Rain and Shine


The rabbit patch has been full of shine, these last few days.  Rain, and its’ cousin fog, seemed to have “hightailed” it off the territory and in its’ place has been  bright  sunlight .  The days have been every bit as mild as an Easter Sunday. It seems that the daffodils and the foxglove too, have foolishly fallen for winters’  “white lies” about the season.  The foxglove is well up and the daffodils around the edge of the barn have joined them.  I am hoping they do not encourage the peach tree to do the same.  Last year, the peach tree bloomed its’ pale pink blossoms-the day before an ice storm.  The blossoms are like lovely little pink promises and I especially love them-but they had but a day of glory last year.  The morning after their debut-they became brown straw-like flowers-and peaches were scarce in July.

The twilight hour comes a bit later now.  The sunsets have been stunning.  The world can argue all day long, but the evening sunset has the “last word” on the day.  Its’ beauty, is there for the tender hearts and the cold ones too.  In this way, we are allowed to agree on something.

When I was young, my family attended church services every Sunday.  Mama curled our hair and we wore our “Sunday dresses” and patent leathers.  I detested the itchy laces and my hair did not hold curl past the “Sunday School” hour, no matter how  hard mama tried.  One Sunday, I was at my Aunt Agnes’ house.  She had five children and it was quite a battle for her to make sure we all were clean and properly dressed for church.  I remember walking out the back door, and the horrible shock  on Aunt Agnes’ face , seeing my oldest cousin in “dungarees” and walking towards a tractor.  Aunt Agnes commenced to fussing with him, though he never broke his stride.  Finally she started pleading and then threatening that surely the crops would dry up and die in light of his sinning.  My cousin told her, that she needed to read her Bible. “The rain falls on the just and the unjust”  he said smugly.  Aunt Agnes let that sink in and then stammered for us to get in the car, before we were late.

My neighbor, Miss Susie, that grows flowers and shares them, tried the apple salad recipe.  She used almonds and pecans in her batch.  She sent  some of it to the rabbit patch-and it was wonderful.  

In January, I miss my sons an awful lot.  It is the same every year, when  Christmas is over.  I know well, that children are meant to grow up and find their own way of life-but it feels dreadful at times.  I think  Christian has moved out, too.  He doesn’t have the heart to say it,  but he has been “staying” at a friends’ house for three weeks, because they work together-and “it’s just easier”.  My sweet youngest son, has always felt bad, that he would be the one that “made me be alone”.  Of course, that is an unfair burden and I told him so.

 The rabbit patch seems bigger in January and sometimes I get the notion I am “stranded” here.  Thank Goodness for sunsets and kind neighbors-for kind words and winter skies.  I can only remain grateful under such conditions-and I am glad that the rain falls on the “just and unjust” because I have been both, on occasion.

21 thoughts on “Rain and Shine

  1. You seem sad. I hope I am wrong, or that if I am right you find something to comfort you soon. A few early blooming flowers are a treat, even if they have been tricked and cannot last.

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  2. I do love reading your rabbit patch writings. It really makes my mind go back to our child hood days. Mama and your mama really believed in us going to church every Sunday… and I can understand Christian feeling bad if he’s moved out, cause as you know I was the baby of the 5 children, and may I say the sweetest one to… lol… cause I remember me leaving mama, thinking that she was going to be alone, and feeling really bad over that. Now look at little David, he to was the baby, and I know that he hated leaving me, cause he knew that I built my life around him.. keep on writing my dear sweet cousin, cause God gave you such a gift in life.. Loves you, and I’m going to try and come see you some. Love you Faith..

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  3. It’s always more emotional for the last child and for your son feeling like he’s abandoning you. I was the last of 10 and married young 18… I always felt more responsible for ensuring my mother was always looked after.
    She actually was self-sufficient when I married .. still working, but I always made sure as she didn’t have a car at that time, that we were available if she needed us.
    I imagine your children will be or are also… Diane

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  4. How well I remember my Sunday dress and black patent shoes. It was the only time of the week I got to wear “fancy” shoes. I had a club foot so had to wear what I thought were ugly shoes the other 6 days.
    I remember my youngest son warning us well in advance that when he graduated college his plan was to move in with his brother in a nearby town. It did feel odd but we were grateful he was rooming with a brother.
    I did have to laugh about your cousin and his quick response. It reminded me of the time my brother left the door open. My dad told him to shut it and asked if he had been born in a barn. My brother quickly responded, “That would be great! Jesus was born in a barn!”

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    1. that is funny about your brother! my oldest two children lived together-and I was glad of that.The oldest two boys live in Wilmington and Jenny was there til she married Will. Now she is closer to me and I love that, but still she worried about leaving her brothers!! We are a weird lot! thank you-bet we were in church and sunday school at the same time for many many years!

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  5. Nice post. Things in our area think Spring is near and have been budding out. Each year they do this, then it turns cold again. Always miss those precious children when they grow up and leave home. Yes, I have also been just and unjust myself.

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      1. Love living in the country – there is always something to watch – birds, rabbits, frogs, toads. insects, and the beautiful sky. Love your blog – you write from your heart and that makes your stories so interesting. Simple things in life. xoxo


  6. Yesterday was the first day since the holidays that I’ve felt happy and joyful. January is a difficult month for me, but I can see the coming of spring and that makes me happy. I too, remember my itchy Easter dresses and bonnets and my patent leather shoes, back when little girls were told to be “seen and not heard”.
    Your Rabbit Patch sounds like heaven on earth. I can only imagine how beautiful it looks in spring! Be well, my friend.

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    1. January is a beautiful month-but how I miss waiting for my kids-then all of the celebrating with them. I am better than I used to be, but still no matter how I try-i MISS them. thank you for your sweet visit and understanding my crazy!! xoxo- and the rabbit patch is lovely in spring!

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  7. I still love patent leather shoes! I have a pair of “grown-up” patent leather shoes with heels (not too tall!!) for Sunday wearing!! January can be a bit difficult for lots of people…so different from the excitement of waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I like to plan something special for the middle of the month…after our children were grown-up, it took me a few years to figure out the solution to the after Christmas sort of sad feelings. This year we took a weekend trip to Tulsa to hear Bill O’Reilly speak and to visit close friends. It was a quick weekend, but lots of fun! By the way…I so enjoy your Rabbit Patch!!

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    1. oh thank you! I am doing my best to stay busy-I am in a different place in life and it is so unfamiliar. Gosh I have never lived alone-ever! Christian is here this week end but I do NOT want him hindered with my whining. I am blessed that I have five wonderful loving children- I am expecting a wonderful life for all of us! thank you again for sweet cheer! I love your blog too!-oh, I still love patent leather too!

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  8. I can’t imagine flowers blooming in January. I do hope your peach buds stay wrapped up and warm. Your warm weather sounds nice. It’s cold here this week. Today’s high was 42. Brrr. I love what you said about the sunsets. The whole world can bicker, but we all see the same sun set. That’s one of the reasons I really love the moon. Bet you do get lonely without your boys home. My little is only 10 and I dread the day he moves on into the big ol’ world. Goes so quick. Lovely post, as always!

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    1. thank you Jessica-the flowers are just up-no blooms. It is cold here now. I do not know that they will bloom at all now. I love the moon too-it shines on all of us. You are like me loving being a mom-you are right to enjoy every day with him. thank you again sweet friend. xoxo

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