Dear Diary, Lyla is Now Two!


I have been “Honeybee” for two years now.  Lyla had her second birthday on April fifth.  She was born on Easter Sunday just as I was putting the turkey on a platter for Sunday dinner.  The day was as pretty as any that has ever been, and my young dogwood bloomed that day for the first time.

Lyla is my only grandchild-and in some ways, I was as nervous  when she was born, as when I had my own first child.  I worried, I would “break her” and what made her cry, I wondered.   I checked her breathing while she napped.   What does a grandmother do, after all?  Oh, how I hoped she would love me.

Jenny did everything right.  She was a calm mother that played beautiful music for Lyla.  Jenny had soft clothes for Lyla to sleep in, washed in natural potions.  Jenny had all sorts of contraptions, cradles that rocked themselves and a machine that made sounds like rain and waves.  Stars floated across the nursery ceiling while Lyla slept with the same soft bunny, that Princess Charlotte did . . .but Lyla was a fussy baby any way.

The one and only thing that was a guaranteed strategy, was to take Lyla outside.  I declared that somehow Jenny had given birth to a former “woodland fairy”- and I have not given up on that notion now, two years later.

It gives me great pleasure to report that, Lyla is an especially loving child today.  She still strongly prefers to be outside, but will cook in her little kitchen, from her Aunt B or look at books a good while.  Lyla loves to draw and she loves to stack blocks.  Lyla loves all animals and dolls.  Her Aunt B, just gave her the sweetest little doll carriage-and Lyla loves that too. (Aunt B gives especially nice gifts.)

I became “Honeybee” because I said a little made-up rhyme , that made her laugh, when she was still a fussy baby.  Honeybees do a lot of things.  Mostly, I share with Lyla, things that I love.  I do not worry about ABC’s and 123’s, but instead concentrate on sky and poetry, flowers and birds.  I am learning  all over again, how to make healthy cookies and soon, I will tell her stories about my own grandmothers, so she will know, that she came from a long succession of loving folks.

 Lyla reminds me of so many precious things.  Things known in the  the earliest days of childhood-like whispering.  I had forgotten how babies practice whispering . In a very hushed voice, they will chatter in baby language as if they are telling important and happy secrets.  They examine sticks and leaves for long whiles.  They never lie about their feelings, nor “put on airs”.  Lyla had as soon find a dandelion, as a diamond, in the grass-so now, I look for dandelions, too.  I am as liable to have a pretty rock in my pocket, as she is and I am now in the habit of waving at cats.

In some odd and beautiful way, grandparents and their grandchildren, are on common ground.  A place where clocks have little purpose-where wealth is not measured in dollars and status is of no consequence.  It is a place of  authenticity yet, on a dime, can turn to something very far fetched from reality-for while we embrace truth-we are not fearful to dream-and dream big. There seems to be a sort of liberty, in childhood-and then again, in later years.  It is really beautiful, when you think about it.   

Dear Diary,  I do not  proclaim to know much, and only few things, am I sure of-but I do know with certainty. .  . being a “honeybee”. . .is all it’s cracked up to be.


Happy Birthday Lyla!  Love, Honeybee

47 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Lyla is Now Two!

  1. Happy birthday Lyla! Your story brought me to tears, happy tears. I am a grandmother too and I love how you relate our later years to childhood! You have such a gift- I do hope you’ll consider putting all your posts together and publishing. Maybe a book for Lyla, Letters from Honeybee❤️

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    1. I still miss mine too- one died when I was a child, and that has been a long while, yet I still miss her! Thankfully, one til 93, became my dearest friend and has been gone 8 years. I miss her too. Your grandma must have been a special one, too. Thank you so much for your kind words.


  2. Loved your post. It is a fairy tale post and Lyla is the little wood fairy and you, Honeybee are the precious Queen Fairy.
    I wish we could keep them little as long as possible and the age of mobile phones and texting never came to the children.
    PS : Please permit me to reblog.


  3. Ah – this is the sweetest story of precious little Lyla. Happy Birthday Lyla. Being a grandparent is so much fun. I spend hours playing with my granddaughter and becoming the same age as her. She is older than Lyla, but each year as they grow holds treasures of its own. 🙂 You make a good Honeybee grandma!

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      1. Yes, I think Grandmas do a lot of playing with their grandchildren. I love to blow soap bubbles, listen to the squeals and watch the running to catch and pop bubbles. Ha

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  4. Grandchildren are so precious and you’re right they notice all the little things that we take so for granted you so well describe.. a leaf floating in the air, a dandelion.. a blade of grass. It’s a joy to watch them and as grandparents we have more ‘time’ to watch because we don’t have all the many other things that a Mommy or Daddy have to do! Diane

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  5. So beautiful. Happy birthday to your angel. Loved many parts of it and want to remember it when it’s my turn. The part where you say you didn’t worry about abc and 123 but spend more time outside talking about flowers and trees or maybe the sky. And the paragraph before the last is just gold

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  6. Happy Birthday precious Lyla. How wonderful to be born on Easter, Jesus is resurrected and a baby is born. Hallelujah Also you get to celebrate TWO birthdays! Your Easter Sunday birthday AND April 5th!!! Honeybee you are so fortunate to be so close! Those toddler years fly by so fast. My oldest grand is 16……16!! When did that happen?
    Thank you for such a heartwarming Grandma post. Loved it

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    1. You are right about the Easter Sunday birth on all counts. One factor in the “rabbitpatch” name, too. I am so very grateful to be close-and time is flying already! It always does when you are having a grand time! thank you so much!

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  7. Ohhh that is beautiful! You are both so blessed to have and teach each other. Lyla reminds you of what really matters in life and you are there to love her every moment. I so love “I do not worry about ABC’s and 123’s, but instead concentrate on sky and poetry, flowers and birds. ” It’s unfortunate that we lose that as we become “adults” but so fortunate that it returns when we get older. Now if we could only keep it during the in between time. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lyla. Wishing you a dandelion day!! 🙂

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  8. There is something so special about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Maybe we both realize that time spent with each other is the best time of all and clocks should be tossed away when we spend time together.
    Loved this post! And a very happy birthday to your little Lyla.


  9. Here is what tugged at my heartstrings so much that I read it to my husband, and he said, “She got it right: “In some odd and beautiful way, grandparents and their grandchildren, are on common ground. A place where clocks have little purpose-where wealth is not measured in dollars and status is of no consequence.” This was such a loving description of the joy grandparents and grandchildren share.


  10. Happy Birth day to precious Lyla! This post is absolutely beautiful and I agree with the comments about compiling all your diaries into a book. A special legacy for generations to come! Congratulations!

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  11. I have discovered that, with children, everything old is new again. Thanks to my sainted mother, I’ve always maintained my sense of wonder when with children. What good reason could there be for ceasing to catch crayfish or stand on the side porch to watch the lightning? Why should we stop catching fireflies or picking nightcrawlers or going out without our shoes on?
    Parenthood is wonderous, but stifled by the nature of parenting: always on guard.
    Grandparents have no need to be on guard for every opportunity to correct a mistake or prevent one, to drive home the value of chores & responsibilities, to teach ” ABC’s & 123’s”.
    This time in our lives almost seems like a reward.
    A sweet respite from the years “on guard”.

    Seek peace,


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    1. I could not agree more! just today blowing bubbles in the yard-I wondered why do we stop taking pleasure in sweet past times -and you are also right about being a grandparent! I am glad you had such a wonderful mom too! What a treasure to have in life. thank you-I so enjoy your comments.

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