“The Time of the Singing of Birds”


It is almost April and still, we wait for tulips.  The evenings in March still warrant a blanket and frost blankets the fields of winter wheat, in the first hours, of the day.  Though dogwoods and azaleas ought to bloom for Easter Sunday, the ones  at the rabbit patch, do not seem inclined to do so this year.  .  .and Easter eggs are likely to be found amongst sticks and old leaves, instead of tufts of tender grass.  The forecast does indicate fair weather in the near future.

The gathering on Sunday, in honor of a trio of birthdays, was  a happy affair.  Daddy and Christian had a chocolate eclair cake-and Mama had bought Lyla her very own little chocolate cake.  I think we all expected Lyla to grab two handfuls of cake, at the first chance she got, but Lyla picked up a little plastic fork, and cut herself a slice, very neatly.  

Tres had to leave early, as he had to go to work that afternoon.  Jenny had a biology test-on Sunday!  (I remember when stores and restaurants too, all closed on Sunday.)  When all was cleaned up, and there was no trace a party had taken place, I came back to the rabbit patch, which now, seemed especially quiet.

Next week is spring break and so schools will close for a week.  I do hope to restore some order to the territory  around the rabbit patch, before I leave for Elizabeth City.  The place looks shabby and I blame the March winds, that have been relentless this year.  It saddens me to say, that the beloved cape jasmine bushes haven’t a sprig of green yet, so I fear that week of sub zero temperatures, may have been fatal for my favorite bushes.  The dandelions are alive and well, though. . .and so are the wild violets.

On the way to school, I sometimes follow a school bus, no matter what time I leave.  It is hardly light as I drive past fields and pastures.  This morning, the bus in front of me started its’ flashing lights in front of a house , that set a good ways back from the road.  There waiting in the driveway, in the last shadow of night, stood a tiny little boy.  Honestly, it bothered me that he was alone  . . .but then I saw that he was in good company, after all.  A dog was on either side of him.  One was a medium size and the other was a smaller one .  Both of the dogs walked the boy to the bus, and paused til he was safely aboard.  Then they turned around and pranced quite proudly back to the drive and waited til the bus pulled away, before returning to the house.   I just love dogs.

Today was mild and absent of brutal winds  It felt like the first day of spring.  I noticed the wisteria is just beginning to bloom in the woodlands.  Here and there little lavender blossoms appear to float in the woodlands, otherwise the woodlands still  portray a winter landscape.  I suspect within a week the wild wisteria vines will make their presence known and act as lovely garlands for oaks, still not convinced of the season.  The woodlands around the rabbit patch are abundant with the fragrant vines.  Wisteria is zealous and not everyone counts them beloved, because of that.  I  think of my friend “Sweet Anne”, who does battle with a wisteria in her yard every year.   (I think she is losing.) 

At last,  I think, it is safe to put the geraniums on the porch .  I washed the heaviest blankets last night, to be put away.  I even moved the warmest sweaters to the back of the closet , in good faith . . .that  “the time of the singing of birds has come” . . .and young rabbits will soon be seen in the twilight ,amongst those patches of wild violets.  

25 thoughts on ““The Time of the Singing of Birds”

  1. Sigh. I love all the things you are noticing that are hesitant to come out and the springy things braving the cold. It’s very brown and gray here and although today is warmer, I’ve heard we might be in for more snow. I’m choosing (just barely) not to complain as I’m super grateful for our autumn splendor here in the north, so I figure we need the distinct four seasons to make that one happen. Green is my favorite color, so I’ll just be patient for it all to burst forth. We’ve been noticing lots of birds returning, various animals emerging from winter sleeps, and a few buds here and there, but still no green. It rained the other day and that might help. I think I saw the tippy top of a daffodil or two though so that’s cheerful. I’m curious about your family traditions for Easter. 🙂 Nosy Amy.

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    1. Like you, I love all seasons. I hope “green” is not so far off, for you. I like waiting for things too. I cook a big dinner for Easter. The kids do not usually come home though. I have a week and to visit them, but this time I am in Elizabeth City hoping Jenny can finish her internship hours. She graduates in May with her second degree and I will be o glad for her! thank you so much-love Michele

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  2. I have been losing the wisteria battle since I began, but I shall enter the fray yet again this year. So far there is no activity on the pergola, where the branches are still bare. I don’t need to find the clippers yet. Phew!

