Paper Hearts, Old Lace & Wilted Flowers


I drove home, from Elizabeth City, a bit later in the day, than I usually do, on Sunday.   The sun was a buttery shade of yellow and was  descending on the pewter horizon.  It was not bright enough, to cast a shadow of trees in winter, on the barren fields.  The low, golden glow of the evening gave the landscape a kind of serenity, as if the heavens were singing a benediction.

The weekend had been full and busy.  On Friday night, I had stayed home with Lyla and Brynn, while Will and Jenny attended the wake for Miss Claudia.  All was going fine, til Brynn started a crying jag.  As I was walking and singing to her, Jennys’ elderly and beloved dog made a puddle on the floor right near the back door.  Within seconds, Lyla came running  and  stepped right in the middle of it.  She slid several feet, which sent her to wailing  – and of course, the phone rang.  I could not hear a word of the caller and simply said “please call back”.  Brant and Sydney came in ( a welcomed sight) and got Lyla in the bathtub and cleaned the puddle.  Brynn remained on her mission to “disturb the peace”, til Jenny came in about half an hour later.

The services for Miss Claudia, were held on Saturday.  It still seems so shocking to write that.  It was comforting to see the large attendance.  Many had driven several hours to pay  their respects, and I think that speaks well of my friend. 

 Afterwards, I dropped in on Miss Thelma, while I was there.  Miss Thelma lives right across the street from Jenny, in a rambling old house on the  laughing river.  She lives with her husband, who is ninety six and bed ridden.  Miss Thelma will be ninety five in March, and she was planning a birthday party for herself,  on this day.  Despite her advanced years, Miss Thelma seemed so youthful as she planned her event. Miss Thelma is very sharp in mind, but terribly confused about the ways of modern society . . .so am I. 


It was pitch dark, when I pulled in to the rabbitpatch, for I had stopped by Mama and Daddys’, first.  This is Mamas’ birthday week.  We will celebrate on Sunday, so there are lots of secrets just now.  

Christian helped me get my things in while Cash pranced around and Christopher Robin purred.  I was in my “house clothes” within minutes.  Now, it was time to “wait for Monday”, which always changes everything. 

I have not yet chosen  my next winter study or else I would have read.  All I know, is that I am going to study some light subject-  I am not in the mood for any subject that requires me to dwell on anything that can be even remotely gloomy -or that requires a lot of complex thinking. 


 I noticed, that the he spirea bush is just beginning to blossom.  I love the delicate masses of fairy tale flowers.  The stark white flowers appear before the leaves and so there is an illusion of floating flowers.  It is mighty early for the spirea to show off, for we are  likely to have at least a “hard frost” from now to April.  The last weeks have been spring like, and it seems the spirea does not “look before it leaps”.  I am hoping against all odds that the peach tree does not follow suit, for the palest pink  blossoms of the peach, are some of my favorite.   I think I could sell the farmstead, quite easily, if the peach tree stayed in bloom. 

It seems to me that February just arrived a few days ago, but alas, Valentines’ Day looms just ahead.  I like this day, though I do not participate in any ridiculous expectations of the day.  To me, that would spoil every thing.  Besides,  I have fond memories of paper hearts and wilted wildflowers, that I hold dear -and remember in February.  Mama used to make a heart shaped cake for us on Valentines Day.  I thought they were beautiful and so fancy.  I will probably bake something or make heart shaped pancakes at the rabbitpatch for supper.  . .and maybe I will bring a sprig of that spirea in, too.  Simplicity keeps holidays so  pure –  and  manageable.  “Big productions” just wilt me, anyway. 


 Speaking of “big productions” . . . I do not watch the evening news, as I used to.  I do try to catch the local weather, so I will know whether or not to warm the car up, the next morning and what kind of clothes will be suitable, too, but  I have tired of the relentless negativity.  I am always shocked at the types of crimes being committed, for they are quite bizarre and  unnatural acts. Then there are the “band wagons”, loaded down with a slew of unhappy folks.  It seems to me that everybody is fighting about something.   There are more “life styles” out there than I dare to imagine  .  Health scares are a dime a dozen and on and on it goes, til at long last, thirty minutes have passed,  and dinner  is ready, if you can still eat.     

