Thoughts and Memories


 On Saturday, I woke to the sound of a friendly rain.  I love to wake on a silver morning with a gentle rain falling, especially, if I have no further obligation, than to listen to the watery song.  I always think of my friend Rae, when it rains, for she is every bit as fond of a rainy day, as I am.  Rain gives us permission to cancel  things like yard work and other bothersome tasks.  

There was a powdery mist over the laughing river today.  The water looked milky and I had not seen it look that way before.  It felt like a discovery of something  beautiful, that was new to me.  I always like seeing a new kind of beauty . . as much a I like a  familiar thing of beauty, too.  

All day, the air was wet in some form or fashion.  After the early morning showers, mist followed, then it would “sprinkle” and finally it would rain again. Lyla had her heart set on a picnic and the front porch just would not do on this day.  She wanted a “real” picnic in the grass.  Will tried to convince her that the grass and yard were soggy, but Lyla did not take it well.  Jenny resorted to calling Santa Clause.  Apparently there is  number to hear a recording when such an occasion arises.  Lyla stated her full name  and told him “just don’t come .  I don”t want to be good !”  

It would do us all good to remember that Lyla is but three years old.  Three year olds do not “put on airs”.  They act upon their feelings quite honestly.  The “high road” does not often appeal to three year olds . . .it does not always appeal to me either . . .at first sight. . .but rest assured, we will all do our best to lead Lyla to the “high road”, until it becomes a habit, hopefully.    

We ended the day with a good supper, while the rain was still falling.


I was late for the early service this Sunday morning.  The sun was shining brightly and cardinals were flying, by the time I went out.  As often happens, a verse  popped in my head. It  first came to me while we were on our holiday. It came up again as I greeted the day, when the sun was a blazing lemon drop.   It is a favorite of mine from Corinthians . . “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”   The verse stayed with me through breakfast and echoes now no matter what task is at hand.  

This has happened to me countless times.  Verses will come to me and it always turns out, some event arises, that demands some action. The verses ring true and supply exactly what is required to proceed.  Of course, being away from the sea, I have become human again, after all and with that, a looming sense of curiosity of the path before me.  It is time to return my focus to the rabbit patch, still in need of a few small repairs, and mean while the summer slips by  stealthily much like a “thief in the night”.   One thing, and maybe one of the few things, I am certain of , is that a “new season is on the horizon”.  How far off, I can not tell.  We can never know  all of the details of life.  That would not require an ounce of trust and how would our faith increase under such circumstances?  If all the answers were laid before us, what profit would that be?  If we could prepare accordingly to whatever may come up, then we would never need to rely on God, which would be dreadful, in the long run.  We would miss  out altogether on what may very well, be the intent of our earthly journey.  It seems whether or not we admit it, that we must all “Walk by faith and not be sight.”  

Not being an expert or a “master” of religion,  I can only, say these are some of my thoughts, as of lately. . . and I am not through thinking just yet, nor will  I ever be in this lifetime.


Lyla and I made strawberry brownies in the late morning.  We listened to the “Brandenburg concertos” as she mixed the chocolate batter and I sliced the strawberries.   Somewhere along the way, Lyla wanted to call Santa, for she’d had a change of heart .

The afternoon stole lazily away.  A stray shower  sprung up ever so often followed by a hot, bright  sunshine.  I talked to Kyle and Christian, who assured me that all was well at the rabbit patch.   My sons have not starved, as I always fear they will, when I am away.   At long last, the roof is finally and completely finished.  Cash, my boxer and Christopher Robin, my cat are fine.  I am sure by now, that Christopher Robin is holding a grudge.  He does not know that I saw a shell, on the shore, in soft shades of gray, and missed him, sorely.

In the evening I sat outside.  Thunder rumbled in the distance and the passing clouds seemed in a hurry.  A cool breeze was blowing and it felt like September.  I remembered my grandmother, for it was the anniversary of her death.  Grandmama died young, at the age of 52.  It has been 49 years since her passing.  I was ten years old, yet I remember her voice, even now.  She died one night suddenly and the shock of it remains to this day.  Christian asked me once, if I still missed her and I cried, for I have never quit missing her.  In ten years, she made an impression on me, that has lasted.  No one is ever going to talk about any “business” deal for 49 years nor are we likely to mourn the loss of any possession, no matter how extravagant, for a half century .  . .but love, never leaves us, and I am convinced it must become a part of us, maybe in a physical sense. 

I sat there, with the wind  blowing thinking, we ought to never under estimate  the power of our contribution to this world. . . and we are all contributing.  Maybe we do not realize that the mark we leave will ever matter.  I am certain my grandmother had no idea that I would remember my life with her on the little farm, years ago. . .but I do. . .and the memories occupy me and implore me to love as she did.   Grandmama left me “well off” . . .and that has made a difference.


34 thoughts on “Thoughts and Memories

  1. Dear Michele, this was lovely and heart felt with so many nuggets of truth in it! Just the thing for a Monday morning with my coffee! Thank you for continuing to share your days and thoughts, they encouraged me so much. You have a BEAUTIFUL way with words.

