“Consider the Lilies”

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I am still so very glad to be back at the “morning table” writing in the diary . . .but it is long past morning as I write this.  My favorite time to write, is early morning, but on this fair day, I was on the front porch in the early morning, with yet another bucket of paint in my hand.  How I ever expected it to be finished in a day, is beyond me.  That was a “lofty notion”.

Of course, I did not take into account, that the ceiling was so dirty and needed cleaning.  I did not factor in that the front door needed painting, either.  The house itself looked shabby with all of the fresh paint-and so I painted the walls.  I had to move a small stack of wood back to the woodshed, as spring came so early and late October is a good ways off.  The more I painted, the better it looked and that inspired me, in spite of my weariness.  Thankfully, the porch is shaded and today, a cool breeze was blowing.  Cash, my dog, walked twice through an area not yet dry, but I took it in stride . . .because of that breeze, I think.  

I have all of ten days, before an appraiser visits the rabbit patch.  I will be in Elizabeth City for several days, starting tomorrow.  The whole while, I was working, I made a list, mentally, of what else ought to be done.  The more I thought of someone “inspecting”  the house, barns and property, the more anxious, I became.  I  imagined a person with a clipboard, writing every transgression and saying , after great thought -“Run for your life!”    To calm myself, I  repeated. “Look at the birds of the air” and “Consider the lilies”.   I called Jo Dee on a “break” and she cheered me on.  She was certain that “all was well” and  convinced me of that.

 When a shower arrived, I came in to the old house and did housekeeping chores. On the way to the back door, I noticed the yard looked just awful.  With the mower in the shop, I needed to hire someone again.  I tried not to think about how much money, I have spent on paint this month.   There is a lot to do, still.  I couldn’t have had a garden, if I wanted to this year.

 The appraiser was very clear that the house should be as sparse as possible, so  I started packing away some lovely dishes with roses, that I  use in the spring.  They have a special cupboard  for display, so now that “cupboard is bare”.  I  have some beautiful Christmas ornaments stored in pretty boxes on an armoire , that I packed away, too.  I know full well that I may be right here at Christmas- and Easter -and the appraiser is going to have lots to complain about, anyway-but dishes with roses and pretty boxes will not “be on the list”.

As I packed and “considered the lilies”  I heard a mower.  I went out and lo and behold, my neighbor, Susan, was mowing the rabbit patch.  All of my weariness flew right out of me, when I saw her. When she saw me, I was clapping my hands and “happy as a lark”.    I almost cried with relief.  The “lawn” at the rabbit patch  takes hours to mow.  It is no small affair.  When you get behind on the mowing, days make a difference in whether you need a mower  . . .or a tractor.   How lovely the property looked when she was finished.  I thanked her several times.  I suspect, she was unaware of the difference she had made in my heart.  Somehow, that act of kindness renewed my hope.  I did not tarry long, but instead went right out to finish the porch.  Supper was going to be scant . . .and late.

Dear Diary,  I  am glad for things that comfort-words that calm,  a cool breeze, when I am weary and kind neighbors that are gracious enough to help out when needed.  I am glad for dependable friends that convince you “all is well.”  I am also glad for birds . . .and lilies.

20 thoughts on ““Consider the Lilies”

  1. God knows when to send “Angels”:) I’m praying for you often that God will send you to just the right house and your home will go to just the right people. We moved 4 years ago, and it can be daunting for sure, plus the emotions that come with leaving the place you raised your kids, but I believe God had different places for us at different seasons in our lives…..and all works out beautifully in His time.

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  2. Oh darling, I know the feeling. I have painted so much, I decided to quit. Ha. Our walls are “mostly” painted right now. I need to start again, but for some reason the days pass by so quickly and I never seem to pick a paint brush up.

    I know what you mean about packing things away. Our pictures have been packed since April. All my beloved knick knacks are resting well in plastic tubs, awaiting our next destination. I have no idea when we will move. Things in that area have come to a stall.

    How kind that your neighbor mowed for you. Your yard sounds like mine. We live in a former fescue field and it grows quick. I am glad to be able to catch up with you, it has been a few weeks. I hope you get the cottage you dream of. I am dreaming of an old farm house with a big barn…

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  3. I can totally relate to your feelings, as we are again preparing to move in September, downsizing, letting go of things, of some old time “momentos” (but keeping the memories). We know that “home is where the heart is” and we’ll fill with love our next place… it will take an adjustment period, as change usually does, but it will simplify our lives, and get us more time for leisure while having less work around the house. A new place can also get you excited as you start planning how to make it “your own”. You are so creative and talented! I’d love to see the pictures of the painted barns and pots! Then there is also a new butterfly garden to plant! 😉 I know wherever we go, we will always surround ourselves with our favorite plants. Best of luck with the appraiser! Your rabbit patch is full of charm & beauty!

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  4. I so wished I was close and could help you do some of the tasks you want to complete. I can only imagine how overwhelming you are feeling, but slow down, take a BIG breath, enjoy. So thankful for your wonderful neighbor, Susan.
    God has a plan for you


  5. Neighbors like Susan are like Jesus with skin on. They are such a blessing and don’t even know it! The best kind of blessings!
    I will be rooting for you when that appraiser is there. Praying they see the beautiful things, the peace, the wonderful natural beauty and the potential for the next inhabitant.
    Blessings to you and the rabbit patch!

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      1. I have been through some rough times, Eight miscarriages, twin girls that were still born, and survived Cancer three times. The Lord has his reasons and it is not easy to handle, but when we let go and let God we understand down the line what and why. My dad used to say “No one promised you a rose garden”. And, he was right. May his graces shine upon you. Hugs. Michele, from Patricia.

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      2. what a testimony-I am so very sorry for all of the loss and hard times, you have had-please tell me the twins are doing well now. You have the heart of a warrior-nothing less, my friend. love Michele


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