Especially in July


I did not miss the “early service” this morning.  I awoke early and well rested.  The “early service” for me, is that holy time when the day is born.  It is a time of hope and a lot of things seem possible.  Often I feel like “Alice” because, I too “can imagine six impossible things before breakfast”.

Mornings are peaceful now, in the early hours.  Birds and squirrels are not in the same hurry as they were a few short weeks ago.  They are not battling for territory, nor hastily gathering nesting materials.  Now, their chatter is relaxing and cheerful.  I think the squirrels are sleeping through the “service” altogether.

I have been in Elizabeth City since Saturday.  I arrived with very few goals.  I wanted Jenny to be able to work on her assignments and of course that meant (delightfully), I would spend time with Lyla.  I also was determined to make a peach cobbler for  Wills’ mom, Miss Claudia.  Miss Claudia is someone that I love to cook for as she is grateful and always praises my effort . . .and she especially loves peaches.  In July, when fresh peaches are available,  I always remember that.  I cooked a cobbler night before last.  I had enough to share with Miss Claudia and I took some to Miss Thelma.  Miss Thelma declared that peach cobbler was her favorite too.

Another mission, on this visit was to make homemade ice cream.  Now I have never had any ice cream, that wasn’t good, but homemade is really the best.  My parents gave Will and Jenny an ice cream maker for Christmas, one year and so we used that yesterday to make vanilla ice cream.  Today, I want to make “smores” ice cream, as Jenny loves anything in that flavor.

I had never used a modern ice cream maker . . but once, I talked my friend, Jo Dee, into visiting a thrift store with me.  It was one I frequented often and I assured her the prices were more than reasonable.  Jo Dee said that she was not spending a dollar, but would go with me, in the spirit of friendship.  On the way, Jo Dee told me that her budget would not allow  foolish spending of any sort.  We walked in the door of the shop, just moments later.  Jo Dee took two steps and said “I want that, no matter what it costs!”  I was shocked and took a look.  It was a brand new ice cream maker,  never even taken out of the box.  Jo Dee, came up with $20.00, in a matter of minutes.  On my next visit to Jo Dees’,  Rae came along.  Rae eats ice cream for supper, quite often.  Jo Dee made a batch of ice cream for us that day-and I was “sold” at the first bite.    Besides,  “July”  is as good excuse as any I know of, to make ice cream.

The last few days, have been hot.  I can not complain, as it is July, after all.  Lyla and I have strolled in the mornings.  The shaded sidewalks are hot by mid morning. Even the breeze coming across the “laughing river” is warm and does little to cool a weary brow. We have stayed in the house the last two afternoons.  I declare “it is not fit for man nor beast”  outside-and that includes the front porch.  In light of this,  Lyla and I have been taking to walking in the late evening.

In the late evening, the bat colony comes out.  There is an old building with offices and apartments on the edge of the river.  It has a large chimney, and that is where the bats live.  We were taken by surprise, one evening, while watching the moon rise, over the river.  We all watched the colony in awe of the number of them and the way they swirled in unison above us.  Their silhouettes  against the gray sky coupled with a rising full moon , made me expect to see a witch on a broom, streak through the sky, as well. Lyla, not knowing the poor reputation of bats, found the whole affair beautiful.  She stared  for a good while, and so I did too.  I decided the flight of bats was lovely after all.  Now, when dusk has set in, Lyla remembers the bats. . .and so we set off for the river.

Dear Diary,  In July, I am glad for peaches, and the chance to share them with loved ones.  I am glad for peaceful mornings and quiet evenings when the bats come out and the sky becomes a stage.  I am also glad for ice cream, really all of the time . . but especially in July.


38 thoughts on “Especially in July

  1. I am smiling and feeling at peace after reading that. Been running around like a headless chock, another funeral and off to Melbourne tomorrow, she is an older lady and I am in Peace with that. I loved her very much, but I am glad she is gone and not suffering anymore. The funeral date was only decided this afternoon and it is for this Saturday. Getting things organised more for the ones living at home took me all day. It is 11.30pm here, just sat down to have a cuppa and relax before I think about bed. I am too wound up can’t sleep as yet. Reading your blog was the best idea. My youngest is allergic to dairy. So I make ice cream with lactose free milk. Enjoy make it too. and you are right, home made ice creams are really great.

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    1. I am so glad you are back-I love hearing from you. I had a dear friend pass in her sleep a few weeks ago.-she wasn’t sick and so how shocking. I know all about organising when you go away-it is exhausting. If you got peace from the rabbit patch diary, then I am glad. love Michele

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  2. What an incredible piece of writing. Ohhh Rabbit … your words took me from my chair in which I sit, and I flew, in my imagination, to the situations, places and people you told me of. I saw you baking. I experienced the thrill of the finding the Ice Cream maker … and the joy of your friend finding the cash to be able to buy it.
    I’ve never had home made Ice Cream … but I’ve a feeling I’d love it if I did.