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  2. Tell Lila that somedays I don’t want to be good either but things turn out better when I am.
    Good loving grandmothers are one of life’s blessings. I had two, one especially,but sadly this part of life was simply missing in my sons life. When my special grandmother passed my oldest son made the remark that he had never “lost” a grandmother before. I reminded him she was his great-grandmother. He returned the comment with…”You know I always considered Big Mamma my grand-mother.”She was special. Never had much money, never owned a house but each of her 20 grands,I’ve lost track of the greatgrands and great,great grands., felt we were the only one.
    Now it is up to me. I’m kinda limited too but I hope mine know without a doubt how much I love them.
    Now you Miss Rabbit will go down in the history book for being a grand grandmother. xoxo

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    1. I was so scared to be a grandmother-I was still busy “mothering!” It has turned out fine. Grand mothering is so special, and I am sorry your sons did not get a good dose of it-I bet you made up for it. Godspeed to both of us.! and thank you my dear Beverly friend and prayer warrior! love Michele

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  3. You write about so many things I love. The rain. The Brandenburg Concertos. Strawberry brownies–even though I’ve never had them. Just the thought of them makes me smile. My daughter moved to the other side of the country where it doesn’t rain often. I would be so sad living there. I would miss the rain and the sound of the flowers sipping their drinks.

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    1. thank you-there is a lot going on, with selling the house, school starting (should I sign my contract?) Jenny having a new daughter in September . . .Well time will tell how it will all fit-it always does! thank you love Michele

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  4. I’m afraid I hold with Lyla when it comes to a picnic, and total disregard for the weather.
    A dear friend once gave me this thought:

    “I would not let the rain keep me from this walk.
    It is filled with beauty, and the rain is a part of it.
    Still, the Catbird greets me.”

    Love never does leave us, nor does it fade with time.
    I believe this is, in a sense, an immortality (however brief) for those that have gone before.
    Their lives intermingle with our own even these many years after we have parted.
    They may be gone from this world, but never are gone from our lives.

    All my best,


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  5. LOL, I think Lyla and my grand niece Emmaline would get along really well. I was thinking that there used to be a feature in Country Living Magazine which was an essay about country life. The writers changed over the years, but each one was usually around for a while. Your little rabbit patch diary would be a perfect fit. Are familiar with querying magazines about articles? I’ll bet there would be a positive reaction to your writing if you did so. Who knows where something like that could lead…Just a thought.

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      1. I agree! Michele takes me away from where I am and plops me into a lovely place, every time. She is a wonderful writer. I can visualize this blog in many other forms and it would be just as appealing.

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  6. Thank you Michele for this close and wonderful partaking of your day and thoughts.
    Little Lyla stole our hearts as do you with your wise word about the greatest gift we can leave
    for others. Your Grandmither shows this so well.

    Wonderful post and so warming this blessed morning. 🦋🌻 .


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    1. awwwwh-thank you. I am so amazed that my grandmother left such a powerful impression-one that has lasted a lifetime. Makes me think about the power of love. Thank you so much for your kind words! This started my day . . .beautifully. love Michele


  7. What a lovely post. I loved the story about Lyla and no picnic in the wet grass. Three year olds are a joy to be around. Ha Got into your blog quite easily this time Peggy

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      1. An honor to be a treasured guest on your blog. Your writing is so wonderful. Write that book and post it on Amazon like I did mine this year.

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  8. Oh, I just love Lyla’s honesty! I remember when my younger son wouldn’t eat his veggies, and we told him no cookies, to which he calmly and promptly responded, “I don’t want a cookie.” The honesty of children is so refreshing, even if a bit exasperating at times. Beautiful post as always. I too thought of my grandmother this month, the 17th of July was the day she died, and she had such a huge impact on my life. I’m sure you think of your impact with your own grandkids. Blessings!

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    1. That is a funny(about your son) . I do think a lot about how I influence Lyla-and another one in September. It matters so much to me. I love the brutal honesty of a young child. I know you miss your own grandmother. I suppose we always will. Thank you dear Jen-love Michele

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  9. First of all, I have to respect Lyla’s honesty! And you are right, three year olds want what they want, and don’t understand things like patience or “the high road.” But with her family to guide her, I have no doubt she will grow up to be a very loving person with a sound moral compass. Because you will pass on your love and values to her, just as your grandmother did to you. And that’s about the biggest accomplishment that any of us can ever hope for!

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  10. Oh. My. Word. Michele!!! I laughed so hard about little Lyla. I do have to confess there are times I wish I was three and could just say that I don’t want to be good!
    I love your thoughts on rain. I was dreading getting into the garden and weeding and also mowing lawn today and right now it is raining out so I have been “saved” from doing those tasks. I know they won’t get done on their own but some days you just don’t feel like it.
    I love the fact that verses come to mind that are useful later in the day. So often at night I wake up with a song in my head that the next day is an answer to something I need to deal with. So thankful God gives those verses and songs as a gift for dealing with life.
    Have a blessed week Michele and hug your family tight!

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    1. I am glad you have rain-farm families especially love a rainy day, I think. Goodness I LOVED it when I was young-no outside work!! Now I have been praying for your crops as you did get too much rain a while back-I sure hope all is well. And the way God speaks to us is wonderful! I have a friend that sees pictures and she is always right. I am o glad to have this chat as I have been so busy and missed you! love and blessings, Michele

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