To Sit by a River


The Easter dinner on Sunday was lovely.  Mama and Daddy came a little later than usual, because of all days . . .I over slept.  This is not a good thing, when you are cooking a turkey.  I felt the same dreadful way as I do when it is a work day.  I do not like to start any day in a hurry, but this day demanded I did so.  The first thirty minutes are  like a blur now, that resulted in the turkey being put in the oven, and a cake being mixed to be topped with strawberries , later.  I did not linger over coffee, but drank it in gulps .  Some time or another, I ate a piece of buttered toast.  By the time I was peeling potatoes and turnips, I  realised it was not going to be as late  as I had expected . . . .and so I whipped the cream with a bit of strawberry extract, with a lighter heart.

By mid afternoon, I was on the way to Elizabeth City, for a week. . .something I have looked forward to for a while.


The morning was mild and Lyla and I were on the porch by eight am. We sat in the swing  in our pajamas, and sang morning songs.   What a lovely feeling washed over me.  The day was unfolding and it belonged  to us.  We came in and I hastened to complete a few chores .  Jenny had to log some hours with her internship and Will had gone to work.   . .so we set off the “laughing river”.   The beautiful  Pasquotank river bank is less than five minutes from Jennys’ back door. . .of course we took the long way.  When we turned the first corner, the street was lined with dog tooth violets.  Lyla and I both sighed aloud at the sight.  It was like walking through a sea of flowers.  Buttercups came up where they could, but the violets were thick and left little room for things like buttercups.  There were trees blooming in shades of lavender and white to complete a fairy like landscape.  This was my idea of spring and it filled my heart with hope and joy.  Lyla wanted flowers for her mama, so we collected a small bouquet, which she clutched in her little hand as we went along.  

We arrived at edge of the river shortly after.  The banks were green and dotted with dandelions.  Lyla did not want any dandelions in her bouquet, which amused me.  We did make a good deal of wishes.  We took turns, and I realised my wishes are little prayers.  Lyla listened intently and followed suit.  After the “Sweet Hour of Prayer”,  Lyla began her “balancing act” on the railway ties, meant to mark the parking area.  Thankfully, there is hrdly ever any one parking. Mostof the visitors are pushing strollers, walking dogs or biking.  Lyla walked the ties for close to an hour, with only a few mishaps.  Meanwhile the river rolled along merrily and the sun shone bright, lighting up the dandelions til they seemed to glow. To sit by a river, is a wonderful thing.   Somehow, you end up tossing “what ails you” in the water without thinking about it.  

On the way home, things changed.  The wind was cool enough to make me hurry and it fell on us in spurts of heavy gusts.  By evening, it was cold.  The way of spring, I thought.  To me it was just the sort of day I loved.


I expected the “early service” to be cold, based on the chill in the night, but it was not.  It was a somber service, in the absence of sunlight, but pleasant enough.  The birds were as busy as ever.  The squirrels were too.  The air carried the faint smell of young blossoms.  I love the peace of mornings.

Lyla and I were soon off for a picnic by the river, which was as “quiet as a church mouse”, on this day.  It looked like a sheet of glass and made both Lyla and I get quiet too.  We ate and then blew bubbles.  how lovely the bubbles looked floating over the river.  At long last the sun came out strong enough to cast  dappled shadows.  We decided to head for the playground, in the opposite direction.  We passed the house of the Nobles family, on the way and stopped to smell a large bed of hyacinths and lily of the valley flowers.  I remembered them from last year and had intended to visit them, this week.  The playground was not too busy and Lyla had the place to herself at intervals.  I sat on the bench and felt overwhelmed with a feeling of contentment.  What a grand life, I thought.

We walked back under canopies of white, pink and lavender flowers-and amidst wild flowers springing up along the side walk.  Lyla asked me to pick a few more for her bouquet.  She pointed out several robins and called them by name.  I am confident now that she can identify the cardinal and the robin by sight,-and the mockingbird by song.  I did have the chance to introduce her to some noisy crows who spent the afternoon quarreling with some sea gulls, at the park.

