Apple Salad-according to Aunt Agnes

My  great Aunt Agnes could play the piano like she was born to do so.  It seemed as natural to her as breathing.   Her daughter,  Faith can too. Aunt Agnes loved flowers and  she was as pretty as any  flower she grew.  Her trademark smile and dangling earrings charmed everybody.  My mom inherited Aunt Agnes’ good looks.

Aunt Agnes was quite a cook, too.  Her recipes are about sacred in the family.  I ate many good meals in her big kitchen.  She fed her five children and the farmhands every day at noon.  Do not think for  minute, we ate sandwiches.  She filled the huge table and the top of the “deep freeze” with all sorts of southern delicacies -all made from scratch. . .  At Christmas  she made an apple salad.

My mom had a notion for it this year at Christmas-so I attempted to concoct one like the one Aunt Agnes made.  I will tell you the ingredients sounded like a terrible combination and I just knew it would spoil my own reputation as a decent cook.  Still, mama wanted it-and it was Christmas, after all- so I  gathered the ingredients and hoped for the best . . and let me tell you it worked.  

Of course, I had to taste as I went along with it.  What a pleasant surprise I had, when it was better than “fit to eat”.  It was good.  It was so good, that I have made  it since and plan to again tonight.  Of course, as always, I do not measure ingredients (unless it is a new bread).  The good news is that it turns out anyway.  The quantity is easily adaptable.  I sent Miss Claudia a single serving and have not heard a complaint, so I suppose , measuring is not of necessity. 

  • 4 or 5 large red skinned apples                                                                                          one stalk of celery, diced very fine                                                                                        large handful of raisins-depends on your taste                                                              large handful of  roasted pecans ( you could use walnuts-maybe almonds)       a good dash of brown sugar     

Cut unpeeled apple into bite size pieces.  Mix ingredients and  brace yourself.  Use a heaping tablespoon or more of mayonnaise combined with about a cup of whipped cream to coat the mixture.  It sounds awful,  but do it anyway -you won’t be sorry.  I do not make this too much ahead of time, because of the apples turning brown, and me being out of lemon juice.  

I would think a number of variations could work with this salad-maybe cinnamon or maple would be a nice flavor addition-and some may try yogurt instead of mayonnaise. I think this would be a good side served with pork, especially.  I also think it could be considered a light dessert.

I will tell you from experience, that dishes in general, taste better in the company of loved ones.


46 thoughts on “Apple Salad-according to Aunt Agnes

  1. Thank you! Can’t wait to try it! it sounds delicious! I also would love to try your cornbread, hope one day you share your recipe also, since I read your blog I keep thinking about it whenever I make soup,

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  2. The Apple salad was delicious..And not much mayo which suited me!! I haven’t had one in forever so I was delighted you sent some. This was fixed like my family did except they used all mayo!! My SIL fixed non mayo salad after she married my brother who also isn’t a mayo fan. This is first time I have have the combination.. Delicious!
    I have enough PC left to make a half sandwich tomorrow…Did have one for supper. I love being on the receiving end of your culinary skills. So sorry I could give a relief. Hope Will hasn’t got what I had and hope you didn’t pick up germs..But you are a teacher, so maybe you are slightly immune!!

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    1. awwh thank you-I am so very glad you enjoyed the food-You certainly aren’t eating much to have stretched it thus far-I do hope you are feeling better-and yes, you are quite right about teachers-Thank goodness, I seem to be a tough old bird! thank you for all of your kind words!


  3. You’re right, that does sound different. Mayo and whip cream. Hmm. But, I love that it works. Sounds like old home recipes from Iowa. Apples and whip cream and walnuts. Love this post. Thank you!

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  4. Sounds delicious. I never measure anything either. Hard to write a recipe down for someone when you make things up. Recipes from aunts and others of the older generation are usually very good indeed. 🙂

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  5. Mmmm. I will be making some this week! Thanks for the recipe…. ❤ I am sorry we didn't get to see you this weekend. I had gotten behind on homework but for a very good reason, a visit from Chris! I also had my little Bri come over to spend Saturday night after homework and Joy came to visit for awhile as well. Keep writing, Michele. Your words warm our hearts……

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  6. Your Aunt’s apple salad recipe is similar to my nana’s version-mayo and whipped cream! I spent a summer on her front porch writing down all her recipes. I know what I’m making today! Thanks for sharing the recipe 😊

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  7. As one of our traditional Christmas dishes, my mom makes an apple salad called Ambrosia that sounds like exactly your recipe (including mayo), and I can attest to the fact that it’s delicious!

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  8. Sounds like a wonderful recipe! I am going to try it tomorrow…I went to the grocery store before I read your post! I will make a special trip back to the store to get a couple of ingredients that I need. I put mayonnaise and grated cheese on pineapple pieces, banana slices and pecans. I’ve never thought of mayonnaise and whipped cream!

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  9. I love apple salad! Will have to make this version soon! I love old recipes, especially if they are handwritten. I have some of my grandmothers recipes and will (someday) put them in frames and display them in my kitchen.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Busy weekend for us, my dad’s 80 th. Brothers and families are coming in and my son and family arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the GRANDS♥

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  10. Amen to your last sentence; I’ve discovered the same thing. Your great aunt made an apple salad much like my Great Aunt Bertha, except she didn’t use raisins, always used walnuts, and, like you suggested, added cinnamon to the dressing. As we headed to her house for an impromptu visit (she lived just down the lane) my siblings and I used to hope she she had some on hand and would offer it to us. She usually did. I hadn’t thought of her salad for years. Thank you.

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  11. This sounds a lot like the version of Waldorf salad that my mother made…except she used halved green grapes instead of raisins, and instead of whipped cream and sugar she used a little bit of vanilla ice cream (which she admitted was first done because she didn’t have sugar, and which she continued to do because it was so good.)

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    1. it is like a waldorf-hmmm-may need to try the ice cream-it was only at Christma she made it-I bet the grapes would be good too. well there are a lot of ways to enjoy it! thank you Gail-sooo happy to see your comment!


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