Beautiful, Ordinary Things

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Children are out of school and farmers are harvesting winter wheat.  “Queen Annes’ Lace” and  the  Day Lilies  bloom and mark the time better than any calendar.  This is the prelude to summer at the rabbit patch.  

School released at noon on Friday, liberating children and teachers, to spend their time as they please.  Many folks have lofty plans for the summer-trips out west, cruises -and everyone is going to the beach, at some point.  I came home and finally finished painting that very high ceiling in the den.  The rabbit patch does not close down for summer, but instead requires a fair share of attention.  Many years , I declared, that I could not possibly live here without summers off.  I was in the yard as soon as it was light and called it a day at sunset.  A few years ago, I was stung by ground bees and stayed in a few days.  Concerned neighbors stopped by as I was not seen working when they drove by.   I  always went back to school with scratches and bites, and tanned.  People would ask where I had been, an island maybe?  I told them, no- I had a garden and a big yard.

Of course, I have my own agenda for the summer.  We are in full swing sprucing up the old house.  There are repairs  needed to  some of the barns.  There is always a day of mowing, each week.  I will weed flower beds and cut those hateful thorned vines on a regular basis.  For the first time in a decade, I will not tend a garden, this year.  It was a hard decision to come by, as I love my garden . . but a garden just does not allow “a vacation”.  This summer, I plan to stroll by that laughing river with Lyla, every chance I get.  I want to go to Wilmington, to spend time with my oldest sons, Brant and Tres.  I do not want to worry about tomatoes and squash, while I am there.  I do not want to come home to a garden needing three days of weeding, either.  Thank goodness for farmer markets and kind neighbors, who are apt to share their bounty.  One year, my garden drowned, early on.  The Farm Life community  brought me more tomatoes, than I ever have grown.  It was not unusual to find a bushel of something on the back doorstep, upon waking or have a small truck drive up filled with sweet corn in mid morning.  Many gardeners grow with the intention of sharing, I realise-and the Farm Life community is as generous as any people, I have ever known.

The last moon of spring is a lovely grand finale to the season.  It is as orange as a tangerine and astrologers claim there is a certain degree of good luck abounding, because of it.  I do hope they are right.  I am certain it is lovely to behold and well worth spending some time with.  

I can not speak for all parts of the world, but I can say that the spring has been a lovely season at the rabbit patch.  The world is fairer when magnolias bloom.  The common daylilies and Queen Annes’ Lace adorn the roadsides and do not seem so common when they abide together.  Mimosa trees, may be  ” a dime a dozen’  but they are no less beautiful, because of it.  If you smell their feathery blossoms in the breeze, you will agree.  Fireflies, known as “lightening bugs” here, come out in great numbers, now.  It looks like Christmas in the young woods, when they do. Just now, the wild honeysuckle is starting to bloom and I think often, how beautiful the world is because of such ordinary things as wild flowers and full moons.

Today, Kyle and I have big plans.  There is mowing and hopefully, we will finish that dreadful barn floor. I have but a few days left of work days, and then I plan to take full advantage of “spending my time, as I please”.  There are shade trees to sit under, when the work is finished.  I will gather roses and hydrangeas for vases and  of course . . . .there is always the laughing river.

34 thoughts on “Beautiful, Ordinary Things

    1. A garden is a lovely place-I have a large organic garden and put up all sorts of things for all my kids-We will miss that, but time with the children is everything. I am expecting at least a container pot or two. Thank you and best wishes for your garden.

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  1. you are so right…a garden does not lend itself to a vacation. I have a very large garden and I am already wondering how long it will be before I really downsize it. I usually raise produce and can for my children. I love it but you are takes a lot of time and hard work.
    I so enjoy a visit to the Rabbit Patch.

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  2. I just discovered a way to come to your beautiful site. My phone. There is no phish warning that pops up so that is what I’m going to do from now on. I really missed being hete. Gardening takes a lot of time yet it is a labor of love. There is something about being so close to the earth and feeling the energy from the plants and flowers. I believe the simple ordinary things in life are the most beautiful. 💖💖💖

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      1. Sooooooo happy you are getting things straightened out because IMO you don’t deserve the headaches of phishing. As for being behind …. that’s OK cause I know how that goes!! No worries 😉! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. I’m so glad you are taking a breather from having a garden. We have a small flower garden that came with the house, and I thought it was going to kill me. I’ve learned to do a few little chores almost every day, and I think I’m going to be able to live with it, after all. I do applaud your step toward freedom.