    I loved the word picture of the little boy being shepherded to the bus by two dogs. We saw our neighbor onto his bus this morning.


  3. I do hope your favorite bush makes a come back. Somethings are especially slow this year.
    Wild wisteria is one of my favs. there is a patch of woods on the way to Walnut Grove that is just breathtakingly beautiful when in bloom. My sons side yard is covered but it is a pale washout kinda color. Not pretty at all and my old fateful has finely made it and it is still white. I wish it was a purple but alas it isn’t going to change.
    Every little boy should have such good dependable friends. That story does my heart good..
    Rabbit…I’m praying a blessed Easter for you and yours

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    1. thank you for the wish for the cape jasmines! I never knew wisteria could be white! I bet that is beautiful. Here it is all purple and some of the woods are as you say, are just beautiful-I am quite behind, but still loved hearing from you. love Michele.

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  4. I hope your bushes still sprout green Michele! Everything here is terribly slow also this year. Our temps have been running about 20 degrees below normal lately.
    I loved the mental picture of that tiny boy standing between his two loyal guardian dogs. Having sent boys off on the bus for years……it brought back many memories.
    Anne is fighting her wisteria and I think it would be lovely to have some…..maybe we always long for things we can’t have? It makes me wonder if I had wisteria would I love it as much as I love the thought of it?

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  5. Your post describes your longing for the arrival of spring very well. The situation here in the interior of British Columbia is almost identical to yours. Hopefully spring will show her colours and bring us the happy twitter of our beloved song birds very soon. Happy Easter!

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  6. Another beautiful read from you Rabbit.
    Life is so pleasant when I’m in your company. (Although I do admit to a feeling of anxiety about the little boy. Lone little ones fill me with such concern and fear nowadays).

    Hope your Easter time is filled with much love an contentment, for you deserve nothing less.
    love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I like when you visit-I was thinking of you today. Let us ask angels to watch the boy and his loyal dogs. I feel the same as you about safety. The world is not the same as it was. I pray your Easter was lovely. lov your rabbit

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      1. Yes, let us pray for the little boy and his fabulously loyal dogs.I should take my own advice and hand over to God those things about which I have no control or influence over. (I’m such a worry wart! tsk tsk)

        Our Easter was just beautiful, thank you Rabbit. The family gathered around the table and everyone smiling, laughing and generally comfortable in each others company. A very happy time.
        Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      2. That is the way I like to do a holiday! i warms my heart to know you had a happy time. And I just got weary from worrying-finally able to put my faith in practice-but whe I fail, I do so miserably! ha! I love you Cobs-your rabbit, Michele

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  7. I can feel your yearning for spring. I have heard the love songs of cardinals and have seen the bluebirds browsing around the birdhouse real estate. Red-wing blackbirds have been patrolling our road from their vantage point high up on the wires. Daffodils and tulips are peaking out, ever so cautiously, growing very slowly, and the maple tree buds are swelling and getting red. Spring is here, just doesn’t feel like it. I was drawn deeply to your tale of the little boy waiting for the school bus under the watchful eyes of his dogs. The visual was sweet, but the twinge of worry for the little guy was pretty obvious. Thank you for your sweet prose, I enjoy it each time I read it.

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    1. thank you so much. I love every season, but spring is so full of renewal. It sounds, as you beautifully described, that spring is being born in your area. I appreciate your lovely comment and wish you a beautiful season.


  8. My dear belated Chuy loved the school bus, and all the kids on the bus knew him. More than once, when my eldest grandson Kacey boarded the bus at my house, Chuy would follow him right up the stairs. Mr. Jackson, the bus driver, would say hello, and all the kids would smile and laugh. Then Chuy would descend the stairs and sit in the driveway as the bus pulled away. Without fail, Chuy would get himself outside and on the front lawn every day at three o’clock, as he knew the bus was due. When he had surgery and wore a sock taped up his entire left forepaw, all the kids gave him sympathy.
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories that still lift my spirits.

    All my best,


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