Happy New Year From the Rabbit Patch


I attended the early service in Elizabeth City, on Saturday.  I had a lot of company, for it to be such a cold winter morning.  I was greeted by a flock of redbirds.  They were a quiet lot, but how pretty they looked in the dull light of morning.  There were also robins.  A small flock of blackbirds, filled up a tree.  The blackbirds acted as a choir and sang through out the gathering.  A squirrel dashed through the yard screeching as he went.  Only, the trees and I were silent, this morning.

It has been cold, for a southern winter, since Christmas, and the forecast is that it will remain so for another week.  This kind of cold will make pipes freeze and you hope they do not burst.  I brought Jenny some olive oil yesterday, and it was frozen, as it had been in a parcel  packed,  in an unheated room, at the rabbit patch. I have watched the news,all of twenty minutes, this last week, but I did see that a bitter cold was plaguing the mid west and the north, too.  What fortitude, folks must have to endure such conditions.

Jenny  had a mission today.  She wanted all signs of Christmas, packed away.  I kept Lyla occupied, while Jenny and Will worked diligently to restore order.  I cleaned the nursery and packed away toys Lyla had outgrown, to make room for new.  . .even so, Jenny will limit the amount of new toys that go in to the collection.  Jenny is a sensible mom, and I am quite proud of that.  She insists that Lyla spend an ample amount of time, outside and that the nursery is not cluttered with too many toys.

By late morning, the nursery, was strewn and just walking through was difficult-  the truth was, you  were likely to step on a block or teacup.  Will picked Miss Claudia, (his mom) up and it was nice to be in good company, as I sorted through Lylas’  little kitchen  and her drawing desk.  

By mid afternoon, much had been accomplished.  Lyla was quite disappointed that the Christmas tree had left “without a trace”, and actually cried.  I fear she may be as sentimental as I am, for I miss Christmas, too.

I gave Lyla, “The Complete Peter Rabbit”, which contains all of Beatrix Potters’ works, including her lesser known, nursery rhymes.  Of course, I read “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, to Lyla,  the first chance, I got.   Lyla retold the story with great animation.  She was quite saddened that Peter lost his shoes and jacket- and she did not “take a shine” to Mr. McGregor, at all. 

New Years’ Eve

The last day of the year dawned cold and bright.  I did not tarry long at the morning service, as there was a light, but chilling wind, blowing steadily- and without mercy. The same crowd attended, as yesterday, and in addition, a very blue jay.  There seemed to be a restlessness amongst them and I wondered if they knew something, I didn’t.  Nature is the truest indicator of  weather, that I know of.

Jenny and Lyla were up, not long after me. With the house now restored to its’ former glory, today, held less obligations. The kitchen  is still not  completed and so, we settled for toast and coffee, as our “breakfast of champions”. 

Today, most folks will take more than a “second look” at their life. Countless folks will vow to do all sorts of things.  The older I get, the more my goals change in content.  This year, I hope to give more generously, in whatever service presents itself.  I hope to have pure intentions that stem from a clean heart.  Oh, that I might be merciful, by habit- and grateful too.  May I be honest enough to live my own truth, for our own truth is a gift, pure and simple, designed specifically for us, I think.  I want fear to have less authority in my life.   I am not referring to a fear of things like uncontrolled fire or dangerous speed . . in those cases fear protects us.  Instead, I hope to be void of the  fear that makes  us cease to follow our intuition , limits our expectations and therefore,  hinders our faith.  I want to love more deeply and practice compassion, until it is  second nature-and I also wish to live with the earth and not against it. 

 I will probably say these same things next year, and  mean them as much as I do today -and as much as I did last year.  It bears repeating-and often.  A new year beckons and with it the chance  to understand more and to do better.  

Happy New Year from the Rabbit Patch!  love, Michele




40 thoughts on “Happy New Year From the Rabbit Patch

  1. Happy New Year to you! I smiled at your talk of cold — we’re among those who are going to be fussing over frozen pipes and living with all of our plants inside for a while. But I rather like it, too. It’s a sign of a more normal winter for us, even though most people don’t think of the Gulf Coast and freezes. We’ve not had freezes for two years, so this is welcome — particularly since it’s helpful in getting rid of mosquitos! Blessings come in many forms — I hope they’re abundant for you, this year.

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  2. Happy New year to you, Ma’am. I visited the Rabbit patch today and want to keep visiting as part of my new year’s resolution. The reason is visits to the Rabbit Patch are like a grounding for me, amidst my hectic, harum-scarum life, with my attitude of taking sad things people do to me and my folk in a very negative way( sometimes wishing bad back on them). I want to visit the Rabbit patch so I don’t lose my perspective and learn to focus on things that really matter, like nature and relationships and and positivity and love and faithfulness rather than sorrow and evil and ill-wishes.
    Thank you for being in my life, Ma’am and may all your wishes come true.

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    1. oh sweet one-I am guilty of such things too-May we both do better this year. I am so glad the rabbit patch offers you peace-how that makes me happy! Thank you for my starting my year off beautifully-and Godspeed to both of us . . and to the world! love Michele

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  3. Alas the decorations are packed away, but I always have hope that some who have heard the Christmas message, who have let the meaning of love, peace, sharing and kindness that prevails at this time of year into their hearts … will do so throughout the whole year…
    You have wonderful and thoughtful goals for your New year… Diane

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  4. Paragraph #9 rocks. I too prefer “goals” to “resolutions.” I also encourage tweaking them as needed. 2018 has lots of potential. Very exciting!

    And like you with the birds, and other critters who love the Rabbit Patch, I want to stop, thank, observe, & appreciate life in the moments ahead. Here’s to growth!!

    Highest and Best means what it means to each individual. Rise Up!!!

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  5. I love your intentions for this new year!… and they are truly a great practice to reconnect with them often, so they become second nature in our daily lives, to deepen our understanding and to improve each day, growing in authenticity, love and compassion.
    Happy New Year Michele! Thank you for the inspiration! Love and best wishes 😉

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  6. What a lovely way to finish the year and what a lovely heart warming read as usual.Happy new year again and again🎉❤️
    I see you are a woman with a red door too.an other thing we have in common😉😊

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  7. Instead of New Year, I like to celebrate New Day.
    It comes every day, and I make the same resolution;
    To seek opportunities to be of service to others, to give more than I take, to support and defend our natural world, to honor heroes.
    There’s a bit more to the list, but I’m pretty sure you can guess the rest!

    Happy New Day!

    Seek peace,


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  8. I enjoyed reading about the early service at another place of worship. I haven’t looked out much, since we have curtains and blinds closed against the extreme cold. We were fortunate to visit Beatrix Potter’s home when we lived in England. It was a treat.

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  9. Indeed, the resolutions you shared with us are universal, Michele, and eternal: worthy of striving for every day we live. I love them. You put thought into them and they are both meaningful and motivating. What a lovely person you are. It’s a privilege to know you.

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