The Reason for a Garden


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The diary of  any gardener will have many chapters over a lifetime.  They will span many topics and be full of accounts of good years and not so good years.  In many cases, it will be a love story.

Long ago when I was growing up in rural North Carolina, country folks had a garden.  It was considered of great necessity. Not to plant a garden was just lazy.  Some of my very earliest memories, are “in the garden”.  It was always on a sunny Saturday  morning, that I would wake up to the sound of Pop’s tractor.  It was always on a Saturday as the rest of the week, he was farming.  Soon I would smell dirt and I would go out to sit on the garden gate and watch his progress.

I did not like the planting that came next.  The children had to drop the seed with…

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10 thoughts on “The Reason for a Garden

    1. thank you John-The kitchen is especially wonderful, when there is a garden, too. My counters are full of baskets of tomatoes and squash-cucumbers and peppers etc-My friends find it odd when I decline an invitation, because I have to can tomatoes! Kids now may not know how things grow-but I never knew you could BUY all this! haha! thank you again and please visit when you can!

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  1. Well you brought tears to my eyes on this one. My Mom was a good gardener, she is gone now and my precious Grandmother and my wonderful Mother-in-law.. These 3 ladies were the best gardeners and could can anything in their fruit jars. I am going out today and begin to plant this half acre garden with my husband (Whom I call the “Garden Boss” ha). Working in the garden always brings back wonderful memories of those who are now gone. Beautiful post my friend, xoxo

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