Past Love


It was raining before the day arrived.  The dawn came gradually without any fanfare.  The mockingbird did not proclaim the morning, either.  For me, however the day arrives, it is a sacred time.

Mama and Daddy are not coming to Sunday dinner, so now I am having Sunday supper instead. I still intend to make the bread pudding with a generous amount of apples.  Rain gives me an excuse to spend as much time as I want in the kitchen-and especially since I worked in the yard yesterday.  

Sunday Afternoon

By mid afternoon, I had been to the grocery and  had a pot of soup simmering.  I try to keep some sort of soup on hand, in winter.  Kyle relies on this ritual heavily for his lunch box, during the week.  I decided on “Jo Dees’ barbecued  chicken”  for supper, as it takes such a long while to cook, and therefore, not likely to happen on weekdays. 

The sunlight was so delicate, that lamps burned like cheerful beacons in  windows, all day.  A steady rain was falling-without any malice.  When rain falls straight down, it usually stays a while, and today was proof of that.  I love rain, and so does my friend, Rae,  so I always think of her on such days. 

The rain did not hinder my housework-in fact it may have helped, as I did not feel the least bit inclined to go out.  I decided conditions were quite favorable for a thorough cleaning.  While cleaning the shelf that held the cookbooks, I found a hand written recipe from my aunt Carolyn.  She ended the instructions with “Try this, it is good.”  My eyes stung and burned, reading the faded paper written by the hand of a loved one, passed.  When I moved to the den, there were several “treasure boxes” in a cabinet.  They are pretty boxes in floral patterns.  Their contents are mostly photographs and cards from years gone by.  The smallest box held the only possession  I have from my maternal grandmother-her gold watch.  Grandmama died when I was ten years old.  It was the first heartbreak I had ever known.  She loved me enough in those ten years to last a lifetime.  Later, as I was going through the hateful box of bills, I realised it was the 28th-Today was my aunt Josies’ birthday.  Aunt Josie passed the year I moved to the rabbit patch. 

It felt like they were each saying “I love you”, as I found each souvenir.  Love is a mighty force .  It is almost startling to comprehend the endurance of love.  Oddly, I did not succumb to a sense of melancholy. Though my heart felt a pang each time I discovered a relic, my gladness for having had each of them in my life,  far out weighed  the sorrow, I felt.  Their contribution to my life, is still evident today.  Surely, I was born with a “silver spoon”, I thought later, as I was peeling apples. 

When Kyle came in, supper was about ready .  I never have to call Kyle twice for supper.  He loves home cooked food and neither he nor Christian never fail to thank me. 

Night arrived early.  Tomorrow is Monday, and that changes everything.  I did not turn in early, but when I finally did-it was still raining.

44 thoughts on “Past Love

  1. Rabbit…What a lovely day you had. I enjoy rainy days also and we have had a day or two lately and more coming. Maybe even some more of that white stuff…at least my mother thinks so, but she gets confused often on the weather.
    I do need to question you about a couple of things but will email. Soon…don’t lose sleep over it..I am kinda slow these days. lol

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  2. You wrote of rain, and I found it snowing outside my window. I firmly believe snow should fall in the daytime, and rain can sneak around at night. I enjoyed reading of the relics you found and what they meant to you.

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    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you for inviting us into your home and thoughts again with that sweet post. How about a recipe for JoDee’s BBQ chicken and your bread pudding? 😊 Love you… ❤

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  3. Those momentos we find, they’re precious aren’t they and so very special. I found a hand written letter from my mum the other week when I was back home and it brought tears. But then I wiped them and considered how abundantly blessed I’ve been. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Sounds like my rainy day, though I didn’t accomplish any housework. I lost my Grandpa at 10 – among the greatest losses, like you said… enough love for a lifetime. Even my Dad was talking about his Dad on our phone call this weekend. Seems like we’re all remembering the old ones. I’d sure like to have the bread pudding recipe! love, debra

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  5. I made a chocolate and blueberries bread pudding on the weekend a young couple who visited us. I would love try adding apples however my youngest is allergic to apples. another beautiful post. I lost my grandmother at ten too, “She loved me enough in those ten years to last a lifetime” couldn’t have said any better. just simply beautiful

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  6. I love the soft and lovely way you describe your day’s, there is always a line that makes me grateful for my life as it is. Today it was, Though my heart felt a pang each time I discovered a relic, my gladness for having had each of them in my life, far outweighed the sorrow, I felt. Their contribution to my life is still evident today. A profound and loving thought. That is what life is all about. To be remembered with love. Thank you for sharing, Michele. Hugs.

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  7. I love how you live, Michele, and how you view that life: Rain that falls without malice, relics of loved ones that cause gratitude that you had them more than sorrow and nary a touch of guilt, and sons that you raised who express gratitude. You are both blessed and a blessing.

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