When Snow Blossoms

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At long last, its’ beginning to feel a lot like autumn.  The mornings are chilly and call for a light sweater.  Days are born in  a silvery haze that hangs over barren cornfields.  Smoke from little garden fires tinges the air, for it seems someone somewhere is always burning leaves. . .in October.   Chrysanthemums brighten porches and finally,  it makes sense to buy pumpkins.  It is no wonder that October is a favorite time, for so many of us. 

 October marks the end of things like humidity, stifling, sultry days and mosquitoes.  We usually get our first frost in October which halts the growth of the thorned vines  and sends the fire ants packing.  The frost turns the trees all shades of autumn, without prejudice, for the lowly sweetgum tree is as adorned as the maple ever dared to be.  Our frost is a bit late this year, but I do not mind the waiting -oh, October is a lovely time!


Before the day began, I was up.  Daddy had an early appointment in a town thirty minutes away.  I had taken the day off so I could go.  A light rain was falling.  The light glowed from the heavens, but a thick blanket of clouds dimmed the morning.  All day the air was damp and the sky was grey, almost lavender.  It was a calming color and I liked it.  This is the kind of weather, that makes me want to slow cook a roast and smother it with gravy, for supper. . .or cook a pot of navy beans.  Cooler weather is a cooks’ paradise, I think.  

Mama went to the grocery, when we got back and I stayed with daddy.  It was an easy task, for we both fell asleep, while watching an old western.  


I have a new habit (besides packing boxes).  Since Cash, my boxer, is also down-sizing, though he is unaware, I have started working with him intensely on suitable manners for a “town dog”.  He has good behavior in general, for I take my relationship with my dog seriously.  Cash, walks well on a leash, but a country dog does not encounter other dogs constantly, on a walk around the territory.  I have taken to evening walks with him.  My goal is to have Cash focus on my commands.  He is doing especially well and will wait for me in the exact spot I leave him, while I go on imaginary errands.  This is what I can do now, for I can not conjure up a passing poodle to test his ability.  He will have a yard, large enough to satisfy his need to run, but the walks will be quite different.  Our strolls around the rabbit patch are mostly silent affairs and do not warrant a leash.  He does not venture to the country road that runs by us.  . .but a tractor passing is not likely to startle him like a motorcycle would .  Skateboards and golf carts will be mostly new to him as well, and so I expect we will walk many miles before all is said and done.

I love dogs.  I have always had one – in fact, I  was born, having a dog.  Some of my best friends have been dogs.  In childhood, I cried to a dog, when the grown ups weren’t fair or I was in some sort of trouble.  Now, that I am much older, I am very dependent on my dog.  “Company” does not sneak up on me, nor do critters of any sort.  

When Christian, was just two years old, we were living in a small town.  At that time, we had a miniature collie.  The only thing I really expected, was for “Perry” to be a companion to the children.  One night, long after we were all asleep, Perry came bounding into the bedroom and was raising quite a ruckus.  Perry had never done such a thing and my husband scolded him.  Still, Perry  barked with great fervor and would not heed our warnings- I KNEW something was wrong and so I got up. Perry flew to the back door, which was open!  I looked out and there in the moonlight, was my baby, sleepwalking.  Most dog owners have stories that validate the loyalty and valor of dogs, but dogs are more than heroes.  

Rest assured, that Cash does not have “outfits” or get his nails painted.  His toys are sticks mostly, though he does enjoy a ball.    I am perfectly content that Cash is a dog.  If I am in a disagreeable mood, Cash does not hold it against me.  He does not care about extenuating circumstances like status or appearance, for dogs are not impressed with such trivial things, besides all of that  . . .      there is something very reassuring about a dog sleeping at the foot of your bed.


“Snow” has blossomed, for the cotton fields are white, now.  I never fail to see a field of cotton, without thinking of Frosts’  poem, “A Patch of Old Snow”.  A cotton field is a good neighbor, for it is first a sea of green,  then it flowers  and at long last, it becomes “a patch of old snow”. Of course, I think all fields make good neighbors.

It is dark now by six thirty pm.  Night comes quicker and morning comes later.  I do not mind, for it is a natural rhythm.  I look forward to evenings, anyway.  There is something about that time, when we are all gathered for the supper meal – and the hours that follow, that seems to bind us all over again.  In those moments, we are  reunited  with those we belong to – and the rest of the world is just that . . .the rest of the world.  I like going out and seeing the lamp on the “morning table”, shining through the window . . .and then to see my neighbors houses with golden light in their windows.  Often,  I hear folks coming in from their day.  Someone may call out, “please bring in the broom from the porch!” or “can you get the mail?”  Then a dog barks . . .and I am glad. . . every time.



28 thoughts on “When Snow Blossoms

  1. My God you have such a way with words. I felt like I was there with you. Ole Cash is a fine dog. He will do well as a town dog. You know I love fall and winter. Rember all the scouting trips ole Dave wearing short pants and still sweating. I would give most anything to watch a western or a Carolina basketball game with our dad. You know I think the world of both your parents especially your dad. The story about Christian I have never heard before. We have a story about Paul and our Chow Chow Coco. She blocked Paul from going any further on Small street in the Park because the trash guys were going a little to fast for our area. We gave her a very big ham bone that nite. Love to read your stories. You bring them to life so well. You bring sunshine and love to so many people’s hearts. I love you my dear sweet friend. May God continue to bless you so you can bless our souls with your words.

