Company Came and Made Me Glad


August made its’ arrival a grand affair.  The early mornings are cool and bright and the afternoons beckon one to get outside -and stay there.  August has been like a breath of fresh air,  after Julys’ heat and humidity.  It is an especially  lovely time to stroll by the laughing river or to sit on a rock and watch clouds.  Of course, I have done both.

Jennys’ husband Will, had an out of town trip, so I am meandering in Elizabeth City.  On Monday, we fed the wild geese at the playground, by the bridge-and on Tuesday we did so again.  On Tuesday afternoon, Lyla and I took a walk.  This time, Lyla walked beside me.  It is a short trek to the river, and Lyla waved good bye to her stroller as we left.  Lyla is a bit over two, and already quite agile, to be such a tender age.  Thankfully, she held my hand without a fuss, as we walked down the sidewalk to the river. Once we got to the river, she was able to run freely on the large grassy lot.  We met a nice lady with a little dog  and later a naughty little dog who had escaped from his owner and was making it count.  All ended well, as the owner showed up and claimed his little friend, within a short while.

Lyla and I took a different route home.  We stopped at a large flat rock, by a little bridge.  We sat there a while and listened to the song of the water and watched clouds.  When Lyla curled up beside me, like a kitten, I knew we had to head home.  Lyla was drowsy from sunshine and lullaby and how I wished she could nap there.  She reminded me of a  very tired fairy.  She was roused by a small raft of ducks and so I took advantage of that.  We walked home and within moments, she was in her nursery sound asleep.

On Tuesday, two of my dearest friends, Rae and Janet paid a visit. We have been friends, since our own children were small.  We have never quarreled in all of those years.  These two were like a tonic, for me.  They eased my frail confidence about selling the beloved rabbit patch.  They are so sensible and spoke with confidence, to my heart.  In no time at all, I was sure a joyful future was unfolding right before my eyes. I was convinced that there would be new owners to see the millions of stars that rise over the rabbit patch faithfully and  they would smell the mimosa-and listen to songs of the countryside.  After, the  cheerful front porch session, we all took a leisure walk around the village.  Janet went to college in Elizabeth City, and so it was a Sentimental Journey, for her.  As it turns out, Janet ran by Jennys’ home every day, while a student. .  and the grassy lot by the river is where the dorms used to be.  Now, it is an apartment complex, and  that is where the nice lady with the little dog lives, now.

We came back for lunch.  Lyla was fussing because she wanted ice cream instead of applesauce, so we did not tarry, but ate and left again.  We did not walk long when the dreaded clock, that measures our moments,  gave fair warning that Rae and Janet would need to leave soon.  Janet had a meeting about historic preservation and Rae had her dance class, so we opted to drive the last part of the trek.  When we got home, Jenny had returned from a visit with her friend, and so we talked .  Rae and I had ice cream.  (I am sure it was her supper.)

I was not the least bit surprised, that the laughing river, was as still as it could be, this morning.  It looked like glass.  The calmness of the water was the grand finale in my lesson in peace.  Some things change  but One does not.  One is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I know that One . . .and I am glad.

Dear Diary,  I am glad for bright and beautiful days.  I am glad for flat rocks, to rest upon.  I am glad for a village, where friendly folks dwell-and I am glad for friends, that love at all times.



The Quiet Garden at the rabbit Patch

18 thoughts on “Company Came and Made Me Glad

  1. So glad that your heart found repose from worrying about the future. Enjoy the last of your days at the rabbit patch. And don’t worry, someone with sensibilities like yours will surely love it again as you have. xo

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  2. What a beautiful post Rabbit. Time with Lyla is always time well spent, and time with old friends … well, nothing can match it.

    It’s wonderful to visit with friends we’ve had for a long time, as they have a magical connection with what was but also see what is. Sometimes we need a friend who knows us well to tell it how it is… or simply say what we need to hear. Their words can change the course we’re on, and give us hope for the future.

    Sending love to you Rabbit. ~ Cobs. x

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  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your little Lyla.
    “Some things change but One does not. One is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I know that One . . .and I am glad”. I love that sentence! Because I know the same One!
    Blessings to you Michelle.

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  4. What a lovely day you all had. I like Rae, ice-cream for supper…yum!! It’s wonderful to have such dear friends that you can depend on always. They will always be with you wherever you are, as will The One! Love Deb. xo

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