence known and so the sweetgum trees still have some green left.  This lowly tree is hardly ever found in a yard, purposefully.  The sweetgum drops its’ seeds in little round carriers that are unsightly and hurt when you step on them.  If you burn sweetgum wood, it snaps and crackles like no other.  The sweetgum survives in the woodlands, where man doesn’t care if they grow or not.  In the fall, after the frost, the sweetgum “puts on airs” and turns every  shade of every color known to autumn.  They rival the prideful maple in the country landscape.  If you see a patch of woods that are breathtaking with color-thank the sweetgum.

Today, the “government changes the time back” as my grandmother used to say.  I suppose that many dread the early twilight.  For me, it means soft lights will be turned on earlier in the old farmhouse and supper will be eaten at a more reasonable hour.  I will say “good night” to the rabbit patch earlier and the stars will bear witness as usual, so I will not need to complain about that.  It is just a little longer than a fortnight that we must endure, after all.  Even “the government” can’t change that.

 There is no “Sunday Dinner” at the rabbit patch today.  Mama and daddy couldn’t come and that just changed every thing.  Christian has been providing music for Churches recently too and doesn’t get home til mid afternoon- and so, I have decided to at least make a cake.  I plan to put cinnamon in it like it’s free.

 It is the eve of the holiday season, now.  It is the time just before families gather and twinkling lights are seen on city streets and across fields, too.  November softens hearts and can dissolve  bitterness if we but allow it.  Gratitude is a mighty force.

 Every day for a while,  in the still and chilly  November evening, I will burn leaves where the summer garden used to grow.    I am apt to light candles and wrap in a quilt made long ago, afterwards.  Cash and Christopher Robin will sleep unencumbered with human notions-and maybe some time in November. . . . the wild kitten will, too .  

26 thoughts on “When Light Fell on the Rabbit Patch

  1. I love your posts! They are so inspirational! They “personalize” nature such as trees and flowers, they each have a personality to love, and there is so much warmth coming from your love for the special place called the rabbit patch! I wish I could be there in person, although I see it through your eyes! You have magic with words!

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  2. I’m enjoying the last of the fall colors too. I remember the colorful Sweetgum trees of my youth. The first frost must be near, until then a few annuals still brighten my front steps. Happy Sunday 😊

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    1. I just needed to splurge on something that day! The house smelled wonderful like it ought to on a Sunday! I was content and got so much done! The sweetgum has leaves shaped like stars-They grow like an oak-though not as massive. Thank you always for your lovely compassionate words-I hope your week is wonderful!

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  3. I have missed ‘Rabbit Patch’ for some time, and am glad to connect again. Your descriptions of the gum tree , it’s colors and the maple is so beautiful.
    Not forgetting the change in ‘time’. We in India do not change our clocks..and our winter is as mild as as a summer in the West.

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  4. A quiet read in my early monday morning before the chaos starts to creep in 🙂
    I have never seen a sweetgum tree..it sounds interesting.
    I love the idea of that cake & cinnamon..smells lovely!
    Sending you some beautiful thoughts & Have an awesome week at the Rabbit patch!

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  5. This was such a joy to read! I don’t really like November. I should, but I don’t. You have made me think that maybe I should try to appreciate it a little more.

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  6. As a child we spent every Thanksgiving in NC visiting my Mother’s Mom. I remember these trees with that spikey seed ball. Also the pecan trees my Mom and I gathered the nuts and brought them back home. You always have a way of making me remember things that have long been forgotten nice memories really I am grateful!

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