Things Hoped For


I returned to the rabbit patch from Elizabeth City and found things in good order.  The boys had kept the place tidy-and Christopher Robin was sleeping peacefully , as if he were a well mannered cat and had not caused a ruckus, recently. Cash, my boxer was especially glad to see me.  Cash had nothing to feel shame about, neither did Moon Shine, formerly known as “the wild kitten”.  Moon Shine is  now a pudgy kitten with a most unusual voice.  He s quite talkative and makes all sorts of sounds, that I have never heard any other cat make.  At times, he sounds like a small child-at other times,  he sounds like a tropical bird.  He was singing and Cash was dancing while Christopher Robin slept through my homecoming.  Even so, I could not hold it against him.  I was so glad he was home.

The drive home on Tuesday was almost treacherous.  A thick blanket of fog made the now familiar drive, seem like a strange venture.  Places that I  now consider my landmarks, were hidden- even the highway seemed to unfold only a few feet before me. At times, I was sure I was the only one left in the world, then there would be a sign of life in headlights that appeared for a few seconds and then vanished just as quickly.

The lights in the old farmhouse on the rabbit patch were a welcome sight.  When supper was cooking, I sat down to relax.  I thought how  quiet the world is when fog fills the air.  All of the commotion at the beginning of the new  year seemed a long ways off.  I liked the stillness that hovered over the rabbit patch, like a  “spell ” that prevented any sort of rushing or haste.  The ride home, with its’ obscurity meant I would not miss the serenity of seeing  how magical mist  looks hanging over  water.

 Fog renders a sense of timelessness in the countryside.  All of the rabbit patch becomes a “Quiet Garden” and  the old trees, bare now, in January looked like they were wearing tinsel.  

The animals were all napping as I stared out the window by the morning table.   I could barely make out the biggest old barn .   Sometimes it is like that-we do not always have total clarity to see things.  When things make good sense, we feel content and confident-and if it were always so, I guess that faith would not seem so necessary-but it is when visibility of solutions are hindered, we have the opportunity to practice what we believe.  I have read that “faith is the substance of things hoped for” and I have found it to be a beautiful truth.  

 The kitchen was smelling like”home” with a ham baking, so I decided to peel some potatoes.  I am as happy peeling potatoes as some folks are counting money- and that is a good thing as I usually have more potatoes  than money.   I did some “wishful thinking” til the pot was full.  Christopher Robin slept the whole time- and so, all was well at the rabbit patch . 

23 thoughts on “Things Hoped For

  1. I love a good visit to the Rabbit Patch. I felt like I was along for the foggy drive home all the way to sitting there peeling potatoes with you. I also have more potatoes than I do money so it is also good that I don’t mind peeling them :).

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  2. What a lovely peaceful evocative post. On a day when I’ve been feeling less than peaceful you’ve managed to calm me and fill my mind with lovely images. Your home sounds like heaven. Thank you for sharing it. xo

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  3. What a lovely and inspirational post! I agree, you should write a book! I get transported with your words…I see the beauty all around through your eyes, and feel the peace and comfort of a home while dinner is cooking and the pets are sleeping… and on those days, when we cannot see clearly like the fog in our lives , that is the time when faith shines through our inner light. Thank you!

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  4. When everyone is home safe & sound I love to take K9 out in the fog, sounds are muffled and it gives me time to reflect and ponder, how I laughed at the quote of having more potatoes then money, it reminds me of the proverb ‘if wishes were horses’ thank you for allowing us another visit to the rabbit patch xx

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  5. Glad you made it home safely! We’ve had a lot of fog in our area lately as can be scary to drive in. But there’s nothing better than returning home to your animals and a kitchen that smells like home.

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  6. It’s very foggy here at the moment and it’s like the world has stayed in bed. It’s so quiet and peaceful. I too have more potatoes than money but not as keen on peeling them as you are xx

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