Rabbit Patch Glory

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Very Early on Sunday Morning

By seven am, I was gathering more branches on the rabbit patch territory.  I have two more piles to gather and burn, and then will be caught up-for at least a week.  There is no rest for the weary on a rabbit patch.  I did see that the cape jasmine is in full bloom, along with the lilies. 

Cash, my very loyal boxer, went with me.  The morning was especially cool.  I surveyed the property and felt grateful for all the work done this week end.  Finally, at long last,  order has been restored on the rabbit patch.  Things are in their proper places and mostly the  territory looks tidy.  This is no small feat.  Old trees are dear to my heart, but they do make a mess.  Still, I will not complain with a tree.  The barns, I will complain with.  

There are five barns in the back yard-several are really big open shelters.  I like them all to be orderly as you can see their content.  The rabbit patch requires a lot of tools, besides wheel barrows and mowers etc. There are also water hoses and cages for tomato plants.  There are buckets and bushel baskets-what a commotion it all causes.  We are all in the habit of working til we are very tired and so a rake is liable to end up where a bucket ought to be.  I have read, and believe, that “love covers a multitude of sins.” . . the same can be said for a barn door.

This morning, somehow , when there is a bit of “rabbit patch glory”,  I am not sorry in the least, for the work.  Christian and I worked together for hours.  In the evening,  we stood basking in our accomplishments.  We were both tired and dirty.  We both agreed that we hoped one day soon, we would find that cottage, with a sidewalk in front of it. We both went to bed early . I couldn’t tell you what I dreamed and I am quite sure I was asleep before everyone got blessed.

I did get a nice surprise, last night.  Jenny called and is bringing Lyla for a visit.  Jenny has a baby shower to attend and so I will tend to Lyla.  We are meeting at my parents’ house, so we will  have a nice visit- and probably for best part of the afternoon.  Baby showers are not what they used to be, after all.

 It used to be that showers were for women and little girls, mostly.  There would be a pretty table with glass dishes, which were collected by older women and lent out to the hostesses.  Of course, I have a collection myself,. (When people started using paper products, the thick cut glass  lost its’ appeal and were “a dime a dozen”. )   The food was always the same.  There were little decorated cake squares, nuts, lady fingers, sandwiches made with cucumber and  others made with pimento cheese.  Chicken salad was served in cute little pastry cups.- and the best  and always home made mints in pastel colors.   There was a corsage for the expecting mother and punch was served.  It was an almost formal affair.  Some one wrote an account of the gifts, because thank you notes were a must!  They were all the same. Gifts were chosen by those attending.  There were no lists of desired items. sent with the invitation, telling you where to buy them.  Most often, we didn’t know the gender, so there were bibs,sleepers  and receiving blankets in mostly green and yellow.  Someone always crocheted an afghan, to give.  Wedding showers were conducted in the same fashion.  What sweet occasions, showers were.   I suppose my memories truly tell my age . . .and I do not consider it a foolish endeavor, to give an account of an old tradition.  One thing remains, as it always was-there is a young mother, full of hopes and dreams, at everyone of them-or a joyful bride, fairly glowing.

Sunday Afternoon

Things did not go as planned in the afternoon.  Lyla was not well and so Jenny did not attend  the shower-  so. I headed for the woods.  I do not like to work in the woods, this time of year.  As a child, the woods were forbidden once it got warm outside.  Threats about  redbugs, poison ivy,  ticks, snakes and ground bees  were cited over and over-and I know now, it was all true.  Forts and secret places were abandoned in the spring and not to be revisited until after a few “hard” frosts-still,  if I didn’t tend to those vines, the battle would very soon be lost -and so I devised a plan. I used the mower to create a ruckus and cut the vines sitting while the motor roared.  Of course, I came out battered and scratched, but the victory was mine, on this day.

I finally declared a truce with the rabbit patch after that ordeal.  Tomorrow, I must enter civilization again, after all.

Dear Diary,  The days have  not been full of fires and thorns only , but lovely things too .  The Cape Jasmine blooms  and so do the lilies.  I remembered something sweet from long ago and felt glad-I made a wish on the star closest to the moon and all things considered, it might just come true.




20 thoughts on “Rabbit Patch Glory

      1. I highly recommend it-though it is work-but you are young and it would not be so hard maybe, for you. I am very thankful for country life and feel it has saved me many times! Thank you hope-I really appreciate hearing from you. I have been so behind, but it doesn’t mean that I am not grateful!


  1. You are making head-way. Good for you while I sit here listening to the rain. It has rained every day for a week and more the next couple of days,but…once it turns off it very well could be a long hot summer and dry. The rain kept me from the last of the ball games. It didn’t rain there and they both won. My car has a leak somewhere and I just try not to go out in rain unless it is really necessary.It is a bad leak somewhere around the front window and can get really wet inside. Last time it was fixed …didn’t last. Oh me.

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  2. I loved reading your account of how baby and bridal showers used to be. That is exactly how I remember them also. I always find it difficult to purchase off the “required” list and usually hand make an item for a baby shower. There is something to be said for tradition.
    I am sorry you missed your time with Lyla.
    I fully understand the constant struggle with maintenance on a farm. We spend a lot of time catching up around here also.

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      1. I totally understand! I feel like I have been spending the last weeks playing “catch up”….catch up mowing the yard, catch up hoeing the garden and pulling weeds, catch up the laundry, catch up with housework! This was easier when I was in my 20’s!

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  3. Hello dearest Rabbit.
    I’m taking time off from blogging on my blog, so that I can catch up on all the posts I’ve missed.
    I’m so glad that I got to this one. It’s filled with your daily life in such a way that I feel like I was there with you. You’re so descriptive and so eloquent that I could smell the woods out the back, and feel the headiness of the barns aromas.

    I even feel that worn out to my bones feeling … and yet, I’ve just sat here in my comfy chair reading about your days.

    I love visiting with you Rabbit. I always feel so welcomed.
    Sending you love. Have a blessed week my fabulous friend. ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Yes many things have changed in the area of Showers both wedding and baby. They used to be a surprise; no lists of things to choose from to buy, and in our circle Mother of the bride or groom did not host them.. . But now it’s different.. Personally I liked the old way …

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  5. Lately sometimes I don’t get complete comment of yours in the notifications, or hard accessing your site from the link… but it may be my site and not your problem… It happened once before with another blogger.. If it keeps happening I’ll check with wordpress support. Diane

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