Jenny cooked supper on the grill and we ate outside.  Such a nice conclusion to a happy day.  It did not seem the least bit odd to hum the words of “Joy to the World” . . .even if it is April.

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32 thoughts on “To Sit by a River

  1. Any time water is involved it is good.Doesn’t matter..lake,pond,river,babbling brook even rain. Water is just relaxing. So many of the relaxing sound utubes are water related and yes…they can “sound” you to sleep.
    give Lyla a hug for me next time you see her. xoxo from Mississippi

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  2. How idyllic this all sounds! Up here, we’ve still to see much evidence of green things – let alone yellow, white or purple – poking through the drab soil, but oh! how I look forward to Spring’s bounty with anticipation! Thank you for painting this picture.


  3. My thoughts exactly. Lyla is lucky to have a grandma that will teach her very important things, like how to stop and smell the flowers or appreciate her surroundings. Life speeds up so soon for the little ones these days, I’m glad you both get to meander along together!


  4. Isn’t it wonderful how God puts grandkids in our lives? As a grandma there is finally time to stop and smell flowers with a child and time to watch the birds and learn all the good things in life! What a precious time!

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    1. It is wonderful time-and has been my saving grace. . .truly. I did all of those things with my kids, and do not regret one minute. I am especially blessed because someone did this for me. thank you Faye-will I ever get caught up??? love michele

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  5. Michele, I hate that late, rushed feeling when I’m cooking. It sounds like you made quick work of it all and redeemed your Easter meal. I’m still loving this line, “We sat in the swing in our pajamas, and sang morning songs. ” Morning songs. ❤ Sigh. And this, "To sit by a river, is a wonderful thing. Somehow, you end up tossing “what ails you” in the water without thinking about it. " ❤ ❤ ❤ and this, "It looked like a sheet of glass and made both Lyla and I get quiet too. We ate and then blew bubbles. how lovely the bubbles looked floating over the river. " All the flowers sound so wonderful and heavenly, please sniff a few for me the next time you are out! ❤

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  6. Hi friend Such a nice post. So glad you and Lyla have such wonderful times together. She is a beautiful little girl. Hug her often, they grow up so fast. Your still should write that book – your writing talent is so great. Happy day to you. Peggy

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  7. Boy you sure have me longing for the blossom of flowers here…Joy to the World would seem quite appropriate with the snow we had the other day…still looks and feels like winter here! What a lovely few days you had, I’m sure the rest of your week was just as wonderful!! You are so right about tossing your cares into the river…I can definitely feel and imagine that. Wishing you a lovely week ahead Michele…love Deb ❤


  8. For an incredible post like this one … clicking “Like” is way below where my appreciation for it should be. I need a “LOVE” button. I love this post from the start to the end. It’s a verbal window into your life, through which we can look through, each of us sitting in our own ‘morning seat’ with our own cup of coffee, and watching as you paint your world for us, with words.

    By the end of this post I wanted to cry – not in a sad way, but in a way which I was giving my thanks to God, for allowing me the genuine blessing of ‘knowing’ you Rabbit. You teach me things that I know you don’t realise, but you do.
    The Lord lays out what I need to know, hear, read, realise, understand, take on board, or learn, and you, probably unknowingly, take up the lessons and deliver them to me, in a way which I can connect with and learn from.

    I not only ❤ LOVE this post, but love you too Rabbit. ❤
    Thank you for being my friend, for I love having you in my life. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Dear, dear friend- Your comments never fail to touch me so deeply. Your beautiful heart shows up in your words with such power. I remain so very grateful we met. I feel so close to you, like we have known each other a long long while. You are “more precious than rubies” to me and God is so kind to have given me you. I love you-Michele

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  9. I go to the river from time to time,
    Break away from these crazy days in my life.
    To sit and watch the river flow.
    Ease my mind and soul.

    -Natalie Merchant

    Seek peace,


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