I Remember Rain


How lovely it was to wake to the sound of a steady, gentle rain  .  I woke up feeling well rested, but the rain acted as a lullaby, so I did not rouse for a short while.  Instead, I listened to the “water music”.  I was thankful that today, I did not have to rush anywhere.  The day was mine and I took great delight in that. 

Yesterday, I cleaned the yard up and painted the kitchen cabinets, in addition to the daily housekeeping.  I had planned to paint the awning today, but truthfully, I am glad it is raining.  Rain gives me permission to watch old movies, even if the barn is not finished and the stripes on the awning, have  faded into a dreadful state.   No matter, how I remind myself that “Rome was not built in a day” , I find it difficult  not to prove that wrong . . if the sun is shining.  

I will not be entirely idle today.  I managed to get an old dresser drawer unstuck, yesterday, but the thing came apart on me, in the process.  I can repair that today.  The front porch can be tidied up and I may paint a flower pot as the thyme is complaining lately.  It is a good day to call an old friend, too -oh, but a rainy day is good for  a lot of things.

When I was  child, rainy days were good for a lot of things as well.  It was on those days, that my sister and I were allowed to drag out clothes from a chest, in Grandmas’ pink bedroom and dress up in all sorts odd outfits.  There were high heels and pocketbooks, as well as dresses.  We did not transform to princesses, but instead acted like the adults around us.  We had names likes “Lillian” and “Delphie”  and we acted quite proper.  Usually a doll would get sick, when it rained.  We looked at the “World Books”  for long whiles.  I declare I learned to read from the encyclopedias in the mohagony book case, long before I went to school.  

We had paper dolls  too and cut up old Sears & Roebuck catalogs, to make more.  I liked paper dolls when they were new, but in a short while, they became flimsy , and were apt to lose arms and heads.  It always shocked me and I felt like a murderer, because of it.  

In the afternoons, when Grandma got a chance to sit down, we often put on shows for her with songs and dances.  Later she would tell us stories, that she made up, about such things as a monkey or a circus.  Horrible things would happen, in her tales, but somehow they had happy endings.

Rainy days were happy occasions, unless they went on for days.  By then folks were grumpy-and all the paper dolls had died tragic deaths.  Laundry hung on the back porch and eliminated our performances.  My sister  and I would argue and the dolls argued too. Thank goodness,  for the World Books.  We always went back to them.

It is no wonder, that I see a rainy day, as a holiday, of sorts.  I will be quite content to paint flowers on pots and buckets-and hopefully repair the dresser drawer. Instead of reading about horses, trees and Helen Keller,  I will  find a strategy against the bumblebees in the barn, that have stung me, Kyle and Cash -and so hindered our progress.  I will pretend that I am a writer, living in a small cottage  with a small yard full of flowers and rabbits- and void of old barns with rotten floors and bumblees  . . .and on rainy days, Lyla will visit, because I have a story to tell. 

22 thoughts on “I Remember Rain

  1. Dearest Rabbit…
    You are so very eloquent. You have the ability to talk directly to me and I am transported. I’m somewhere floating in the top corner of a room, smiling and watching the scene unfold as you talk to me about it.

    Halfway through todays post, I stopped for a moment, dragged the footstool over to me so that I could get properly comfortable, and then sunk down in my chair as you ‘read’ to me.

    I have no guilt for the amount of sheer joy I get from your posts. I simply have gratitude for you being you and being in my life. You are a total delight. An amazing gift. A blessing.
    Thank you Rabbit, just for being exactly who you are.
    I love you for who you are. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. That has got to be one of the sweetest comments, I have ever received. . You inspire me. an you even imagine. what your words did for me? People like you make the world a kind and loving place-how glad my heart is to know you. thank you, love Michele

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  2. Oh, I loved that so much! I swear we grew up in the same house with those flimsy paper dolls! Your stories take me back to my childhood and all those wonderful memories I thought I’d forgotten. Thank you for sharing your stories! You are a gifted story-teller and writer!

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  3. This post brought back so many memories of rainy days and childhood! The paper dolls was exactly the same experience I had with them! And yes we also cut them out of catalogs.
    I am so behind on reading blogs…..maybe someday I will catch up!

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  4. Hello. As always you have filled me with a feeling of comfort. Your words are soothing and the description in your writing has a romantic quality to it. I have mixed feelings about rainy days. When I wake up to a rainy day I feel happy if i am able to stay in the house. Yet, after a few hours of being inside, I feel the need to go outside, so always end up putting on a coat and going for a little walk. A walk in the rain can be soothing, as long as it isn’t stormy! As a child, I have memories of my sister and I with my grandma,, inside on rainy days doing crafts – she would teach us how to sew, knit and embroider. Such wonderful memories 🙂
    Take care. Carly

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