A Sacred Time

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School is closed due to the storm that flooded a lot of the area.  The rabbit patch sits “high and dry”unscathed, thankfully.  Mama and Daddy, have a soaked yard, but they too were spared, of major damage.  We both live  well inland, but the towns nestled by rivers, all around us have really suffered.  So has the coast, which is where Tres lives.  Tres, still did not have power yesterday.  Even so, his home and truck were undamaged, though fallen trees surround him, making it about impossible to leave.

I find it hard to get the plight of those that lost so much, off of my mind.  When the water does recede, the aftermath of a flood is tragic.  There is the waste to dispose of and  then there is the mold, that will surely set in. Recovery is slow and costly.  If there is a bright side, it must be the thousands of linemen that come from places like Florida, Virginia and New Jersey, and have been working tirelessly to restore the power.  Entire convoys have descended upon the small towns.  Tres says these men do not stop to eat, but instead work every hour they can clearing trees from homes and cars.  The residents that can, bring them food from their stashed supplies.  This moves me deeply and reminds me that there are very kind people in this world and  that compassion is alive and well, after all.  I am also reminded that heroes cast all types of shadows.


In Elizabeth City, there are only a few flooded streets, as proof, there was a hurricane.  The days are overcast and so very humid.  Showers fall at any given moment, but there are no complaints at the “original ” rabbitpatch, for the “Rabbit Patch Diary” was partially named for the large rabbit community, I encountered, as Lyla and strolled the village , that first spring of her life.  We are spending our days watching little Brynn sleep and smile.  Lyla is a sweet sister.  Yesterday, she said “I am so excited and I can’t quit feeling that way!”  My sentiments, too, Lyla.


One day, we made pumpkin bread and another day, we made oatmeal cookies.  We plan to make cinnamon rolls when Brant comes, at the end of the week. Lyla loves baking, but the pimento cheese we made, was just “not her cup of tea”.  She has taken to watching all sorts of cake decorating shows .    I suspect we will soon attempt that shortly, though I am not a fan of artificial colors and will want to use berries and beet juice instead.


On Wednesday morning, the day dawned fair.  For the first time in over a week, there was sunshine casting long slanted rays, on the  Riverside village.  A flock of wild geese broke the silence of the first hours trumpeting as they flew over the “laughing river”, which is on its’ usual course today.  Some young squirrels were making the most of the acorns that came unfastened during the storm.  A flock of Robins foraged for all sorts of delicacies, unearthed when the river spilled over.  . .and a cool breeze blew chasing the hateful humidity away.  It was a beautiful morning and I regretted that mornings didn’t last all day.


I had business to conduct in the late morning.  Thankfully all went well.  My regular readers know that I am not a fan of any thing official or associated with “documents” -still it is impossible to avoid such tasks.  Jenny, Brynn, Lyla and I sat on the porch after lunch as the day continued to be a pleasant one.  A steady, cool breeze never ceased to blow merrily throughout the day. The wind tossed the willow tree tendrils in a spectacular production.  They reminded me of ribbons loosened in some sort of celebration.  How good it felt outside, at last.f8fcacfd309ceee631875ca1ff1198e4Brant and Sydney came on Thursday.  I was on cloud nine . . .or ten.  Lyla was so happy to see them that she declined the chance to make cupcakes.  Of course, we have several special items on the menu, to celebrate .   Lyla asked me for a “piping bag” when I went to the grocery, so I suppose, the cupcakes will be made in the near future. Sydney loves cheese biscuits , Brant loves rutabagas.  . . and everybody loves cinnamon rolls.

A lot of schools have been operating on an altered schedule, and some have not opened at all. Recovery is a slow and tedious work and my heart goes out to the ones, looking for a place to stay, in the process.   The ads read, something like, “family with two small children and a dog seeking a temporary residence’.   Some people that evacuated, have not yet been back to see what the final results were, for their home.  Roads are still closed and so they must wait and hope for the best.  It is a tiresome plight  for all.  Even here, where all is well, groceries have no produce and milk just came in the last few days.  I can not imagine the conditions, where entire towns  can not be entered. I suspect that even the “hardest of hearts” will be grateful, when all is restored to our former way of living.


Meanwhile, little Brynn is adored and celebrated. Jenny is pampered and Lyla is reassured of her own worth, for we adore her , too . . .and as much as ever.  I stay busy with household chores, for I want Jenny to just enjoy her children – and to recover, for  this is a sacred time, if there ever was one. 






