Fair-Weather Friends


I woke yesterday morning to the sound of  a steady rain falling over the rabbit patch.  Usually, I have to ignore the lullaby of rain and rush off as if it wasn’t a fine time to rest-but it is the blessed winter break and so I rested.  It would have been completely blissful had I not wondered if Christopher Robin was dry.

After tidying up and packing to go to Jennys’ home in Elizabeth City, I paid bills.  I detest business of any sort.  It is a cold and impersonal task to sort through official papers full of rules and threats. “Pay by this date” or else they all seem to say.  I would rather be pulling weeds or cooking, but the bills got paid anyway.  I left straight a way to visit with my dear friends, Rae and Jo Dee.  Jo Dee barbecued chicken and I think it was the best I ever ate.  It reminded me of my grandmothers.  Sauce did not always come in a bottle from the grocery store.  Rae and I carried side dishes.  I must mention that Rae made a sweet potato casserole that was topped with brown sugar and pecans.  Rae is known to eat ice cream and cookies, for the majority of her meals.  She is a small woman anyways and seems to flutter through life.  We tease her relentlessly about her lonely stove and dishwasher, but she pulled this off, and deserves some glory.

Jo Dee, like me, lives in a big farmhouse.  There are fields in the front and fields in the back.   It is absolutely a beautiful setting.   Her house and yard are quiet like mine, and with our children mostly grown, both territories seem empty.  Rae lives in a big old house in town.  She lives alone and so we are all especially thankful for the friendship we have-We loved each other before our children grew up, and Raes’ husband died-and  before our houses became big and quiet. We are anything but, fair- weather friends.

 When darkness fell, a cold wind blew in.  When wind travels over a vast field, it brings with it, the scent of pine,  Rae was surprised at how dark the countyside is at night.  Clouds hid the stars I have been bragging about, but ever so often there was a break for Rae to see.  We laughed like young girls most of the night and vowed to visit more regularly.

Against our better judgement, Rae left late at night to go home.  She is brave like that-I brought pajamas.  The countryside, of that community is full of deer.  They dart by in herds, at any given moment.  There are no streetlights to give warning-but Rae went anyway.  She let us know when she got home and so we were able to sleep satisfactorily.

Jo Dee and I had coffee this morning.  We talked a lot about God.  Her little dog, Georgia listened and yawned like it was a too long “Sunday School” session.  Jo Dee had left her Christmas tree up for Rae and I  to see-so we sat in its’ light with our coffee and thoughts, while the sun rose over the field.  I remarked before I left, that I was as content as I could be. . .and that  I was quite thankful for such circumstances .




17 thoughts on “Fair-Weather Friends

  1. That sounds like the best way to spend time…with close friends. I love that her tree was still up. Ours is too! We did not get it put up so early so we figure we will not take it down to soon either. May you have a blessed New Year!

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  2. I love your writing, you have such a way with words that it feels like I’m sitting in the corner observing it all, and it filled me with a warm contentment. Friends like these are a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing them with us xx

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  3. Nothing is sweeter than time spent with old friends who have seen each other through much of life and know each other well. I relate to “we laughed like young girls most of the night,” I’ve done the same with my precious friends.

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