If I sound old, it is because I am that old.


Oh how grand that the sun til sets in the west as it always has-lighting up the sky with ceremony at the end of the day.  The stars take their familiar places and somewhere, little paper hearts and scraps of  old lace adorn a kitchen table . . . and maybe there is a mother, making a fancy, heart-shaped cake.









19 thoughts on “Paper Hearts, Old Lace & Wilted Flowers

  1. Thank you for sharing, Michele. You are wonderful with words. I love how you describe the bandwagons. Please count me out of any of those! Trusting that just the right person buys your house at just the right time, perhaps when the peach tree is blossoming, and hopefully before the grass needs cutting! I’ve been wondering how my Uncle Earl is. Please give him a hug and also give a birthday hug to Aunt Glynda.
    I love you all. Take care dear cousin.

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  2. You know how much I love you,but being just me my Valentine day will be just another day.I did put together a bag of hearts for the grands and of course I bought a heart of candy to take down the hill to the old folks. I’m just not sure that there will be anything in the mail for yours truly. Being single has its downers but there are a few uppers on occasion. I just can’t think of one right now.
    Oh yes I can. My friend Pam came today to help me figure out how to set up an Etsy shop. I’m in!!!Lateblooming Designs now is on Etsy. We will see how it turns out. Please go and give me a thumbs up.
    We have gone from freezing to almost cutoff days and back again. Pretty typical for Mississippi this time of the year. the Daffs have almost stopped blooming and I saw a tulip tree in full bloom the other day. Then this morning a big frost. Go figure?? I still owe you an email.. I’ll get to it …soon but thankfull things have evened out.

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    1. I am so happy about your etsy shop! I have visited and gave you a heart! The weather here changes drastically too. Frost on flowers makes me sad. For it takes a whole year to see them again-I love you friend-Michele


  3. I’m still sad that Miss Claudia is gone.

    We’ll have a low-key Valentine’s Day. I used to bake cookies and cakes, but this year we bought a few treats and will leave it at that. It’s better for us, I tell myself. Will there be excitement at school? Maybe your students are beyond that. Happy Valentine’s Day, Michele

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  4. Yes, happy Valentine’s Day! I share your distress about all the ugliness in this country. However, when I see what activists the young people have become, it gives me hope. One day, they will become old and tired, the way we are, but until then—go, kids, go! There is much to do, and they are rolling up their sleeves.

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  5. Sometimes the times we live in make me long for the “olden days” too, Michele! I think there have always been this many problems in the world, but we didn’t used to have them shoved in our face 24/7, which is why it is wise to disconnect now and then. And remember that we get to make our own values, and others don’t get to decide that for us.
    I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!!!

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  6. You sound just like me, Michele. The world needs more Miss Claudia’s and Miss Thelma’s, and less news. I often feel that my teaching job is the most important in the world, as I am building Claudia and Thelma values in children, not the lack of values I/we see on the news. Best to you, Michele.

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    1. Jennie you are so right on both counts-you have one of the most important jobs in this world. Childhood is maybe the most important time in this life. I think the environment makes such a difference-and it lasts a lifetime-Godspeed friend!

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  7. How did I miss this one Michele? I know how….I, too, am getting old! I love the simple Valentine Day you have. Ours was pretty simple also.
    I have also learned to not watch the news. I used to like it but now it just makes me crabby and I don’t want to join those other crabby folks on their bandwagons.
    Enjoy the week and look for the good news! ~ Faye

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  8. Though still referred to as “news”, sadly these broadcasts are just more fodder for advertising income. The most-ghastly wins the greatest viewership.
    I do not watch or listen to “news” as a rule.
    If anything truly important happens in the world, I am bound to hear of it, as I hear of all the calamity and “words told by a madman filled with sound and fury and signifying nothing.”
    Time is always better spent baking, or cutting out paper hearts.

    All my best,


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