    We have only seen one bat since we moved to this little cottage by the sea. However … we experience over 30 years of bats every evening in the garden of our old cottage. We used to go out there just as the sun was going down and just sit and listen….. … … … … when suddenly we’d hear that familiar … … ‘fut fut fut’ of the bats wings as they flew overhead, then looking up to find them. Once we’d spotted them we had such a wonderful time watching them dive, and sweep the air looking for tiny insects which fed them.

    Seeing them was truly wonderful. It was like being given a magical gift.
    So I know how you and Lyla felt watching them.

    I adore your writing style Rabbit and enjoy everything your write. Thank you so, so much for sharing your days with us.
    May God Bless and keep you safe.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. We are surely family by spirit-We both see magic in ordinary events.I bet you “have imagined six impossible things before breakfast” too! Ha-your comments add so much to my day. I keep them in my heart, because they are so special and dear to me-thank you my sweet friend-God bless you! love Michele

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  3. Ice cream! Did we need an excuse for ice cream? I’ve made it several times and should do so again, since the grandsons are here. I think the part I dislike is trying to get the ice cream out of the paddles. We should have the boys share the paddle as we dish up the whole batch to share four ways.

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  4. I’ve never made homemade ice cream before, probably because I’m lazy! I would need so much with the wonderful crowd I have around here. You’ve intrigued me though. What a lovely thought to bake something seasonal and share it with others! I love your nature observations and that you are sharing them with your granddaughter. ❤ Amy


    1. Amy, the ice cream maker we have makes enough for about six servings-it taste great and the only ingredients are cream, sugar flavoring of choice and milk-also you can make yogurt. I love nature-it has some of the best sermons I have ever experienced-God is good. love Michele

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  5. So sweet, my cousin, Michele. Are you still in Elizabeth City? This morning I went out also for the “early service” and and was blessed to experience a light sprinkle, a rainbow, and finally some blooms on our Rose of Sharon bush. My heat was so happy by it all. It is true that His creation is my favorite place to worship. ❤ I love you so much….

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  6. I inherited an old-fashioned ice-cream maker (the hand crank version) when my dad passed and my mom didn’t think she’d be making any more. It takes real elbow-grease but ohhh…. so good. One time we made peach ice cream in it and another time, lavender. My, my my! But alas, it’s back in Canada safely tucked away in storage awaiting our return. You made me nostalgic for some peach ice cream in July! 😉

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      1. We ground up lavender into the sugar (used -though some might say desecrated- a coffee bean grinder. 😉) … Flowers & sugar in, press the button & hold then… Voilà, lavender sugar (same method for lavender flavoured sugar cookies; also delightfully yummy!!!).

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  7. Beautiful…as usual! I am sorry that I have been so absent! I just visited the Chicken Grandma and I had read her last post and commented on it, but it was not there! I did something wrong like not clicking “post comment”. And I also had read this wonderful post because I remember every word! As I told Faye the Chicken Grandma…I am losing my mind!

    Anyway…I wish that I had some of that ice cream! I will take the vanilla and then the Smores!!! We were in Houston last week for the funeral for my husband’s cousin…very sad, but he is in a absolutely wonderful place!

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  8. Hmmm you should try making peach ice cream, that would especially delicious in July! Isn’t it refreshing to see the world through the eyes of babes. They remove our stodgy beliefs and replace them with beautiful awe! You now have a new ritual with Lyla to watch the flight of the bats. Everything is inspirational if you let it. Stay cool if you can and continue to enjoy your stay, as I can tell you are. 🙂

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  9. When raising my children, I did my best to dispel myths about the world, misunderstandings of things like lightning and bats and biting dogs.

    We would stand on the porch and watch the lightning storm as it rampaged over Cherry Valley, and blew down the lee of Victory mountain into our little Engleville. Mom would hide inside. The odds of being struck by the lightning don’t really change much if you move to the porch.

    A dog is a dog. An animal. We douse it with personification and declare they are “good” or they are “mean”. In some situations, it is the dog’s instinct to bite. As the humans charged with their care, it is our responsibility to remember always that they are dogs- animals- at heart, and we must take care that they are not placed in situations that result in misfortune. (No matter how “good” or old the dog, they are usually escorted to another room if toddlers are about. After a cursory sniff, of course.
    If an innocent toddler falls on an innocent dog and the dog turns around… who is responsible?)

    Bats? We would stand in the driveway at dusk, just after they’d come out. We’d grasp small pebbles, the size of a moth or bee, and when the bat flew nearby we’d throw the pebble straight up. The bat’s sonar would indicate a morsel of food, and they would dive to catch it. Usually, they would figure it out before they grabbed the pebble. But sometimes they would grab it before discovering what it was. The pebble, thrown into the night sky, would pause a moment, as if defying gravity. A second later it would fall to the ground five feet away. Playing pitch and catch with bats has endeared them to my family.

    And bees? Don’t get me started on how harmless they are…if left alone.

    Seek peace,



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