A Bright and Shining Moment

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I arrived in Elizabeth City, yesterday morning.  Elizabeth City is another rabbit patch and it is where my only grand child, Lyla, lives.  When Lyla was born, just over two years ago,  I quickly became familiar with the village by the laughing river.  I  have strolled it countless times-past rows of cottages, that seem planted, like cheerful  rows of tulips.  There are historical homes with old trees where moss hangs and sways in the breeze.  There are also rabbits everywhere and they are less skittish than the country rabbits, where I live.  Jenny feeds a young rabbit, now, that lives under her garden shed.

Not long, after my arrival, Lyla and I started on one of our familiar treks, the one by the laughing river.  It was hot, though there was a breeze blowing.  We met people along the way, and everyone had a greeting followed with a complaint about the heat.  We  saw several cats sleeping in the shade and they did not even rouse when we passed.  Lyla said “shhh”,  when she saw them.  A lot of doves were flying about and we watched one bathe in a birdbath, surrounded by lilies, in dappled shade.  Lyla was quite amused . . and so was I. 

We finished our morning walk by noon.  Lyla had lunch and then Jenny put her down for a nap.  I went to the grocery, just minutes from Jennys’ house.   I was so thankful that there wasn’t an old barn on Jennys’ property-or anything that needed painting.  It was very liberating, and so I decided we ought to have a special meal. We ended up having fried chicken, creamed turnips and potatoes, green beans and cucumber salad.  I added bacon to the salad so Will would try it . .and it worked. The little rabbit under the garden shed ate good that night too.

After Supper, I visited with Wills’ mom.  She is fun to cook  for as she praises my efforts , dependably.  She is always grateful, too.  I didn’t leave, til it was nearly dark. Lyla had been bathed and was in her night clothes, when I got back.


I did not rouse til eight o’clock on Saturday.  It seemed like all the work had caught up with me, and rendered me lazy.  Within an hour, we had breakfast.  Will, Lyla and I headed for the garden center, soon after, while Jenny completed an assignment.

Most of the day, was uneventful. There was no rush or hurry on this day in June.  In the evening, Will and Jenny went out to eat.  Lyla and I strolled and it started sprinkling.  We walked in the light rain and neither of us minded.  When we walk a long while, I will stop and ask her “are you having a good time?”  or sometimes, I just say “Isn’t this nice?”  Yesterday,  Lyla said “honey” clear as a bell, when I stopped.  She has been saying “Bee” a while.  Of course, I almost danced in the street, when I heard her (loosely) say “Honeybee”.  My dancing and clapping only encouraged her to say it over and over.  She laughed-and I laughed.  It was a bright and shining moment, I won’t soon forget.

Will and Jenny brought a slice of chocolate cheesecake home, for me.  It seemed reasonable to eat it, right then.  Lyla ran to find a spoon and so she and I shared it.  How fitting and proper it seemed to celebrate  the day-with cake.  

Dearest Rabbitpatch Diary,  I am glad to have walked in a June shower.  I am glad for  the shade of old trees . . .and I am glad for hours sweetly passed, with bright and shining moments .  



25 thoughts on “A Bright and Shining Moment

  1. Grandchildren are so precious and they keep us old folks young. You had such a nice time and that just makes life more worth while. I too was glad they had no painting for you to do. Ha

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  2. Oh what is transpiring between you and your Granddaughter is so special. Just reading this post eased my breath and brought a smile to my face. What a lovely read, Michele. I’m just about to hop on my bike and go for a spin. Perfect day for it and … I have a tale to regale about my bike adventure I had earlier. Hope your weekend was wonderful. It sure sounds it! 💖🌸🌺🎀💖

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  3. You have had a sweet weekend! Elizabeth City sounds like a wonderful town. I know that I would love the river and the old houses! Your time with your precious grandchild must bring you such immense happiness! I just wonder what tales I will write when we become members of the Grandparent Club in December?!!

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  4. One should always get caught in a summer rain! One time when I was visiting my brother who lives outside the city, I was in the meadow behind his place looking for wildflowers. A sudden rainshower soaked me, but it was gentle and refreshing and made the experience seem just a little more special!

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  5. Oh, those bright and shining moments, they are to be treasured. You are building a bond with your granddaughter that will not be broken during the adventures you have with her. “Tis a wonderful gift you give each other.

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    1. It is all my pleasure-my own grandmothers were so important and though they are gone, the impact survives and has made a difference in my life-Oh I hope to do the same for Lyla. thank you my dear friend-love Michele


  6. Do I recall correctly, isn’t “Honeybee” a moniker in your family? For a grandmother?
    Perhaps I’m thinking of someone else.
    I have pictured you dancing to Lyla’s utterance, and her smiles and squeals.
    Thanks for the smiling imagery.

    Seek peace,


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      1. Well then, your joy at Lyla’s speaking your name is understandable!
        If I were there, I would have joined you.
        Then again, dancing by oneself on a quiet street at a quite hour is much more poetic!


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