33 thoughts on “A Sacred Time

  1. So awful dealing with the aftermath of a storm like that. Utility trucks from Maine went to North Carolina, too. My daughter and son-in-law live in Chapel Hill, but they had planned a trip north and left ahead of the storm. So glad to have them in Maine with us.

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  2. We worship with you in your sacred times. Family members are so very precious. I think of Tres every time I see Wilmington mentioned in the newspaper. No one in our extended family was affected by the hurricane. Keep us posted.

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  3. Bless you for being able to be there for Jenny and girls. There is alway something good in every bad,
    My heart just breaks everytime I see all of the problems over there. I just can’t imagine dealing with it all. But God is good ,God is great. Let us thank him
    We had a birthday party tonight for little Sarah Jane…1 year old. Goodness time does fly.
    I’m sure Cash and Christopher Robin are wondering and will knock you down when you return to the patch. Oh…so many things to be thankful for and so many prayers for those less fortunate..
    Love all of you….xoxo

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  4. A deeply spiritual post here. Gratitude and sorrow and the ability to see good things amidst sad is what is taking you through these times. Floods cause great damage. The residual damage is so much.
    Who will clean those houses ? Who pays for new things ? Thank God Tres is ok.
    With love,

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  5. Thank you for telling us what it’s like in North Carolina right now. It’s hard to get a sense of all those details through the news. Your descriptions are amazing. There are lots of places to donate materials in my area and I will contribute. Most importantly, you and your family are safe and happily baking delicious food together. You have what counts.

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  6. Michele – so glad you & your loved ones made it thru the storm safely! My sis & her husband (from Wilmington) weathered it here with us in Williamsburg. Cindy flew back on Weds (her office reopened Thurs) but Mark is hoping to drive back on Sunday. Their home is fine – a tree fell on their AC/heat pump just missing the house by inches. Cin says parts of Wilmington look like a disaster zone. Can’t believe the rivers are still flooding – the people of NC are in our hearts & prayers!!! 🙏💜💦💜🙏

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  7. Your post took me back to our experience last year with Harvey — and before that, to Ike, Rita, Jerry, Allison. Having had a chance to compare, I have a very slight preference for wind damage to water damage, but of course both are life disrupting and life changing: and difficult to deal with. It’s good to know that you and your family made it through this one safely.

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  8. A beautiful post Michele! The warmth of family love, and the earth angels/ heroes that come to help in times of need, of communities coming together, helping one another. A tribute to all the good and all the love that humanity has to give! Our thoughts and prayers are with all during these times!

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  9. I’m glad your home was spared, but understand how worried you are by those who are flooded out. Floods are devastating and the damage they do is very long-lasting. Still, I think you are wise to focus on the good…all those linemen coming in to help, people reaching out to neighbors in need, and finally, your darling new granddaughter.

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  10. loved your post. Reminds us how lucky we are and to appreciate rather than take everything for granted. I loved what you’ve said about the men who are working tirelessly to restore power and bring the town back. Here too we have such angels when we get hit by storms or bushfires. Each time we lose hope about humanity, amidst trials there emerges the hope for humanity. Stay safe and hugs to Lyla and Brynn

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  11. Here in upstate New York, we don’t often get the full force of hurricanes.
    Not so with Hurricane Irene. It was the first time in my life that a hurricane flooded our county and wrought tremendous destruction.
    I set out the day after with my camera. Not paparazzi style, but more journalistic, wanting to record some of this historic catastrophe.
    I didn’t make it very far, and I think there are no photos of the aftermath, except for snapshots of the limbs in my yard.
    As I drove down the road all I could see were possessions, contents of whole families and lives, heaped in muddy piles in the driveways.
    It was so heartbreaking, all desire to photograph it was lost, and it brought me to tears.

    Heartfelt wishes for all those affected.

    Seek peace,


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  12. Dear Michelle, I am so happy and relieved to hear you and your family are well! For some reason your post have not come to my email as usual, and so I kept wondering if you were ok….I should have simply checked wordpress and have been relieved! We have family in Wilmington and thankfully they are fine also, but yes, my heart goes out to those who have lost so much and with so much work yet to do to get their lives back to normal. I think about what they must be going through and my mind simply can’t comprehend it.
    On a happy note though, what beautiful pictures of your family and newest grandchild. What a sweet, special time and how blessed your daughter is to have had you there to help. I am so happy for you all! Much love and hugs to you. 🙂


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