When Flowers Appear on the Earth

One of my first post-and as you see, it is not in the best form-I loved writing this post. Happy Spring!


10405628_230464637301046_2460218135546075693_n When the days are born gently, when the breezes pass softly, and  when flowers appear on the earth-it is spring. Everywhere I look, something is announcing the arrival of the fairest season. Daffodils and hyacinths are the first with good tidings -but they aren’t the only ones. The spirea bushes with their stark white blossoms are especially beautiful. Their flowers, when properly examined, look like tiny roses, fit for a fairy wedding-and in the spring such things are possible. We always stood in front of spirea for “Easter Sunday” pictures.

Many of the trees are as lovely now as they have ever been. Their blooms of pale pinks and lavendars are in drastic contrast to their appearance just a few weeks ago and are nothing short of a miracle, really.

A few days ago, I was riding with a dear friend of mine, Jo Dee, when we saw a…

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18 thoughts on “When Flowers Appear on the Earth

  1. You have always been a great player with words..no need for more compliments!
    I just had a bunch of yellow daffodils from the garden today!
    The season of rabbit is here…wondering if Rabbitatch had some nostalgic Easter egg hunt as well.

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  2. Nice beginning to your blog. Spring seems to make your heart and soul come alive with anticipation that beauty and warmer weather will make the coming days better. Took a picture of a Male Cardinal sitting among the blossoms of my Apple tree yesterday. Beautiful. I still say you should publish a book of short stories, You have a marvelous gift with expressing things through your writing. 🙂

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  3. This piece has a magnificent opening that makes it impossible not to continue reading. I found the paragraph beginning “The hope of a gardener remains unchanged. They are a people of perpetual hope which is most often rewarded- and pleasant surprises occur regularly,” to be an accurate description of the soul of a gardener, which I became late in life and it has impacted my life just as you say. A truly wonderful post, my friend.

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