Our Song for the Fifth Child


The following story was written, not long after Christian was born-now twenty-five years ago.  Do not let the term “fairy” fool you, for this is a true story.  I was there and this is my account.


Not long ago, there lived a mother, who had four little fairy children.

One morning in March, a miracle happened- for this mother was given another.

Her four fairy children searched through the land, for the finest things it  did offer- Each wanted a gift, reflecting the love, they felt for new fairy brother.

When each little fairy had finished their quest. they said to the child and their mother,

“We come in thanksgiving, to celebrate life, and bearing gifts for our littlest brother.”

The first fairy was a boy child, whose spirit was fire the fire was the gift that he gave. . .and a strength without fear, he gave the small dear-                                              so to run in the woods, and dance in June showers-                                                                  may you ramble in woodlands in freedom for hours-                                                            stopping only to climb the tree, nearest the sun                                                                        and to race with the deer, just for the fun.

“Live well with this spirit of fire” he said, and it was then, that the new fairy smiled.

The only girl fairy had eyes warm and enchanting, so that sunflowers grew, wherever she glanced.  . . and and so that was the gift that she gave-

“One must look to see beauty. so my gift to you, is a kindness in which to see the world through.                                                                                                                                      May you gaze at creation, with patient eyes, not missing the splendor of winter night skies-                                                                                                                                              nor whisper pink roses, nor emerald grasses-                                                                            may you notice the grandeur of each day that passes.”

Again the little babe smiled.

The next fairy brother, so carefully chose, the gift he intended for the child, that he loved. . .and that was the gift, that he gave.

“May your reason, be just-and careful-and true,                                                                        guided by the wisdom, of those before you.                                                                              Might you take time to wonder, at all that you see,                                                                and then to imagine, what more there might be-                                                                      always consider, what else there may be.”

Then, the new fairy child smiled, once again.

The last fairy child nearly sang out his gift.  His voice was a small one and filled with good cheer, and that was the gift that he gave.

“I give to you happiness, I give to you glee!                                                                                  We will laugh together, you and me!                                                                                              Celebrate joy, as we do your birth-                                                                                                  and may you enjoy a lifetime of mirth!”

It was then the new fairy child giggled.

The mother of these fairies, had thought long of a gift, as she wasn’t a fairy as they.  And now at long last, this mother of fairies knew just what she wanted to say.

“The gifts you dear fairies, have bestowed on your brother are certainly some of the best,                                                                                                                                                          but I have a gift too,that I know in my heart, will be treasured as much as the rest.”

The mother then gathered all of her children, her eyes began to brim, and said-

“The gift that I give to my youngest son, is the four little fairies before him.”

And then the new fairy child laughed . . .and  the heavens joined in the laughter-        and the mother of  fairies,and all of her children to this day, live “happily after”.   







34 thoughts on “Our Song for the Fifth Child

  1. Oh Rabbit… I’m choking here with love, joy, and wishes. You are so eloquent and have a beautiful grasp of words which you use to help you say what’s in your heart.

    In this incredibly beautiful poem, you have painted a verbal picture which took shape inside my mind, then colours were added – lilacs, blues, browns, lemons, peaches, greens …. one by one the colours came until the whole story was painting itself inside my head so that I could ‘see’ the poem happening. It all became visual, and, as I watched, I heard the story being told. It carried me along in a way that only Beatrix Potter could have done – for she knew the true value of being able to write about her ‘subject’ but also how important it was to be able to paint the pictures too, so that readers really could see what she herself was visioning.
    This is where you differ from many writers. You have the gifted ability to paint pictures on the inner walls of a readers mind.

    Yet again – you picked me up and carried me through your heart, and at the end, I looked back I saw no footprints – for, although I know I came all the way through, I didn’t walk even one step – because you carried me along.

    Love you Rabbit. BIG TIME! ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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  2. This was amazing Michele. I loved each word and I know you have wonderful children because you are a wonderful mom!
    I could just see this as a children’s book, complete with Beatrix Potter type pictures. I know this because you painted those pictures in my mind!
    Happy Birthday Christian!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ma’am,
    Happy birthday to Christian and lots of love from a “fairy” godmother from across the seas, who has a 25-year-old child herself.
    The poem brought tears to my eyes. Very few things in the world make me tear up while reading.
    It sounded like the poem written by ?Marmie ? Jo of the 4 boxes in “Little Women”. Each little girl’s box in the attic was reflective of that child’s personality. As were the blessings of each little fairy in tis poem. Each gave of his or her own self to the little babe. The mother gave her whole self to the little babe.
    Great poem, ma’am.


    1. thank you dear! I am so terribly behind! love Michele oh gosh! just was responding to your so kind words on todays post and it disappeared! I loved your comment! I do not have a clue what happened! What a shame as your words warmed my heart so very much. love Michele

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  4. Oh, I loved every word of this from the title to “live happily after.” It is beautiful, heartwarming, enchanting; I can see it as a published children’s book with wonderful illustrations read and loved by children around the world. You really should try to publish it — in your free time! Truly, Michele, ’tis a marvelous tale full of love, happiness and the joy of a new baby.


  5. As I work my way through chemo and radiation your beautiful post bring joy to my heart and soul. I have good days and days that include some side effects and fatigue but today was a good day and I have saved all of your post’s to read because I knew they would make me smile. Thank you, Michele. Hugs. Patricia

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    1. you dear friend- I am thrilled to hear from you. How this comment touches me. I pray you are making great progress in your healing. Thank you so much for your kind words-once again, you have made my day! Your name is lifted daily. love Michele

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