One Golden Sunday


I was glad of many things this morning at the “early service”.  The last few days have just tumbled by like a merry river.    With today being Sunday, I had “Sunday dinner”  to look forward to, as well.   

I had planned to fry chicken, as Mama really enjoys that.  Daddy would like the steamed cabbage, and I had a perfectly good ham bone that warranted use.  Even though black eyed peas, seemed “out  of season”  I had some on hand, and so the pot of “January” peas were simmering by nine.  As  I was making the  dessert, Jenny called and said she and Lyla were coming.  I was as “happy as any lark” ever dared to be.  I was glad I had decided on making cheesecake bars as Jenny is quite partial to cheese cake, in any form.

 Meanwhile, the morning warmed up coaxing a few more rosebuds to open. It seemed the day would be fair, which only made me more cheerful.

The meal turned out well.  Lyla said the prayer, insisting we all hold hands.  She said simply, “thank you Jesus”.  No one can accuse her of “praying like a pharisee” .  

After the meal, we all went outside and sat near the old sycamores.  Lyla and Christian took off to the small orchard out back.  They ended up under the old grapevine.  Lyla was enamored with the “secret place” and spent a good deal of time there, with Christian.  Christian said she liked watching the birds building nests.

I have my own memories of playing under an old grapevine.  My younger sister, Delores and I spent many summer afternoons in the shade of an old grapevine.  To us, it was a house we shared with our dolls.  We never bothered about husbands, but we had more than a few dolls.  If one of the dolls got sick, the “house” suddenly transformed in to a hospital. Sometimes it was a school and the year Delores got a cash register, it became a grocery store.  Mama would wash cans and save boxes til we built a good supply of stock.  We also collected what we could for furniture.  Things like buckets, turned upside down, for chairs and picnic benches for beds.  I am so glad that Mama insisted we play outside, instead of inside watching TV, for those were happy times. 

We developed quite an imagination, which I think may be one of the most valuable qualities, a person can have.   Imagination is the heart of compassion as we can feel the heart of others, with just a bit of it.  Imagination also helps us more easily understand the behavior of others -even if the behavior is poor and  can cause us not to judge harshly.  Besides that, Delores and I were really practicing for “real life”.  Our dolls were precious, good, naughty and sick on any given day, much like our real children would be.

I wondered what Lyla was talking to Christian about, but I did not dare interrupt the spell of those moments.  I did ask Christian later, what Lyla was doing, all that time.  He said she pretended all sorts of things . . .and so he did too.

Meanwhile, by the old sycamores, the rest of us sat and shared small talk.  The conversation was slow and light hearted .  We were glad for my nephew, Brandon who will be attending a university next year.  Daddy said I needed a new tire-and then found a tack in one of Jennys’ tires.  We all hoped Jennys’ “Grandma Betty” was feeling better and  Jenny  said she felt the baby move quite often, these days. 

 When everyone left, I felt like I had been bestowed a gift.   . .something rare and genuine.  “Sometimes, there are bright and shining moments” . . . .and this Sunday was one  of them.   This Sunday, was golden . . . and pure .  . .and quite beautiful.


34 thoughts on “One Golden Sunday

  1. Dear Ma’am,
    I loved this post and the love you shared with one another resonated through this post, reminding me of an era gone by, where time often stood still on a holiday and talks of war and dispute seemed so out of this world.
    I especially liked what you wrote about “imagination” and how it allows us to “account” for what others do. Often I feel we cover up for what others have done to us, or for us, using our imagination to fill in the blanks. X behaved this way because — he/she had a poor childhood, was not as blessed as I was growing up and so on. Or Y is so sweet because she has not faced much of what the world has to offer and so can still see the world through rose-tinted glasses. I loved Lyla’s prayer by the way- reminded me of that old prayer- now I lay me down to sleep—.
    Imagination allowed people like Anne and Polly Anna see the world differently. Not having an imagination means not being able to read a fiction book for to understand a fictional story sometimes we have to let our imagination run amok.
    Thank you for reminding me of the simple pleasures of life- family, food, friendship and little feet.

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    1. dear Susie-how this comment touched me. You took such time to reach out to me-and here I am so late in telling you That was a very special Sunday and it really meant so much. Thank you for your kind and uplifting words. I treasure them love Michele


  2. Like you, my sister and I played and played and played with our dolls–believe it or not–until we were in our teens. I believe my imagination blossomed from all those games and spending time in the simple land of make believe. With all the technology in our faces these days, I wonder if, in time, the land of make believe will become more difficult to find.

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  3. You have such good visits and Sunday dinner sounds divine.
    Somewhere along the life highway I think I have lost some imagination,Even in my crafting leaves need to be green and flowers pink,red or yellow and not the other way around. ,I remember asking for a doll,usually a bride doll, every year but I don’t remember playing with them .I may have grown up to fast…Maybe that is why I am so very tired.

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    1. When all else fails paint a lavender bird . .it may do the trick but, I know you are far from unimaginative by your art and your writing. . and it is not too late to play . . you have so much responsibility and deserve to spend some time on you. thank you my dear friend-xoxoxo michele

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  4. What a wonderful weekend with family. We were privileged to gather as well by my son this past weekend. We celebrated the baptism of our third grandchild….it was truly a blessing.
    Love reading about Lyla and her joy in playing under the grapevine. It brings back so many memories of being a child.

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  5. As you and Delores learned, as Susie reiterates above, the skill (art?) of imagination can open so many doors. I wonder, “kids these days”, if the information overload is robbing them of precious opportunities.
    I solved crimes with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, from the streets of London to the moors of Baskerville.
    I trekked far north into the frozen Arctic and nearly died, having to kill a wolf with my bear hands and teeth, via the pen strokes of Jack London.
    I met a magic turtle that lived in a little pond, and spoke only to the summer children that visited him there.
    I saw far into the future in “Daybreak: 2250 A.D.”.
    Thanks to imagination, I stood in the Garden of Eden with the only two people in the universe, and reveled in its beauty.
    Thanks to imagination, I can return to these places, and many more, on a whim.

    Seek peace,


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    1. Our childhood was full of adventures-now sadly, I worry, as this generation comes along with “screen” dominating their time. Children ought to ramble in woods and sit by rivers, or make forts, I think It was such a gift to me to do so and I declare still makes a difference, in my life now. I am not too old yet, to look for a magic turtle-haha! thank you friend-Michele

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  6. I think you have days that are golden and pure and quite beautiful because you bring those same qualities to them. I also particularly enjoyed the paragraph about imagination which included this thought, “Imagination is the heart of compassion as we can feel the heart of others, with just a bit of it.” So wise and true.

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    1. oh thank you! I have thought long and hard about imagination and realised that it has saved my life as an adult! I can imagine something passing at some point-and something good awaiting. It has made me resourceful too. I treasure imagination and try to keep it at heart. you leave the sweetest thoughts and I love every one of them! love Michele


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