  4. Sounds like you have a lovely summer planned. Smelling honeysuckle, magnolias, mimosas, gathering roses and hydrangeas, spying lightening bugs, enjoying the bounty from The Life Community and of course the Laughing River! Sounds euphoric…have a wonderful vacation!! xo

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      1. You’ve been busy huh? Well the good news is summer hasn’t started yet so you haven’t missed a thing!! Thank you i love summertime. 🌞


  5. What a breathtaking, amazing post! Aw rabbit … I would love to be there with you. Experiencing the sights, the sounds and the smells. I would especially love to see Fireflies, for we don’t have these in the United Kingdom, so they are kind of mystical and magical to me. I want to see them with my own eyes.

    Sending you my love and gratitude for allowing me to share your world via your blog posts. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. well, it is a shame you do not have fireflies there! I so wish I could send you some! You are such a source of encouragement to me-your comments tickle my heart! thank you my fear friend. I am sorry this took so long-I am very behind! xx

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      1. Rabbit … I don’t mind if you cannot get to me with a reply. I know – just from reading your fabulous blog posts -how amazingly busy you are. I promise that I would never take offence or get upset if you didn’t manage to answer.
        I love you, plain and simple. You have a heart way bigger than your body, and your soul is something which shines out of every single word you type on a page.

        I am just honoured to have been led to you Rabbit. I think you’re amazing, just the way you are. Long may you be so.

        I have wished for years that we had fireflies here, for they are such magical little things and I know that I would never tire of watching them.

        Sending you my love ~ Cobs. x

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  6. Good for you, letting the garden grow to spend more time with your family. this summer, I cut way back on the number of annuals I plant and pot for the same reason. I have to hand water them nearly every day, and it takes time away from other pursuits I enjoy and makes it difficult to leave them. And the great thing is, as I walk my yard in the early morning, I notice and admire the plucky perennials more often. They, too, are beautiful and too often I have overlooked them. So what I thought a hard decision turned into a happy one.

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    1. I am excited not to nearly as tied down. I just love summers with the kids-and my parents. Lyla is just two, but time steals away and I want to spend every minute I can with her! thank you for your support-I have always had a big garden and it feels odd! xx

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  7. Friday night we had a full moon-rise party with friends (& comfy cushions) out on the deck ’til after 11 without realizing how late it was (given the beautiful moon!) Hope you have fun in Wilmington when visit. Since one of my sisters & her husband moved there last year I’ve visited twice – it’s so nice! We usually go to OBX, but the Wilmington beaches are lovely & the downtown has cool vibes (like Shockoe Bottom in Richmond.) Whatever is ahead for you this garden-less summer, don’t forget to prop up your feet and rest awhile (in the shade!) 🙂

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  8. OH I love this! The fireflies came out here last night, I woke the kids at midnight to come outside and see them! We just have a little hobby farm, 5 acres and my are the summers busy! Today my other half planted our north tree line and I got a third of the big garden weeded!

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    1. I used to have that right here at the rabbit patch, a herd of minature goats,miniature horses, chicken and rabbits-what fun, but with Lyla now, I just couldn’t leave to visit her! It was a wonderful life. best wishes for more fireflies and happiness! thank you!

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  9. I agree It has been a beautiful start to the summer. I love how you put into writing ( so beautifully) the same pretty sights I have been noticing….. the Queen Anne’s Lace in front of the golden winter wheat, day lilies here and there bursting through the tall weeds on the roadside…. The fireflies have been out for awhile this year and we have loads of dragonflies and have had a few nests of baby birds in the barn. ❤ I have no vegetable garden but do have some pretty perrennials and a few annual flowers and lots of weeds to pull. Our gardenia bush has grown so much I believe I will have to move the hydrangea next to it. I love gathering the fragrant gardenia blossoms to fill vases and bowls to grace our tables and window sills. I am glad you have made time for spending time with Lyla and your kids this summer. We need that refilling time don't we? I also pray you have productive time at home getting those things done that you need to do. Maybe Rip could come lend a hand on a few chores, and I too of course, just thinking about his carpentry and maintenance skills. ❤ Love you my beautiful-writing Sister-Cuz. I want to take you by my favorite spot on the "laughing River" this Summer. ❤

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  10. I loved reading post.It fed me with peace.
    I have a garden too,not as big,but it s my garden where ,no matter the season and the weather( unless it is slashing ),every morning when back from school runs and dogs walk I drink my coffee and it’s the best coffee of my day!

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