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    1. I came here to read this . . .and I ain’t sorry! What a moving comment. I am tucking this deep in my heart. It means so much to me that you took the time to read and say such things. Daddy is moving slow these days-but he is not in pain and never complains-We just talked about you yesterday “peanut” !! loved the story about your dog. You are so dear to all of us . . .especially me! thank you dear friend-love Michele


  2. Michele – Yaaay! – fall is finally here! This evening we just turned our heat on (for a few minutes) for the first time since last March. Chilly evenings, chilly mornings – enough to wear a sweater. What a comfortable picture you paint of your companionship with Cash – tried & true. Blessings as autumn leaves fall… 🍂💨🍂😎🍂💨🍂

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  3. Fall is one of my favorite seasons Michele. I love the smell of fall, the look of fall and the sound of fall. I nearly cheered when I read that we are in a season that has no mosquitos!!! Yay!!!!
    I also grinned when you said you don’t dress Cash up. LOL and that you let him be a dog. I have people all the time who want me to put sweaters on my chickens but I am perfectly content to let them be chickens and do their dust bath thing.
    You have no idea how much I love coming over to visit the Rabbit Patch!!

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    1. this makes my day!! I pray for you every day! We ought not to humanize our animals, for they are really wonderful just as they are. I still miss my chickens! I guess I will need to check town ordinances-maybe I could have at least two or three!! I love the autumn too – and even winter! I just love all the seasons, though the hottest ones are awful at times. You are an honored guest at the rabbitpatch! xoxoxo thank you love Michele


  4. Dearest Rabbit of mine, you did it again.
    You picked me up and carried me along with you as I read your truly beautiful words, each of which touched my heart deeply.

    With each post I feel you nestling deeper and deeper into my heart and I love you being there. You bring such joy and contentment into my life, and spending time with you is exactly how spending time with a much loved friend should be. I love you to pieces my friend.

    Praying for you all, and whispering an extra few words regarding your father and sending them heaven bound.
    Sending you much love, and, of course, a bucket of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. October is a beautiful month, in Maine as well as in North Carolina. I, too, love dogs, and our beloved Liam, a Sheltie, died in May. Oh, how I still miss him! We will not be getting another dog. I have recently published a book, with a second soon to arrive. (Sounds like having children, doesn’t it?) We go all over the state with my books, and our lifestyle no longer is good for having a dog. But the house feels very empty without our Liam. Good luck with your dog and getting used to living in town.

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  6. What a lovely post, Michele! I’m glad Fall has finally come, and I’m also enjoying October. I think you are doing absolutely the right thing with Cash in order to help him acclimate into his new home. He’s lucky to have you as his “dog mom” since you understand what he needs from you and are willing to work with him. I wish everyone was that conscientious about their pets!

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  7. Michele, I always get such a serene feeling after reading your blog posts. My visual sense also gets a great workout because of your super fantastic use of words, and divine descriptions. Like you, I live in the country, but if I were a city dweller wishing I lived in the country, your post would give me a lovely image of just what country life could be [is] like, winter, spring, summer or fall. Sweet!

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  8. Beautiful post, and I learned a little about cotton as we don’t have it growing in my area. Dogs are truly amazing and the story you told of him saving your child is one of the best I have ever read! Blessings to you dear Michelle!

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  9. Goosebumps on your story about Perry. What a lovely post from you once again, Michele. October this year has been so pretty for the most part and the smells are just heavenly. Walking on fallen leaves I inhale deeply appreciating the special smells of Fall. Good luck with your new dog and the training. Sounds to me like you are doing one heck of great job with him. Much Love to you this day!!! 💞🐾

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    1. thank you AmyRose, Cash is three years old-I got him as a puppy-but he has lived on this old farm and enjoyed the freedom, though he knows lots of commands and works well, he will have new rules whenever we move to town. thank you dear! love Michele

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  10. Oh I am so releaved that Cash is going to have city manners. You are smart to start now …but what about CR? Will he be a house cat until he settles in? I can’t even imagine trying to relocate Babe. Goodness… manners just aren’t in her vocabulary at all.
    Now the story about the sleep walking is just too scary. You must have been in a tissy .Thank goodness for the wake-up call…bark.
    We are down to 43 tonight but don’t expect freezing until mid November. Kinda late but there is a story from Treelady about the timing of our freeze. We are almost always one month behind her family in Michigan and they just had theirs. We will see. Last year it didn’t ring true.
    This has been a crazy week..Daddy fell twice on two different days. Nothing broken just a very ill natured man on our hands. Next week is .a busy one with DnL working at the school getting ready for the Halloween Carnaval. So I’ll be keeping the three little girls all day M,T ,Th,& F. I should be ready for the funny farm by next Friday. lol Oh and Wed. will be shopping day which always wears me out. Mother thinks I HAVE to go the town every week.\ or we will dry up and blow away.Keep the fires burning,,slowly please. Love all of you and yours.


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