The Edge of Night in a Rabbit Patch



Evenings in the springtime are especially nice at the rabbit patch. There is a time just after supper and just before the first stars start shining that comes in softly and leaves in   the same way.  

I am calling it “the Edge of Night” which is the name of an old “soap opera” that I remember my grandmother watching when I was a very small child.  She managed to see it on that very busy farm, by ironing or shelling beans at the exact time it came on.  Any task that required one being still would arise consistently at that time of day-it wasn’t her fault that it worked out like that.  I learned early on that it was not the time to ask questions or pretend my dolls could talk.  Of course, soap operas were mostly just on going mysteries and quite harmless in those times. A…

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10 thoughts on “The Edge of Night in a Rabbit Patch

  1. This was so wonderful! I would love to sit on your porch with you and watch the night come in. I always think my grandkids miss so much in the city where they cannot sit out and see the stars. (there is too much light). I am glad they have a backyard that has rabbits squirrels and an occasional raccoon.

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    1. you are so right-When Christian was little, his city friends came here and were amazed at the stars-so precious! thank you friend! and I would love to sit on a orch with you too-I bet we have known each other all of our life!


    1. I am so glad to hear from you-It makes me glad that you enjoyed it. I have been busier than usual lately, but have thought of you often will send a lovely email this week as I out for spring break. Happy Easter! xx


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