When the Wind Blew


A cold wind blew and now suddenly, it is winter.  I know winter arrived officially weeks ago, but it was the north wind that convinced me.  Until, a few short days ago, my heavy coat was in the back of the closet.  I had the window up for several days.  There was no need to warm the car up, in the mornings and some days, the mockingbird sang.

What a difference the north wind made, for now we burrow under soft blankets  and there is but one brave little rose, in the “Quiet Garden” and I suspect it is spent, after last night.  Winter may rob the rose of its’ bloom, but a winter morning has its’ own form of spectacular.  The countryside is silent and void of any motion, save folks bringing in more wood.  A few little wrens played just outside the window this morning .  What a happy  commotion ensued for a brief while.  For some reason, the birds left and took their merriment with them and again the world was quiet.  

I am not sure why, but the country birds rarely  frequent feeders, at the rabbitpatch.  The only exception, is the event of snow, which is rare in itself.  I think it may be the fact, that the woods are so plentiful here, and so the wild birds may prefer the natural diet, the woodlands offer.  You would think an apple core would entice them  or the wild birdseed, but that isn’t the case.  Maybe they joyfully, scavenge for the last of the wild mulberries.  I do not know what the mockingbird does after he sings, but sightings of him are scarce too.  


I suppose, I have something in common with the birds, for winter makes me grow quiet and still too.  No other season affords this as winter, for each one presents its’ own tasks, that must be tended too . . .at once.   In the winter, I study whatever subjects pop in my head.  This year, so far I  have studied “Secretariat” which led to horses, in general.  I am far from finishing my study, but I have also studied the quotes of “Bruce Lee”  after reading about his life.  Some of his quotes are as deep as the ocean and require  much thought.  Now today, I have begun studying “Van Gogh”.  Already, he has tendered my heart.

The thorough, studies in winter are an old habit, of mine.  I have an odd collection of subjects by now, but they have sparked my curiosity to learn more and it as least one practice, that has never caused me a bit of harm.

I also continue to dabble in concoctions of various sorts.  I have had great success, so far with a few cleaning agents and cream  for dry skin -(and old)  .  Since Christian injured his hand, I  have studied more about the  natural  healing  properties of things like honey  -and it is good to report that the awful wound is healthy and on the mend.  If there is even a scar, it will be slight.


A lot of folks are decluttering now.  Mama , my sister Delores and Jenny are all on the same mission.   I did this now almost two years ago.  Of course my project was very necessary as I was downsizing to a much smaller home.  I am still in the same big farmhouse, and I still have plans to downsize, but in the meanwhile, I have maintained my diligence in the matter.  Of course, the method all started with a book.   The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”  by Marie Kondo.  Now there is a show as well.  Though I have  been preaching about it, for several years, it was the show  that struck a chord with Jenny.   According to Kondo, we are to ask ourselves,  which possessions “spark our joy”.  We are to discard, those that do not.  Apparently, Jenny did this as she was cleaning out, for three year old, Lyla, told her last night, that she wanted to get rid of the dress she was wearing as “it did not spark joy . . and it itched!”


The light never changed all day on this Saturday.  It could have been anytime, all day long.  It also stayed cold.  Folks a few hours north of us are getting snow.  I hope Lyla gets snow, for she has been looking for it since Christmas.  Jenny does have a birthday  next week end – and it has snowed on her birthday, several times.  There is also the “super moon”, (which I plan to wish on) arriving as well.   

Twilight fell all of a sudden, I noticed.  I went out, but the stars were like well kept secrets tonight.  Oddly, I felt lonely for them.  The veil of darkness felt thick and  the night was so very still.  Only in months like January, can a night seem so deep and absolute. 

The darkness, seemed to separate me from  everything and everyone familiar.  Without Cash, who was sleeping inside,  and without a light, I did not venture far,  for the farmhouse looked extra cozy, on this night.  . . .and the lamp shone through the window, by the beloved “morning table”, beckoning to me , like an old friend. and besides – the cold darkness  did seem “full of lies”  and it did not “spark my joy” . . after all. 

26 thoughts on “When the Wind Blew

  1. A whole flock of blue birds came to visit yesterday. They must be checking things out for their Spring house cleaning. There are rumors of even colder weather coming and I’m about ready for more warmer temps. Rain, a lot of rain, and cold just do me in .My yard is like a swamp . It feels like a wet,moldy sponge.

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  2. Winter is such an introspective time isn’t it? A time to hunker down with new books and learnings. Strange too that on the other side of the world, here in a hot Australian summer, I’m also decluttering. Enjoy your quiet time Michele. This was a lovely post. xx

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  3. I really loved your writing. It is full of feelings about not only the climate, but life in general, and it is beautiful. Thank you kindly. By the way, under the “like,” I am the blank spot thanks to WordPress.com. For some reason, it was putting my photo and MY bio on not only my blog, but on the website and blog of a paraplegic friend whose site I have been making for her, also on WordPress. So when you see the blank by “like”, you will know it is me.

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  4. Today there was a very cold Easterly wind which kept me inside. Cold usually doesn’t stop me but this? Bitter! I’m getting a bit impatient just wanting January over with. Have you noticed it is lighter now in the mornings? Yeah!! I watch my bird feeders for activity and on those days when it is busy that is my “sign” to go to the park to shoot pictures. Some days I have more activity in my backyard then the park. LOL Sorry but no decluttering here. Just time for me to relax and renew after all I’ve been through lately. Decluttering can wait. LOVED this post, Michele! Thank you! ☺️😘😘😘

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  5. I revel in the bracing cold. The challenges of the season. I think myself tenacious, even brave, facing brutal winds. The evergreens covered with snow sway in the wind, and bear these extremes with me and Sassy June.
    Then an 11 gram Chickadee lands on the snow-covered bough. Smiles hello, sings a delightful tune, and flies off as if it is the peak of summer.
    And I am humbled.

    Stay warm,


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  6. Unless it snowing I don’t fill the bird’s feeder anymore as the crows get everything Nd nothing is left for the little birds.I would rather sprinkle crambles on the lawn.


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