March 15th, 1935


Today is no ordinary day at the rabbit patch-today is my fathers’  eighty third birthday.  People like to brag on their family, and I am no different. . .but believe me, I have every right to.  There is no need to exaggerate as the truth is sufficient and proves my point, that I come from nobility. He was born on March 15th, 1935.

Daddy grew up on “back roads.”  Money was scarce, which meant food and clothing were too.  His father was loved by all and handsome, but terribly undependable as a father.  Daddy does not hold it against him, and so I do not either. . .still this left it all up to Grandmama to raise her four children -and she did .  There were no government programs in those days and Grandmama did not not drive.  Somehow, she raised four children, and everyone of them are honorable people. Daddy has an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother.  

He walked to school and carried his shoes,, so as not to wear them out.  Even as a young child, he worked on the farm performing tasks like a grown man. He made good grades in school and in high school, was urged to go to college and become a writer.  That was never an option for a very poor country boy.  Instead, he joined the army.  He excelled in sharp shooting and somehow mechanics, becoming a helicopter mechanic that tended the helicopters for President Eisenhower . I suppose hunting rabbits and keeping old tractors running paid off in the long run.

Daddy had high expectations for his children.  We were expected to be courteous and respectful.  We were to do our best in school. We learned to work and not to be wasteful . . .and we always had well made shoes.  He was a strict father and needless to say, saved me from a lot of foolishness when I was a teenager.  Daddy was dependable. . . and still is. 

I have a notebook, that I record the details of Daddys’ life in.  The collection of memories make me cry and yet fill my heart with pride, a few pages later.  

Next week, the family will gather to celebrate Daddy and Christians’ birthdays.  Today, my sister, Connie took him out to eat and treated him to a shopping trip.  I stopped by after work with a gift and treats.  

Of all the blessings this life affords, a loving family certainly trumps most.  Parents  teach us, care for us and sacrifice til it becomes habit.  My daddy has done all of that for me.  . .but above and beyond that, the “sermon he wears in his shoes” has been a mighty force in my life.  Throughout my childhood, Daddy helped me catch glimpses of  the Father by the way he lived -and the way he loved.  He took away some of the mystery of  the “Heavenly Father” day by day-and of all the things Daddy gave me . . .that has made the difference. 

Who  knew, that  deep inside, a poor little boy  walking on a back road, carrying his shoes-and probably hungry, lay the heart of a warrior? . . .a mind intelligent enough to overcome  the odds?  Who would have known, they were looking in the face of nobility ?  

Happy Birthday, Daddy! 

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37 thoughts on “March 15th, 1935

  1. What a wonderful tribute! As it happens, my mother was born on this day, too — in 1918. She’s been gone for a few years now, but she and my father had many of the qualities of your father. And didn’t we profit from them? Enjoy your celebrations!

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  2. Michele, may your honored (& honorable) father have a blessed birthday celebration. What a gift his life has been, and is! He also has the exact same birthday as my precious Mama – March 15, 1935. We had a grand time celebrating her 80th – then 3 short months later she passed on to be with Jesus (& our Papa.) Treasure these times with your parents (& take lots of pictures!)✨🎉🎂🎉✨


  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Michele! His life sounds like my dad’s life. Only my Grandpa died when my dad was 10. That left dad and his siblings to help my grandma, who also did not drive, run the farm.
    Dads are so very important and yes they can be so influential in pointing the way to the Father and teaching how much He loves us.
    Love this post!


  4. And life continues on. How special your Dad is to you and your family.
    More in common here…My dad learned mechanics in the service too and got his A&E( I think that is what it’s called ) to work on both big and small airplanes as well as helicopters. Air is just about the only thing that really pushed my dads buttons. He has rebuilt several small planes and the last one was an antique PQ14. But that is another story .Once he had to give up flying ( he was also an instructor) he just gave up. He is now 95 and is ready to leave but God isn’t cooperating which makes taking care of him on the hard side for both my mother and myself.
    Rain,rain for the next few days. Goodness…glad I’m not farming and needing to get the ground ready.
    Give your dad a Happy Birthday for me. xoxo

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    1. I wish you and your mom well, in the care of your father. I often feel ready for something, only to have to wait on God. I know His timing is perfect. Until then, God bless you and your mom-and your dad. We had flurries again this week! Thank you dear Beverly -love Michele

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  5. What a beautiful tribute to your father! I hope he had a very happy birthday, and I know he will enjoy his celebration with Christian. He sounds like the kind of man who was given very little in life in the way of material things, but learned from the example of his mother to make the most of what he did have. And that’s a good example for us all!

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    1. You are exactly right-I do not know how she did it-and was never bitter, but instead joyful and grateful. Greatness can spawn from humble beginnings, it seems. Thank you so much for seeing that and leaving such kind words. love Michele

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  6. Such a beautiful memoir…Happy Birthday to your Father, Michelle.
    Now I know why you have such a big heart.
    Your words are so true. Family comes first n everything and something that we must all treasure.

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  7. Firstly – a very Happy Birthday to your wonderful Father, Rabbit.
    He became the man he was because of the grounding he got from his mother. He knew tough times and lived through them. He knew how to save his shoe leather, and how much it meant to the family – for although he would have grown out of his shoes, they wouldn’t be thrown away, as they are now-a-days, but instead passed down to siblings.

    He learned how to take direction and how to make sure he was always the best man he could be, because of the years in Service.

    And he taught himself how to be a good father, which he surely was because …. well, look how you’ve turned out Rabbit.

    A truly wonderful piece of writing. A fabulous tribute to a fabulous man. And a pouring of love for an incredible father.

    You love him, it’s clear to see. And now I love him too. For he has given me one of the most treasured gifts in life. A friend.

    Thank you Mr.Rabbit Senior, for a beautiful daughter and incredible friend.

    Sending much love to the whole family ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. One of the lovliest comments ever written-so tears filled my eyes-again! You are right on all counts concerning my dad. And my grandmother too. Thank God above for her. Thank you sincerely and loads of love back to you! love your rabbit!

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  8. What a loving tribute to a person who sounds like he is very well deserving of it….and I guess where you got your gift of writing! Parents like that are such a blessing!!

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